December 5, 2018

This Sunday, December 9, 2018
The Second Sunday of Advent

  8:00 am:   Holy Eucharist, Rite I 
10:00 am:   Holy Eucharist,  Rite II    
11:15 am:  Coffee Class: Poetry and Advent-Mother Anne+
11:30 am:  Junior SPY
  5:30 pm:   Grace Notes Rehearsal
  6:30 pm:  Senior SPY 

Lighting of the Advent wreath: Each year a group of people are asked to light the candles on the Advent wreath before each worship service.  The people being honored this year is will be the participants for Education for Ministry. EfM is a four-year study group reflection process for the formation of Christian ministry through the development of knowledge, attitude, skill, and identity as Christians.

Morning Prayer:  Morning Prayer is said at 9:00 am, Monday - Thursday in the Chapel of the Good Shepherd.  All are welcome.

POINSETTIA PICK-UP:   Thank you to everyone who purchased poinsettias in support of St. Paul's children and youth ministries! Plants that have not yet been picked up will be located in the library.

CHRISTMAS SHARE    Thank you to all who purchased gifts for families for Christmas Share! If you've purchased gifts, please bring them to the church no later than Sunday, Dec. 9th, as we will be delivering on Dec. 10th!  A big shout out also to those who donated money for WinCo gift cards! You made sure that 167 people will have a chance at a warm and happy Christmas, and raised over $4,500 to feed families in need. On behalf of everyone who worked on Christmas Share, thank you and have a Merry Christmas!
Christmas Share Drivers can come to the church anytime after 10:00 am on Monday, December 10th to pick up your packages to deliver, addresses, and directions (if needed). Don't worry, we'll be doing reminder calls this weekend! :)  Call or email Rebecca at 503-481-3961 or .

A  CUP OF FRIENDLY WELCOME: When you join us for the coffee hour on Sundays after 10 am worship, you'll see that the Green Cups are back.   If you are new to St. Paul's, or just want to meet new people, please take a Green Cup for your coffee or tea. The rest of us want to greet you, and this way we'll see you're someone we want to get to know.

CHRISTMAS ALTAR FLOWERS AND ADVENT GREENS:  Once again, the Altar Guild, will have Poinsettia plants available for a donation of $14.00. The Poinsettia plants will be placed around the altar for the Christmas season. The Christmas flowers can be made in "memory of" or in "thanksgiving for". Please call the office, stop by or email to,

2019 FLOWERS FOR THE ALTAR  2018 has been another year of beautiful flowers at the altar, provided by St. Paul's members. Thank you!  Now, it is time to consider flowers for 2019.  There will soon be a sign up chart by Kati's office. The expense is $100.00 for the bouquets. If you do not wish to reserve a Sunday, donations are certainly welcome to help cover the cost.  Another option is to share a Sunday.  If you have questions, please call Linda Lange at 503-364-9668, or email,

ROOM IN THE INN: For seven years, the Salem Missional Community Network has been organizing Room in the Inn, which provides meals, housing, and gifts for
individuals and families who might otherwise have no place to go at Christmas. Nearly 200 people will be sheltered at Aldersgate Camp in Turner, December 23-25. A wide variety of volunteer opportunities are available, and financial contributions are warmly welcomed. For more information, please email Gabi Vincent at .

ST. CLARE'S GUILD EPIPHANY LUNCHEON:  Our annual Epiphany Luncheon will be held Tuesday, January 8 at 1:00 pm at Santiam Wine and Bistro, 1555 12th Street SE, in Salem (same venue as last year).  All past and present members of St. Clare's Guild are invited to attend.  Because of space limitations at the restaurants, no spouses for this event, please.  

SPY NEWS: There are only two more SPY Sundays left in 2018! On December 9th there will be regular meetings at 11:30am and 6:30pm. Don't miss SPY on Ice December 16th! Meet at St. Paul's following the 10:00am service and we will return by 4:00pm. Lunch will be provided.

ST. NICHOLAS BRUNCH AND ADVENT FESTIVAL.:A good time was had by all at this year's St. Nicholas Brunch and Advent Festival! Special thank you to Donnie and Patrick Mulligan for providing the greens for the Advent wreaths this year.  There are a few greens leftover. If you would like to make use of them at home, please contact Amy Goerger to inquire about availability.

ANNUAL REPORTS: It's that time of year again. Please mark your calendars . I f you are staff, chair or co-chair of a ministry, program or committee. I will need your annual reports by Monday, January 7, 2019. Please submit your reports to . If you any questions please call Kati at 503-3623661.

EVENSONG CONCERT SERIES:   The sacred feast of the Epiphany falls on January 6th. In celebration of this final day of the Christmas season, the Trinity Choir at 
St. Pauls will present the sixth and final cantata of  J. S. Bach's "Christmas Oratorio." This particular cantata illuminates the story of a deceitful King Herod, the worshipping three kings and Christ's birth as a victory over death and the forces of evil. An orchestra of strings, oboes, piccolo trumpets and timpani will accompany the choir and soloists for this 35-minute work. Vocal soloists are: Megan Miller, Madison Hall, Leah Brakebill, Nicholas Ertsgaard, David Nelson and Barry Nelson. The public is welcome at 4:00 p.m. Donations to the St. Paul's Music Guild are appreciated.

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Cover Image:   John the Baptist, Hubert and Jan Van Eyck, 1425-9. This image is one of the central figures in the very large and complex 15th-century polyptych known as the Ghent Altarpiece (or the Adoration of the Mystic Lamb, Dutch: Het Lam Gods). It is considered a masterpiece of European art and one of the world's treasures. The panels are organized in two vertical registers, each with double sets of foldable wings containing inner and outer panel paintings. The upper register of the inner panels form the central De√ęsis of Christ the King, Virgin Mary and John the Baptist. Lighting is one of the major innovations of the polyptych; the panels contain complex light effects and subtle plays of shadow, the rendering of which was achieved through new techniques of handling both oil paint and transparent glazes. John the Baptist holds a holy book-an unusual attribute, and one of 18 books painted into the panels. He wears a green mantle over a cilice (hair shirt) of camel-hair. He looks towards the image of the Almighty in the center panel, with his hand also raised in blessing, uttering the words most typically associated with him, ECCE AGNUS DEI ("Behold the Lamb of God"). St Bavo's Cathedral, Ghent, Belgium.