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Weekly Parish Update
Location Code

(AR) Augustine Room (School Bldg)
(C) Cafeteria (School Bdg)
(F) Francis Rm (Parish Office Bldg)
(J) Joseph Rm (Parish Office Bldg)
(M) Mary Rm (Parish Office Bldg)
(P) Pavilion
(+) Church
(G) Gym
(OCU) Old Credit Union Rooms
OCU rooms are in the School Bldg

WEDNESDAY, January 25
6:30 G.A. Mtg. (+)

THURSDAY, January 26
4:15 Walking Class (J)
7:00 Ward 7 Block Watch (AR)
7:00 D.H.N. Mtg. (J)

SUNDAY, January 29
7:30 A.A. Meeting (C)

MONDAY, January 30
4:15 Walking Class (J)
7:00 H.N. Board Mtg. (F)
A message from Bishop Malesic
on the 50th anniversary of Roe v. Wade

Recently, I’ve heard several people tell me that the Church is only lately opposed to abortion. They tell me that 100 years ago this was not the position of our Church. That is simply not true. Perhaps after the tragic 1973 decision of Roe v. Wade we were more vocal about our consistent belief in the goodness of unborn life. After all, that fateful decision led to the destruction of over 63 million innocent human lives. Still, there has never been a time when the Church held that the intentional destruction of innocent, unborn life was acceptable...Click here to continue.
The Book of Revelation
One of the most difficult parts of the Bible to comprehend is the Book of Revelation. It is filled with a plethora of metaphors and symbolism. A short while ago, our own Sr. Helene wrote a series of essays that help to sort out much of this sacred text. Over the next weeks, we will present her concise, entertaining and easy to understand explanations.

Were the Last 18 Months an Apocalypse?

I believe this past year and a-half has been an apocalyptic time, though not necessarily in the way we might think. For most people the word “apocalypse” stirs up “the rapture”, end-of-the-world scenes, violence, fear, and judgement....

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