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Weekly Parish Update
Location Code

(AR) Augustine Room (School Bldg)
(C) Cafeteria (School Buildg)
(F) Francis Rm (Parish Office Bldg)
(J) Joseph Rm (Parish Office Bldg)
(M) Mary Rm (Parish Office Bldg)
(P) Pavilion
(+) Church
(G) Gym
(OCU) Old Credit Union Rooms
OCU rooms are in the School Bldg

WEDNESDAY, August 03
7:00 G.A. Mtg. (+)

THURSDAY, August 04
6:00 Rosary (+)

SUNDAY, August 07
7:00 A.A. Mtg. (AR)

MONDAY August 8 
4:15 Walking Class. (J)
A Note from Fr. Haren
Prayers are Needed

In the past few weeks there has been much attention in the news media about the Supreme Court decision , Roe v. Wade. It is important to understand what this decision means, and what it does not mean. The Supreme Court ruled that there is no federal “right to abortion” mandated by the United States Constitution. It is up to each State government to determine, by their laws, if abortion is legal in their particular State. As a result of this, the State of Ohio has promulgated a law called the “Heartbeat Law” which states that once a heartbeat can be detected in a child that is in the mother’s womb, no abortion can be performed. Other States like New York allow a child in the womb to be killed at any time up to his/her birth.

As Catholics it is important to protect both the child and the mother from this evil called abortion. One way we do this is by supporting institutions like Zelies’ Home and Womankind which provide for women the vital help they need at this time in their lives. We can also tell others who define themselves as “pro choice” about the many services that are available to help women so that they do not need to destroy their lives, and the lives of their children, through the procedure called abortion. Also, it might be important to point out that the services we provide are available because of the donations of persons, like ourselves, who care. This is unlike the abortion industry which makes millions of dollars through providing this pain and suffering on the children they kill, and on the mothers that they advise to use their “services”. Finally, please make sure to pray for the mothers, their children, and for the staff of these institutions which “are there” to help those who are in crisis with an unborn child. God loves little children. He also cares about their mothers.

- Fr. Haren
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70th Anniversary Parish Dinner
Saturday, September 24th
Birchwood Party Center in Walton Hills

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