March 2019 Newsletter
Go Green!

Go green this St. Patrick's Day
with a colorful
Basil Cucumber Gin Smash
made with our delicious
71st Regiment Gin.

8 basil leaves
8 cucumber slices
2 Tbsp simple syrup
1.5 oz 71st Regiment Gin
1 Tbsp lemon juice
crushed ice
splash of Blue Curacao

Muddle basil & cucumber in a cocktail shaker.
Add simple syrup, gin, lemon juice & ice.
Shake and strain into glass.
Add just enough Blue Curacao so drink turns a bright green.


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The Launch of our "Lighthouse Gallery"

Come join us on March 28th
as we introduce our new culture
and event space in East Harlem.
As a venue for exhibits, screenings,
performances and celebrations
our hope is the Lighthouse Gallery
will become a favorite gathering space
for New Yorkers from all walks of life.
Click here for more details
and to RSVP.

The Tartan Day Parade After Party

Celebrate Scottish pride on April 6th
at Sony Hall in NYC!
Click here for more information on all
"New York City Tartan Week" events.

Did you know?

Legend has it that treasure chests of pirate booty are buried in Montauk. Captain Kidd supposedly left two chests of his loot in Money Pond. While no pirate loot has ever been found, plenty of treasure of a different kind could more recently be found on Montauk's beaches. During Prohibition, the Rum Runners, as they were called locally, used Montauk as a drop-off place for liquor.  
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