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Weekly Parish Update
Location Code

(AR) Augustine Room (School Bldg)
(C) Cafeteria (School Bdg)
(F) Francis Rm (Parish Office Bldg)
(J) Joseph Rm (Parish Office Bldg)
(M) Mary Rm (Parish Office Bldg)
(P) Pavilion
(+) Church
(G) Gym
(OCU) Old Credit Union Rooms
OCU rooms are in the School Bldg

TUESDAY, March 14
2:00 Senior Meeting (J)
6:30 Baptism Class (F)

6:30 G.A. Meeting (+)

THURSDAY, March 16
4:15 Walking Class (J)
6:00 Rosary (+)
6:30 Ladies Guild Meeting (+)

FRIDAY, March 17
3:30 Mary's Way of the Cross (+)
4:00 Fish Fry (C)

SUNDAY, March 19
12:00 Adoration and Confession (+)
7:30 A.A. Meeting (C)

MONDAY, March 20
4:15 Walking Class (J)
Reflection for the 4th Sunday of Lent

In the Eucharistic preface prayer for this Sunday, we reflect on the following excerpt: By the mystery of the Incarnation, he has led the human race that walked in darkness into the radiance of the faith and has brought those born in slavery to ancient sin through the waters of regeneration to make them your adopted children.

The Clarion call for the faithful is centered on the Incarnation, the One who came for the salvation of all humanity. We stumble, we fall; Redemption is found in the journey Christ followed to the Cross.

Where are the crosses in our life that seek this redemption, healing, and light, in the midst of darkness?

My friend, Deacon Lou Primozic, started a ministry about eight years ago, to bring Light to others. He found that his passion to serve the suffering was taking away from his Diaconate responsibilities and received permission from the bishop to leave St Basil and devote full time serving as a Deacon in the neighborhoods, reaching out to families and bringing comfort in situations that seemed hopeless. His ministry started by a simple ask: I am starting a ministry to serve God’s Kingdom, are you in? And the answers came in from so many: Yes, I’m In!! In collaboration with the Christ Child Society of Greater Cleveland, I’m in Ministry recently delivered their 1000th Child Bed, complete with bedding and books, to an underprivileged household. This is just one example of many on how they serve.

Please visit his website, as well as those organizations in which you support and serve. https://www.iminministry.com/

The mystery of the Incarnation is the Eucharist; we are relational, connected in and through the love of the One who died for all, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. For this short time on earth, the possibilities to bring Light are eternal, because Christ defeated death and sin. May you have a Blessed and Spirit filled Lent. We will soon gather to celebrate Easter Sunday; as it says in the prayers, a time a regeneration, for we are God’s Adopted children, sharing in His Divine Life.

In Christ
Fr John
Campaign Update

In addition to supporting the seminary renovation, priest pension retirement fund, and education debt relief for newly ordained clergy, this campaign includes a share going back to parishes for local projects. $12.9 million has already been distributed to parishes...

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A Story of Hope From Kenya

Turkana, Kenya is very hot and dry. Temperatures reach the mid-90s year-round. Most people in this area raise livestock such as goats and camels, and a few are farmers. But the climate makes this work difficult—and climate change is making it even harder...
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The Book of Revelation - Part 8
One of the most difficult parts of the Bible to comprehend is the Book of Revelation. It is filled with a plethora of metaphors and symbolism. A short while ago, our own Sr. Helene wrote a series of essays that help to sort out much of this sacred text. Over the next weeks, we will present her concise, entertaining and easy to understand explanations.

Completing the Circle
Genesis and Revelation, the first and last books of the Bible, complete the circle of God’s plan for humanity. Genesis opens with, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth (1:1) while Revelation concludes with “a new creation of new heavens and a new earth” (21:1). 
John spends a significant amount of time describing the construction and design of the twelve gates and the inclusion of the twelve apostles and the twelve tribes of Israel. This is the New Jerusalem where Christians, Israel, and Old Testament saints will spend their eternal lives forever...

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