Dear Holy St. Patrick Families!
Tomorrow we begin the Holiest week of the year! We even call it HOLY WEEK!

This year, even though we do not gather together in the Church building, we actually still are CHURCH at home - a domestic Church. We have an opportunity to learn more about our faith, to share our faith with our family, and to grow in holiness!!

Where to start???? sometimes I am overwhelmed by all the possibilities that I don't do anything. Please, please, please start by joining us on-line for mass during this week. If that's all you do, that's wonderful.

If you want to add more fun and hands on things that go with mass, then by all means join us in this Holy Week Journey! Make it your own! Document it with pictures! Even though it can be a somber week - experience JOY in the moments! These memories will last you a lifetime! I can't wait to hear your stories of God in these moments!!

Take some time on Saturday or before mass on Sunday to create your home altar or prayer space - you can find ideas for that on the Home Church Sunday guide .

#1 - Please attend all the Liturgies during these special days. Watch them together in your homes. (If you cannot watch them when they are streamed on-line, they are recorded so that you can watch them when it is convenient for your family)

#2 - Do one or more activities suggested in the documents below, that helps put that prayer into ACTION. There is a whole section below (Walk through Holy Week) with activities for each day of Holy Week - Look through them as a family and decide what you will do.

#3 - Another suggestion: Make a journal of your family journey through Holy Week - because this year will be like no other year! Make Holy memories. Write it down and take pictures. We hear stories of what the Israelites did during the Passover, we hear stories of what happened to Jesus and to the apostles, after Jesus rose from the dead! Now you can add your family story! Remember, it doesn't have to be perfect, but just your desire to please God, is itself a blessing to God!

There is no K-5 Religious Education Class this week on purpose.
CIA, SPY and Confirmation families - there are additional requirements for you below .
This week is a living class for all of us.
Everything we choose to do as a family is our "class", our way of Honoring God through our lives. We pray with our whole bodies!

We, at St. Patrick are here with you during this time! We are the Body of Christ and we are never alone, even when we cannot gather together as a spiritual family. You should have received a call or email from your catechist or your Youth Group Team member. If you have not received any contact, please email me with your email and phone number so that we can get you connected.

I continue to pray for you and your families. Please continue to pray for me!


Nancy Longo
Director of Religious Education
562-822-8779 (cell)
512-759-3712 (office)

Watch this video as a family as a kick off to Holy Week!
Holy Week Schedule
Palm Sunday Mass
  • 10am English
  • 12:30pm Espanol
Tuesday - Chrism Mass – live from the Cathedral
Holy Thursday – Mass of the Lord’s Supper
  • 7pm - bilingual
Good Friday
  • 6pm English
  • 7pm Espanol
Holy Saturday - Easter Vigil
  • 8:45pm – Bilingual
Easter Sunday
  • 8am English
  • 10am Spanish
* all liturgies are live streamed on facebook and on our website . They remain there so that you can watch them later in the day as well.
  • This week is the holiest week of our Church Calendar.
  • This week is the reason we are called Christians.
  • This is the week we learn what TRUE Love is all about.
  • This is the week we are loved so much, that Jesus takes all of our sins upon himself, suffers, dies and is buried. But that is not the end of the story! He was resurrected! He is ALIVE!!! He conquered death-so that we can be in Heaven with Him forever! This is the GOOD (GREAT) NEWS that we shout from our rooftops!!! He has RISEN, ALLELUIA (oops, we can't say that until EASTER SUNDAY!!!)

We found this easy to follow, open-and-go resource so you can lead your family in holy and traditional activities at home during Holy Week. I have no doubt that together we will create some of the most powerful and memorable experiences your family has ever had. Thank you for cracking open this gift in your homes in hopes that Christ may crack open his Holy Word in our hearts forever and ever, Amen!

Check out these documents as a family and choose what you would like to do.
Make it your Family Holy Week Journey!

  • I would suggest that you do the special activities before you attend mass together on Palm Sunday and Holy Thursday, as the activities give way to understanding the readings in a deeper way! Give yourselves plenty of time. Remember, the masses are being recorded, so you can watch them when it works for you!!!

7 Part Activity Packet to help you Walk Through Holy Week as a Family:

Holy Week Calendar for families with scriptures to look up each day!
We pray for health, peace, and a Blessed Holy Week for all of you.
used with permission from the Catholic Crate Team.

Other Helpful resources for Holy Week

St. Patrick Parish is with you in this Pandemic. You are not alone!

Fr. Brian has asked the staff and our Catechists and other volunteers to reach out to all of our parish family to check in with you and make sure you are doing OK!

We are here to pray with you and to let you know you are not alone! We are the St. Patrick family! You belong, even when we cannot gather together.

You should have received or will receive a phone call from your Catechist or Youth Group leader. If you have not, please email me (Nancy) to make sure we have your correct phone number.

Check our our St. Patrick Family Faith Resources Page for lots of faith videos and links for you and your family!

Connecting with Jesus at home
Prayer Space and Prayer at Home

Make Someone Happy
  • As difficult as it is for us all to be isolated, our families will be blessed with more time together and the ability to go outdoors for exercise. The most comprimised members of our society today are those in nursing homes. Not only are thy confined, but no visitors are allowed for safety. Please consider showering our elderly with notes of joy and happiness!
Spread a positive message
  • Families all over our community are finding ways to spread cheer while walking...
  • Got chalk? bring it on your next walk and say Hi on a driveway or sidewalk.
  • Got rocks? paint them with happy messages and leave them spread around the communty.
RE families - K through 5

I am hearing from many of you - that life has become more stressful. Many of you homeschooling your children and working full time and adjusting to our Stay-In-Place lifestyle.

Instead of piling on more homework, but wanting to encourage living your families to live out your faith every day - seeing God in all things, every day - I found these great videos.
I believe they will guide your family in talking about our new environment in light of the Gospel. Knowing that God loves us and that He is with us always!

So far I have received positive feedback on these. They are created by Group - the same company that creates our Vacation Bible School each year. There are songs, hands-on activities and scripture readings. Also, time to pause each video and have family discussions. I pray you will enjoy them! The whole family can watch them together - the older children helping the younger children.

Homework - In these videos they encourage kids and parents to create a gratitude journal - drawing pictures or writing about the blessings around them.
You can take a picture of their pages and email them to or turn them in when we finally get to come together.
After Easter, you can continue to complete the assignments from our regular RE programming, as it looks like we won't be joining together for a little while.
Here is the link to the St. Mary Press lessons that parents can teach their children - there are at least 4 lessons in each grade. Some of them are related to Holy Week and easter. For each lesson, there is a parents packet and a student packet. You should have your Bibles at home.
These documents are in google docs, you may have to download them to look at them. Let me know if you have any problems. To receive credit, just take a picture of your completed work and send it to your catechist (he/she should have tried to reach you by phone or email by now). If you cannot find their information, please send it to me.
Here are some great faith resources for you and your children:

1st Eucharist on-line Preparation Ideas:

Not knowing when we will celebrate Eucharist together again - Here are some videos to help your students continue to prepare to receive their 1st Holy Communion.

The best thing you can do as a family to prepare for and/or to grow in understanding about Jesus in the Eucharist is to attend mass - live-streamed every week. Follow our Home Church Sunday ideas to make each mass more meaningful and to say a Spiritual Communion together (your little ones can do it, too!!)

  • There are lots of videos for children and for adults to prepare for first Holy Communion. Or for all of us to understand the Eucharist better.
  • 1st Eucharist Retreat is available ON-Line or after Easter, you can stop by the parish and pick up a packet. (Yes, the church will be open for 10 people at a time - keeping our physical distancing).
Middle School Ministry!
CIA - Catholics in Action
Youth Group on your mobile devices! This Sunday night at 7pm.
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are not meeting in person for the next few weeks. HOWEVER, please join us on your mobile devices for the Youth nights that are being streamed live on Sundays. They've got some incredible stuff lined up for us. We'll send details and reminders on Sunday via the Remind app, so be sure that you are subscribed to those. (See our web page for details.)
Check out the news on our CIA Website -

You should also be getting a phone call/remind/email from your CIA Agent for more information!
Youth Ministry - SPY
Youth Group on your mobile devices! This Sunday night at 7pm.
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are not meeting in person for the next few weeks. HOWEVER, please join us on your mobile devices or on your computer for two awesome virtual youth nights each week. They've got some incredible stuff lined up for us. We'll send details and reminders on Sunday via the Band app, so be sure that you are subscribed to those. (See our web page for details.)
Check out the news on our SPY Website

You should be hearing from your SPY leaders regarding chat opportunities during or right after these youth nights using "Band". You should have received an invitation to join band from your SPY leaders - Check the website for more details.
Confirmation Classes for Teens

Confirmation Classes - on-line, using Zoom.
You should be receiving a zoom invitation soon.
  • Monday, April 6th - at 7pm.
  • Monday, April 20th

Sacrament of Confirmation Celebration is still scheduled for May 16th at the 5pm Mass with Bishop Joe Vasquez unless it is cancelled because of COVID-19. We will keep you posted!
Sharing Faith at home during COVID-19 Self - Quarantine!

Check our our St. Patrick Family Faith Resources Page for lots of videos and links for you and your family!
GOOD Catholic RESOURCES for your Spiritual Growth on the Internet!
and Parents -
  • If there are other things you would like links to - let me know! I will try to keep this updated!

Even though you are busy - check out this app while you are waiting for your child at soccer practice, band, school, etc. .anywhere (except driving, of course!!!)

Laudate also has Daily Mass Readings, Liturgy of the Hours, Order of the Mass, Calendar with daily readings, Rosary and Chaplet of Divine Mercy, How to go to Confession, Stations of the Cross, Basic Catholic Prayers, Latin Prayers, Catechism, Catholic Media, EWTN & Vatican Documents. Everything you wanted to know about being Catholic but were afraid to ASK! You are now smarter than a 5th Graders!

  • Catholic Answers & Apologetics
  • Catholic Confession Guide
  • Our Daily Bread - Meditations

Hallow: Catholic Meditation - download app on your phone!

myParish Catholic Life - has all the information you need for St. Patrick - Mass/Confession times/Special Group connections!

USA Catholic Church - USCCB (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops...everything you wanted to know about being Catholic!

NEW: RICEBOWL APP - Download the app for many recipes and ideas for giving alms during Lent! Also - pick up a RiceBowl for your family. Weekly - create a simple meal for your family and put the extra money you would have spent on a normal meal into the Rice Bowl.

St. Patrick Religious Education Ministry is here to empower and support families in their ministry to form and teach their children about God and the Catholic faith. This is a life-long process that includes us as adults and those families with special needs!

If you have any questions or needs that we can help you with, please feel free to email us or call us! We are here to serve you! I am usually here from 9am - 4:30pm - Mon-Fri. During school year, I will be here during the RE programs, but probably not available by email or office phone. 
You can text me at (562-822-8779)

May God bless you with His abundant Love, Peace and Joy as we grow more like Him every day during our journey of faith!

Nancy Longo
Director of Religious Education
St Patrick Catholic Church
 2500 Limmer Loop
 Hutto, TX 78634
 512-759-3712 ext 104
If you would like text reminders, we will use REMIND:
Dial 81010 - and add yourself to your desired group:
  • Catechists—@ah8gk
  • RCIA adapted for C/T—@d6kbak
  • 4:30 Session—@4c8464
  • 6:30 Session—@b8de64