January 23, 2019

Community Dinner at 5:15 pm -  Parish Hall

Celtic-inspired Healing Eucharist at 6:15 pm -
Chapel of the Good Shepherd

Book study group at 7:00 pm - Room 108

This Sunday, January 27, 2019
The Third Sunday After the Epiphany

  8:00 am:   Holy Eucharist, Rite I 
10:00 am:   Holy Eucharist,  Rite II    
11:15 am:  St. Paul's Annual Meeting, Steinberg Hall (Gym)
  5:30 pm:   Grace Notes
  6:30 pm:  High School SPY

Wednesday Evening:   Celtic-inspired Healing Eucharist, 6:10 pm in the Chapel of the Good Shepherd.  All are welcome. 

SAVE THE DATE!  February 17th St. Paul's Chili Cook-off sponsored by St. Paul's Youth.  Please mark your calendars for this deliciously fun opportunity to support the youth of St. Paul's! Entry and tasting are $5/person or $10/family. If you have an amazing chili recipe you'd like to  enter in the contest please contact Amy Goerger.

INTERFAITH HOSPITALITY OPPORTUNITY,  February 10-17, 2019:   Four families, consisting of six adults and eight children between the ages of 1-12 will soon be joining us for our Interfaith Hospitality hosting week, February 10-17. Evening and overnight hosts are still needed to make them welcome. Please contact Michelle Deister at 503-930-7888 or michelledeister@hotmail.com to volunteer. If you want to help but are new to this ministry, don't be shy - Michelle can pair you with an experienced volunteer. Your support for these families and your Interfaith Hospitality ministry team is so important. Bless you!Please contact Michelle Deister at 503-930-7888 or   michelledeister@hotmail.com  to volunteer, or look for her in the Narthex after the 10:00 a.m. service. 

EVENSONG CONCERT SERIES The next concert presented by St. Paul's Music Guild is The King's Singers on February 3, 2019  at 2 pm.  This award-winning and
internationally known all-male ensemble from Great Britain will sing a concert of sacred and spiritual music.  The concert is free an open to the public, however TICKETS ARE REQUIRED.  Tickets for limited sight seats are still available.  For tickets,  please contact Paul Klemme.  Donations will be gratefully accepted to help offset the cost of this concert;  a donation of $25 per ticket is suggested. 

NURSERY VOLUNTEERS NEEDED:  Volunteers are need in our Refugee Nursery and Preschool Class. We are so grateful that our class has grown.  We now have two very young babies. We are looking for "Baby holders".  You will assist with holding the babies, feeding  and taking them to the next level, like sitting.  We welcome your help with crafts and the other children as well.  We will work with any limitations that you may foresee.  The class hours are 10:00 am to 12:00 pm  Monday thru Thursday.  Pick a day or more if you like.  We welcome all helpers.  Please contact Melissa Hand 503-51-5698. You are welcome to stop by the class and check it out at anytime.

ANNUAL MEETING JANUARY 27, 2019 - Menu to be announced
Sec. 1. There shall be an Annual Meeting in every Parish, for the purpose of hearing and acting  upon reports of the Rector, the Treasurer, and all ministries functioning in the Parish; for the  election of Vestry members; and for the transaction of such other business as may legally and  canonically come before the meeting.

(a) The Annual Meeting shall be held at a time, date and place determined by the Vestry.

(b) Notice of the Annual Meeting, signed by the Rector or by one of the Wardens, shall be  provided at least two weeks before the date of the meeting.

(c) All communicants of the Church at least 16 years of age, who have received Communion in  the Parish during the year preceding; and all baptized persons of like age who contributed to the  support of the Parish shall be legal voters of the Parish.  Voting shall be limited to those present  at the Annual Meeting and voting by proxy shall not be allowed.
Toni Phipps
Hello, my name is Maria Antonia Cantu Ruiz de Phipps (Toni) and I am very
interested in broadening my experience within St. Paul's by serving on Vestry. Since choosing St. Paul's as my place of worship, I've immersed myself in various ministries within the Church that have allowed me to grow spiritually and have been humbled by the acceptance and willingness of this community to embrace me as one of their own.

The journey that led me to St. Paul's is peppered with many life experiences - personal, professional and spiritual. I grew up in south Texas in a large extended family, the oldest of 12 kids. I learned the importance of family values, developed a strong work ethic, and gained a solid spiritual foundation in a Catholic home. Along the way, I learned the value of compromising (remember 12 kids), negotiating and delegating.

I retired in 2004 from state government and then taught drivers education for another 10 years.

As part of my spiritual growth at St. Paul's, I immersed myself in various ministries. These include Altar Guild, rolling Chi-Yo, served dinner at Simonka House, chopped vegetables for Kairos soup Kitchen, participated in Dinner for Eight, have membership in St. Clare's and St. Anne's Guilds, serve on Personnel and Audit committees and along with a group of very dedicated members, have convened Parish Life Ministries for the past 8 years. This past November, I completed 3 years on Diocesan Council-two of those as chair of the Budget Committee and was recently elected to the Diocese Standing Committee.

So, what makes me tick? I love to read spy novels, dapple in genealogy and volunteer with the Assistance League of Salem-Keizer. I love my Oregon Ducks and do the happy dance when the Dallas Cowboys lose (I know, I know, as a native Texan, how could that be? But it is what it is).

Two quotes that I have fully embraced are "To Know Him and To Make Him Known" and "Be the Change You Wish to See in the World" (Gandhi). My world includes husband Ray, son Gabriel, grandson, Alexi, extended family, friends, and St. Paul's community. Anchored by clergy who will continue to provide a spiritual foundation, it's my belief that we as a parish need to ensure that our community remains engaged, empowered and fiscally viable. Vestry is one vehicle to guide and effect that belief. I'd like a seat on that vehicle. God Bless.    

Judy Rankin
In the summer of 1978, Dick (my husband) and I were looking for a church to attend.
 Our travels took us to St. Paul's in August.  We were warmly greeted by parishioners and St. Paul's has been 'our' church ever since then.
We've been married for 52 years and have three daughters and five grandchildren. Natasha and Katerina live in Washington, DC.  Amy, Sean, Jack, and Anny, and Molly and Eve live in Salem. Eve is a second-generation choir member! (Her Mom was born 10/5/78 which was the first day of Primary Choir practice).  I am a retired elementary school teacher and volunteer at my former school where two grandchildren attend.  Gardening is a favorite outside activity.  I cook/bake from 'scratch' and dream of our next cruise!
For years, I taught the 5 year old Sunday School and Vacation Bible school classes.  As our children got older, we started to help with serving coffee during the sermon, which at that time, was held in Steinberg Hall.  Dick has been making the coffee and I've been making the lemonade for 30 years!
One of the joys of attending St. Paul's is being a member of the Altar Guild.  For over 23 years, serving 'behind the scenes' with a group of energetic women has been my way of serving the ministry and parishioners of St. Paul's.  I would be honored to continue to serve St. Paul's as a member of the Vestry.

Bill Rivoire
My name is Bill Rivoire. My wife, Sue, and I have been members of St. Paul's for about two years now, having moved to Salem from the Portland area. We had "scouted" out St. Paul's on our many visits to Salem before our move and were immediately struck by the warmth of the people who greeted us and, of course, the incredible music, so it was easy to make St. Paul's our church once we got here.
I immediately joined the Eucharistic Minister ministry where I have thoroughly enjoyed serving on the altar and reading God's word. I was then invited to join the Audit Committee, which turned out to be an incredible learning experience: from the legacy of St. Paul's to how we could improve upon policies and procedures to make the church even stronger. While I've been doing this Sue has been a member of Trinity Choir and, recently, was named Chair for Dinner for Eight.
For most of my professional career I worked on Wall Street (in New York), then on Montgomery Street in San Francisco until I left the financial industry to start a teaching career. I was, for almost 20 years, Assistant Professor of Finance and Entrepreneurship at Marylhurst University before its untimely closure this year.
While our time here has been short, we have enjoyed our involvement. I very much look forward to serving further.

Mary Kim Wood
My name is Mary Kim Wood and my companion Ed Elston and I joined the Episcopal church about 20 years ago and began attending at St. Paul's about 2003.  Ed died in
2011 but I still attend the early service.   My major ministry is the Knit Pray Crochet group which provides prayer shawls - I like to think of them as portable hugs - for those in need of a hug, plus  hats and scarves where needed, and baby hats and blankets to women's shelters.  Each July I am a chi yo wrapper
separator.  As a lawyer, retiring this month, I was asked to be a SAFE church trainer for the diocese and did that for about 15 years. 
I was asked what I love about St. Paul's. That's easy.   It's the don't park your brains at the door theology, and the open arms to all people, in preaching and in practice.  It's also wonderful to have a quiet contemplative service, as well as the bells and music kind.  Thank you for giving me this chance to serve.

Sec. 1. In every Parish there shall be a Vestry, consisting of the Rector (if there is one) and the Wardens and other Members of the Vestry. The duties of the Vestry shall be to manage the temporal concerns of the Parish. In case of a vacancy in the Office of the Rector, the Vestry shall elect a Rector in accordance with the provisions of these Canons and the Canons of The Episcopal Church; but no Rector shall have a vote in the election of a successor.

Sec. 2. All Members of the Vestry shall be Lay Persons of at least 16 years, of age, qualified to vote in the Parish, and a majority of such Lay Persons must be confirmed Communicants.

Sec. 3. Vestry members shall be elected for the term set out in the Parish bylaws. If a vacancy occurs in the Vestry between Annual Meetings, the Vestry may fill the vacancy in accordance with the Parish bylaws.

Sec. 4. The Wardens must be confirmed Communicants in Good Standing in the Church. They shall be selected and hold office in accordance with the Parish bylaws

Sec. 5. It shall be the duty of the Rector or Priest in charge, or if absent or unable to act, of the Clerk, to call a meeting of the Vestry promptly after the Annual Meeting. At the meeting, the Vestry shall elect a Clerk and a Treasurer, either of whom may, but need not be a Member of the Vestry.

LAY DELEGATES:  At our Annual Meeting we will need to elect 5 Lay Delegates, and 2 alternates for the 2019 Annual Convocation in November. Lay Delegates represent the Parish at convocation meetings throughout  the year and will attend the Annual Convocation as voting members of St. Paul's. If you are interested and/or would like more information email stpauls@staulsoregon.org or call 503-362-3662 and talk to 
Fr. Andy.

Living the Way of Love, A 40-Day Devotional
Mary Bea Sullivan, Foreword by Courtney V. Cowart & Stephanie Spellers
Jan/2019, 128 Pages, PAPER, 5 x 7
ISBN-13: 9781640652309
Forty brief reflections that follow the practices of The Way of Love-Turn, Learn, Pray, Worship, Bless, Go, Rest.  Mary Bea Sullivan tells stories from her own and others' experiences as a starting point for discussion about how to seek and find a deeper connection to God. Rotating through each practice, each reflection ends with questions designed to spur further discussion and assist readers in making the practices their own.

Perfect for Lent 2019 or anytime of the year as a resource for individuals and small groups, the book includes a guide for creating a personal rule of life, and a downloadable Facilitator's Guide.

"Mary Bea Sullivan's devotional gifts us with the present of presence; she opens the door for the replenishing of our spirit. It is up to us to walk through that door and utter the 'holy yes.'"
-Patti Callahan Henry, New York Times bestselling author

9781640652309   paper   List Price: $12.95
Your Price: $9.71


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Cover Image:    Christ Child as Good Shepherd, Carved ivory, circa 1600-1650. Statuette depicting the Good Shepherd is likely from Goa (west coast of India), a Jesuit training center for missionaries. The portrayal of Christ on the Mount of the Good Shepherd is characteristic of Indo-Portuguese art, and unseen elsewhere. At the bottom of the mount, Mary Magdalene reads scriptures in a mountain cave, where, according to legend, she retired in later life. Above is a fountain of life (suggestive of Baptism) with doves and lambs, and at the top is the meditative figure of the Christ Child sitting with a lamb. Although the precise parallels and/or sources in Indian art are uncertain, this distinctive composition recurs again and again in Goan ivories, which were commissioned to aid in Evangelism. Often the Christ is shown asleep, recalling images of the Buddha in Indian art; an example of how the iconography of Indian art permeated Christian ivories. Collection of the Walters Art Museum, Baltimore, MD.