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Outdoor Worship
(Mass on the Grass)
and Ministry Fair

September 8, 8:30 am

There will be one service only on that day!

Summer comes to an end soon, and we at St. Paul's have a lot to celebrate. We have emerged from a time of uncertainty and questioning, and we're looking out at a new horizon full of promise. Next is a treasure hunt, as Felicia+ describes it. What is important to us as a community, and how is God asking us to serve, learn and grow?

On September 8 we'll have a celebratory outdoor worship service on the patio behind the Fellowship Hall. Following this will be a Potluck and Ministry Fair. Each ministry at St. Paul's will be represented, and you'll have a chance to talk with people who serve the church and the larger community through these teams. There will be the chance for more information and to volunteer.

Mark your calendars so you don't miss this. We always have a lot of fun!

. . . is the theme for our potluck following Mass on the Grass on September 8. There are so many colorful fruits and vegetables in the grocery stores and perhaps your own garden. So please bring something colorful, for example watermelon would go in the red section and carrots in the orange section. Be creative and help us make a joy-full display! A sign-up sheet for the potluck will be in the Fellowship Hall. Any questions about the potluck please email Judy or call 970-223-4080.
Nappie Project

Sunday, August 25, beginning at 9:00 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall, we will have a “Wrap Session,” an interchurch, intergenerational gathering to place diapers into 1-dozen diaper packages to be distributed to agencies in our county, primarily to the Fort Collins and Loveland Foodbanks. Please join us. Everyone can help! Thus far, we have raised more than $1600, not counting the diapers, wipes, and diaper creams that people have purchased themselves.
Thank you! -- The Nappie Project Committee
FFH Starts Again!

St. Paul's needs 7 volunteers for the week of September 8th

FFH keeps families together and safe, reduces their time in homelessness, and supports them with dignity. Their experience results in fewer disruptions – for both parents and children – to education, medical care, and family, peer, and work life.  FFH works!

Anyone can join in this opportunity to serve. It's uplifting and easy, and you can make a real difference to people experiencing the hardship of finding themselves homeless. And your help is needed to keep St. Paul's commitment to FFH. PLEASE VOLUNTEER!! 

3 cooks are needed on:  Saturday, 9/14
2 overnight hosts on: Wednesday, 9/11
2 evening hosts on: Wednesday, 9/11

If you have any questions about these volunteer opportunities, please call or email Marianne Lutton  or call 970-214-9806.  To sign up, go HERE    If you have any troubles doing this, let Marianne Lutton know and she will sign up for you!  

A paper signup will also be on the St. Paul's bulletin board next Sunday. If you choose to fill out the paper signup, please let me know, as there can be conflicts between the online signup and the paper signup.  THANKS!
EfM Starts September 5

Terry Birdsong and I are SO looking forward to beginning a new year of EfM with new and returning participants. The books have arrived -- always an event to celebrate.

If you have been considering joining this loving, small faith-sharing group, and learning a lot about the Bible, Church history and contemporary theology, but you have been put off by the cost, a scholarship has become available and needs to be used. Email Laurie or call her at 970-556-3111.
Our Joint Eco-Justice Team Presents September Adult Forums on Climate Change
Sundays 9:00-10:10 a.m. in the Sun Room

Sept. 8th- Climate Change, Simple-Serious-Solvable & Spiritual
CSU Professor of Atmospheric Science Scott Denning will bring his engaging message on the nature of the climate issue. His presentation will give us all a good foundation on the science behind many of the extreme weather events around the world. In addition, he will add some of his thoughts on why this is also an important spiritual matter. There will be a question and answer session to follow his talk.

Sept. 15th-Trees, Water & People in Central America
This Fort Collins 21 year old non-profit with a strong community-based development model for helping people in Central America and U.S. Tribal Lands. They will send a staff member to describe what they and their partners are doing in relation to the climate change issue. This should allow for a whole new perspective on why many are being forced to flee that region due to unpredictable climate forces.

Sept. 22nd- The Fort Collins Climate Action Plan
Carolyn Conant of the Fort Collins Environmental Services Department will bring us up to date on what the Climate Action Plan is all about and how we are progressing as a city toward our climate action goals. She will help us understand ways we can contribute toward reducing our green house gas emissions and respond to questions.

Sept. 29th- Carbon Fee & Dividend and Other Climate Solutions
Trinity member, retired CSU Statistics Professor and Citizen's Climate Lobby volunteer Phil Chapman will give us some background and details on how a fee on fossil fuel extraction and dividend returned to citizens would be able to help bring down carbon emissions. This is an idea that has been proposed to the U.S. Congress and has gained bipartisan support. In addition, we will conclude the series of forums with a conversation on how we all can do our part to act to mitigate climate change.

Interested in these issues? Please join this group , which is a subset of the Joint Social Justice Team. Both groups have members from St. Paul’s, Trinity, and Mary of Magdala. Our next meeting is on Tuesday, August 27, at 5:30 pm in the Fireside Room.
Trinity Book Group

Because of Labor Day, the Trinity Book Group will meet on Monday, September 9th, at 9:30 a.m. in the Fireside Room to discuss the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, through the eyes of the pediatrician who was instrumental in revealing the poisoning of the city system:   What the Eyes Don’t See  by Mona Hanna-Attisha. Questions? Call Nadine Hunt at 825-3730.
Colorado Haiti Project

GOOD NEWS For St. Paul's and for the Colorado Haiti Project
 As most of us know, the Diocesan’s Colorado Haiti Project (CHP) is the local visualization and practice of our national Episcopal mission work in Haiti. Our mission is situated in the Petit Trou area of Haiti but serves as part of a national ministry. Each congregation in the Church is hopefully involved. St. Paul's Church has been so led for the last few years by Lawrence Baietti. With pride and assurance, he is proud to turn his Haiti project ministry over to Anne Toerper, long-time faithful St. Paul's member and Haiti ministry supporter. A personal word of appreciation to Anne would be nice. 

 The annual tuition remains at $350 for each student and donations are welcome. Checks may be made to the Colorado Haiti Project or to St. Paul’s Church with the Colorado Haiti Project notation.  More information, particularly regarding our involvement, to come.  Visit their website.
Sunday Morning Coffee Preparation
We no longer have a designated person to cover making coffee for parishioners before the 8:00 a.m. service on the third Sundays of the month. Mary Jean Currier and Gray cover the first two Sundays, and Betsy and Joe Perna cover the fourth one. We no longer bring snacks, we just make the coffee, cut the Lutheran donuts (and set some of them out), and bring the cups out. Mary Jean and Betsy would be glad to train someone. Any interested person would greatly be appreciated.Contact Betsy Perna or Mary Jean Currier. 
Love as Practice

Laurie Gudim writes for Speaking to the Soul at the Episcopal Cafe: "The love of God is something else entirely. It is an inner orientation toward transformative understanding. Being devoted to God entirely and passionately, with hearts, minds and strength, turns our worlds upside down."
 Read the full reflection HERE .

If you would like to provide flowers to honor or remember a loved one, there is a sign-up sheet on the St. Paul's bulletin board in the Fellowship Hall.
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