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T he Vestry and Wardens at St. Paul’s extend an open invitation to one and to all to our Celebration Eucharist
this Sunday, August 11. 
We will be welcoming our new Priest-in-Charge Felicia SmithGraybeal and celebrating our community’s continuing journey to serve Christ in this place.
The service will begin at 8:30am to combine our two services and be followed by a reception in the Fellowship Hall.
Please come and help us mark this important step in our life together.
Diocese of Colorado Convention
October 3-5, 2019
The opening Eucharist will be at 7 pm at Christ Church, Denver.
The business of Convention will begin on Friday, October 4 at 8:30 am and will conclude in the mid-afternoon on Saturday, October 5.
Where: Denver Marriott Tech Center Denver Marriott Tech Center
4900 S. Syracuse Street, Denver 80237

Three delegates are allotted for St. Paul's. Are you interested in being one ?
The theme for this year's convention will be "Walking the Way of Love". The Rev. Dr. Tricia Lyons will lead us in an active, engaged gathering, inspiring and equipping us as we join together in Walking the Way of Love. The Way of Love is an intentional commitment to a set of ancient practices and commitment to follow Jesus as we: Turn, Learn, Pray, Worship, Bless, Go, and Rest. Deadline for registration is August 12, 2019.

Speaker: The Rev. Dr. Tricia Lyons is currently serving as Affiliative Faculty and Director of Evangelism at the Virginia Theological Seminary in Alexandria, VA. Prior to her current teaching at VTS, Tricia served in the Episcopal Diocese of Washington as Canon for Evangelism. Dr. Lyons is one of the most sought-after teachers, speakers and preachers across many mainline denominations. Dr. Lyons' unique mix of Ivy League academic training in theology with genuine humor and a contagious love of Jesus Christ has made her a national leader among the next generation of professors and preachers in American Christianity.

This is a great opportunity to meet our new Bishop and see what her ideas are for the Episcopal Church in the 21st century in Colorado, to meet other parishioners from around the diocese and take an active role in the work of the church beyond our doors.

If you are interested, contact Weltha ( or 970-482-2668)

D ear ISAAC Friends,
Please join us for a simple, yet incredibly powerful, experience on August 16th from 6:00 to 7:15 at Plymouth Congregational Church's outdoor Labyrinth. With simple music and quiet camaraderie, we will walk the labyrinth together to mourn the loss of so many migrant lives in the desert near our borders, and walk together to challenge the violence and hatred that seems to be permeating the lives of so many in our country.

No need to arrive right at 6:00. You may come any time between 6:00 and 7:00 to participate. The labyrinth is outside the church at 916 West Prospect Road, on the West side of the building.
In loving solidarity, ISAAC
HOMEWARD ALLIANCE - Urgent call for help

If we have not already met my name is Breona Carroll and I am the volunteer and Event Coordinator for Homeward Alliance. We are in desperate need of volunteers for  our Fort Collins Sam’s Club Drive this Saturday, Aug. 10, from 10:30am-4:30pm . The donations we gather there help us provide food, clothing, and other needed supplies for those experiencing homelessness in our community. Our amazing staff can not do their jobs without the support of volunteers like you. If any of your members are interested please have them sign up here:
Thank you,
Breona C.
Retirement Party for Fr. Jim DeMuth

August 18, 2019
2 pm Mass
3:30 pm Dinner Reception

The Mary of Magdala community invites us all to honor and celebrate the retirement of their beloved Pastor, Fr. Jim. Dinner will include gluten-free options. RSVP with number attending to
Sunday Morning Coffee Preparation
We no longer have a designated person to cover making coffee for parishioners before the the 8:00 a.m. service, on the third Sundays of the month. The Mary Jean Currier and Gray cover the first two Sundays, and Betsy and Joe Perna cover the fourth one. We no longer bring snacks, we just make the coffee, cut the Lutheran donuts (and set some of them out), and bring the cups out. Mary Jean and Betsy would be glad to train someone. Any interested person would greatly be appreciated, and they could contact Betsy Perna or Mary Jean Currier. 
Nappie Project

On Sunday, August 25 th , we will have a diaper “Wrap Session” in the Fellowship Hall where we will hear about the project and package more than 15,000 diapers! This will be an interchurch and intergenerational event. Everyone can participate. In the meantime, as diaper orders arrive, they will be housed in the sanctuary so that all of us can see where our contributions have gone and look forward to our “Wrap Session.” We will begin at 9:00 a.m. and continue until all of the diapers are wrapped.

If anyone is able to help transport wrapped diapers from the church to the Nappie Project’s warehouse at 308 E County Road 30, Fort Collins (just off 287 & near the Serious Texas Barbecue), we can use your help. Please contact Margaret Wick ( or 970-310-1087) if you have questions or wish to volunteer. 

Thank you all, The Nappie Project Committee
Food Bank Rotation

Folks from St. Paul’s and Trinity will be volunteering at the Food Bank Warehouse on Tuesday, August 20 th  from 1:00 – 3:00 p.m . We have a faithful core of volunteers but more are always welcome. If interested, please contact Jo Baietti for further information at  or call 970-223-1686.
Colorado Haiti Project

GOOD NEWS For St. Paul's and for the Colorado Haiti Project
  As most of us know, the Diocesan’s Colorado Haiti Project (CHP) is the local visualization and practice of our national Episcopal mission work in Haiti. Our mission is situated in the Petit Trou area of Haiti but serves as part of a national ministry. Each congregation in the Church is hopefully involved. St. Paul's Church has been so led for the last few years by Lawrence Baietti. With pride and assurance, he is proud to turn his Haiti project ministry over to Anne Toerper, long-time faithful St. Paul's member and Haiti ministry supporter. A personal word of appreciation to Anne would be nice. 
 The annual tuition remains at $350 for each student and donations are welcome. Checks may be made to the Colorado Haiti Project or to St. Paul’s Church with the Colorado Haiti Project notation. 
 More information, particularly regarding our involvement, to come. Check their website

Don't forget to sign up for the Fall season of "Dinner with Friends"
either during Coffee hour or contact Seth Stepleton at or by text at (864) 650-3872 and get your name on the list. For those without Internet access, or who cannot text, please phone Joan Stepleton at (864) 650-2816 .  Like before, the steering committee will then place interested people into various groups, and assign a shepherd for each group who will then let folks know when their group will meet for the first time. And then….we’re off!
Thank you for considering being a part of this well-received fellowship ministry of St. Paul’s!
Pony Davis……Monica Foster……Jim Steinborn……Joan & Seth Stepleton……Bill Hoelzel
UPDATE from Family Housing Network

Sherwood House is a long time coming and we are going to get there. 

Now as we have outgrown our current day center, we have an exciting opportunity for a new Day Center by January.

We have all been focused on building greater places to serve the increasing numbers of children and their families. In 2018, 43 families were served at the Day Center. In 2019, we are on track to serve 60 families by the end of the year. So far this year, 70% of our families have moved into housing.

The families we serve are increasingly complex requiring more time and expertise to overcome barriers to permanent self-sufficiency. 
One family is Teesha, Nick and their seven children. They are a complex couple with complex children. They came to Family Housing Network last August and immediately starting using the day center. Nick secured job after job but the complications of Teesha's mental health concerns and the children's myriad of health issues derailed his attempts to stay employed. They came into the overnight program mid-winter for six weeks and found it was too difficult for them to manage and went back to living in their van. 
This week, they are both employed, the eldest child is in Job Corp in Salt Lake City, the other children are stable, and they will move in their home by this Friday. 

This is work we do at Family Housing Network.

We need your help. The fall is always the most challenging time in a nonprofit's budget and ours is no exception. This is the time we need you most to help us serve each day. We know you believe in our work and we thank you for any help you can provide at this time.

Give generously to support the critical day to day work that creates the magic of the program.

With our appreciation,
Karen Johnese, Board President
Annette Zacharias, Executive Directo r
                   Donate now to support Family Housing Network

$25 provides emergency supplies for one unsheltered family

$50 fully funds ONE day at the Day Center

$120 purchases ONE cot and mattress set

$240 Provides case management for ALL guests for ONE day

$1,160 sponsors ONE child from homelessness to permanent housing

Make a difference today.

Thank you for your generosity. Your support helps needy families get out of the cycle of homelessness and go back to being independent self-sufficient families.

If you would like to provide flowers to honor or remember a loved one, there is a sign-up sheet on the St. Paul's bulletin board in the Fellowship Hall.
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