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Important Upcoming Dates

JANUARY VESTRY MEETING : Tuesday, January 22, 7-9 pm . Please let one of the Wardens know if you plan to attend so that accommodations can be made.

ST. PAUL'S ANNUAL MEETING : Next Sunday, January 27, after the 9 am service . Come and celebrate our community! There will be updates, decisions to be made, and the election of Vestry members.

Would you like the opportunity of getting to better know other Parishioners of St. Paul’s? Would you enjoy the opportunity of eating a meal that you didn’t have to prepare? If so, please accept this as an invitation to participate in a recently-formed ministry initiative, another cycle of which is to begin soon. It is called “Dinner with Friends” , and it is an opportunity for all interested adult Parishioners – of any age, attending St. Paul’s for any length of time, singles or couples – to meet in small groups in one another’s homes. As we like to say, coming together for “great conversation and equally great food”.

The purpose of this ministry is to better deepen connections between Parishioners of St. Paul’s, weaving deeper threads of relationship so that the enriched parish fabric will strengthen us as we find ourselves on a never-before-experienced pilgrimage from what we were as a congregation to what we shall become.

People who have participated in earlier three month cycles have really enjoyed the experience. We hope that you will respond to this invitation, either as an earlier participant or for the first time. The Steering Committee will then place interested people into various small groups, assign a Shepherd to get the individual groups organized, and then we’re off!

Registration for this cycle begins at our Annual Parish Meeting on Sunday, January 27. There will be someone present that morning to record your interest. One may also email or telephone our contact person to receive your response: Terry Birdsong (970) 493-9412. And, when you register, please share with us the contact method you would prefer us to use. In addition, if you would enjoy being a part of a fun committee, please contact Bill Hoelzel (970) 999-5230 and let him know. Thanks!

Jim Steinborn, Terry Birdsong, Tracy Williams , and Bill Hoelzel , Steering Committee 
Pastoral Care, Welcoming, and Visiting

We are having a meeting this Sunday, January 20, at 10:15 in the Sun Room. We want to talk about mobilizing and coordinating Eucharistic Visits, "companion" visits, welcoming newcomers, community building, and prayers for homebound parishioners.

As we all know, it is particularly important that we attend to these ministries while in transition without a rector. All with interest in these ministries are invited. We need your ideas, input, and participation.
Joint Worship Service

February 17 at 10:30 am

All three Faith Communities at Trinity will join to sing, celebrate, ponder, and praise God. There will be no other St. Paul's services on this day.

If you can help carry gifts to the altar, read or be a chalice minister, please let Laurie Gudim know.
Saint Swissom's Day Luncheon
February 17, 2019

From Trinity organizers: Consider this an open invitation to all the congregations at Trinity. After the combined worship service on February 17, we will be holding a luncheon to benefit CROSSROADS Safehouse.
Men from all three churches will be doing the cooking, so bring your favorite companion and join in the fun. The menu is not finalized at this time, but rest assured that it will all be suitable for human consumption.

Folks from CROSSROADS will be giving a presentation on their facility and the need that exists in our own neighborhood for the services that they provide. So come on out, enjoy a meal, and help support this worthy cause.

As part of the entertainment and since [the fictional] St. Swissom is the Patron Saint of Liars, we will have a time for the sharing of TALL TALES.

So save the date and join us in this new and different adventure.
Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper, Silent Auction and Talent Show

Tuesday, March 5, 5:30 - 7 pm

Please join us on Shrove Tuesday: Pancakes, Awesome Talent, a Silent Auction and lots of FUN! All proceeds will support the youth mission trip 2019!

We need your help with donations of time and/or talent.  Go here for a google document to contribute. Hot items in the past have been: weekend get-aways, lessons, food, art, crafts, etc. If you have a talent that you would like to share, there is place on the document for that information. As we approach the date, more information will be coming!
Be a Welcoming Presence

A core value of the St. Paul's community is welcome. As with all values, it is a goal toward which we are always reaching.

Remembering that Christ dwells in each one of us and sometimes uses us to speak truth to one another, and remembering that the new person in our midst represents an opportunity for us to get to know Christ in a different way helps.

During this time of transition it’s more important than ever to make connections to the people next to you in the pew. So if there’s someone who you don’t recognize, please say, “Hi, I don’t think we’ve met! I’m . . .” And please wear your name tag.
Habitat for Humanity - Travel to Jordan and the Holy Land

Build a Home in Jordan, Travel thru the Holy Land. Last Sunday, we learned more about the planned trip to Jordan and the Holy Land this fall. The Jordan portion, organized by Habitat for Humanity, will take place November 8-16, 2019. During this week, we will build a home for a deserving Jordanian family and enjoy cultural activities with a great local and international team. The estimated per-person cost is $1,500 ($1,000 for Thrivent Financial members). Airfare is additional; and a round-trip flight from Denver is approximately $1,200. A separate trip through the Holy Land, approximately ten days long, is being organized by Our Savior's Lutheran Church (one of our FOCOLU partner congregations). It will start from Jordan, continue on to Israel and the Holy Land, then return to Jordan for a visit to Petra. Details on this second trip are not complete yet, but its cost is estimated as $3,000. One may make either or both trips. (Of course, only one flight is needed). For more information contact Gray Currier .
Fr. Rex Email Scam

From St. Luke's:
Several of us have received an email from someone posing as Fr. Rex. We are still receiving them, under a different email address.  Please ignore and delete them and do not respond to them.

The email asks one to purchase something, a gift card, etc. for Fr. Rex and send it to him.

These are scams and are not from Fr. Rex. The email address used is:  Father Rex Chambers < > We ask you to be careful and diligent to not fall prey to this scam.

Blessings, Donna Visocky, Parish Administrator, St. Luke's Episcopal Church
Flowers for the Altar

Altar flowers are enjoyed by the congregation of St. Paul’s on the second and fourth Sundays throughout the year, excluding Sundays in Advent and Lent. The money for these flowers comes from donations. Many of the donors give the flowers in memory of loved ones who have entered life eternal, or in celebration of birthdays or wedding anniversaries. Some people give flowers in thanksgiving or to the glory of God. We welcome donations in honor of anyone or for any occasion. We ask for a $25 donation, but any amount is acceptable. Please sign up on the Altar Flower sign-up sheet located on the red St. Paul’s bulletin board on the southeast corner of the parish hall.  
Sound Healing, Singing Bowls

January 19, 2019, 11 am - 12:30 pm
in the Sun Room at Trinity

 Experience soothing sound vibrations as Betsy Perna plays her Himalayan singing bowls in a beautiful venue. For more information, contact Betsy .
Trinity Book Group

 at 9:30 on Monday, February 4th, will discuss Amor Towles’ novel  A Gentleman in Moscow , the story of a Russian count who is put under house arrest in 1922 and lives out his days in the luxurious Metropol Hotel in Moscow.  Members of MoM and St. Paul's are invited to join the discussion. Questions?  Call Nadine Hunt at 825-3730.
Responding with New Compassion

Thursday, January 24, from 6:30 to 8:30 pm
at Plymouth Congregational Church

The Fort Collins World Wisdoms Project is offering an engaging program which will allow participants to explore their own and others’ approach to questions of morality.

Pastors Susan and Steve Ortman-Goering of the Fort Collins Sojourn Mennonite Community, who are life-long workers for justice and peace and long-time advocates for our immigrant brothers and sisters, and Sophie Schor, PhD student at the University of Denver, Joseph Korbel School of International Studies, and an advocate with the group Combatants for Peace, will share through personal story their evolving relationship with “the other”. Sophie will focus on the historical fractiousness of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the Middle East, and Pastors Susan and Steve will focus on immigration issues via their local efforts in the Interfaith Sanctuary And Accompaniment Coalition (ISAAC). Following this will be individual reflection and discussion.

Suggested donation is $10/person. Students are always encouraged to attend for free.
Self-Compassion through Contemplative Neuroscience
Dr. Christine O’Brien, Presenter

Contemplative Outreach of Fort Collins
February 9, 8:30-11:30 am, Plymouth UCC
Contemplative neuroscience, the new discipline investigating the effects of meditation and mindfulness on the brain, validates our innate basic goodness present at birth. We will explore contemplative practices of self-compassion that are scientifically proven to enhance brain integration. Learning self-compassion is a wellness skill that promotes health in mind, body and spirit. Dr. O’Brien focuses on whole person health addressing mind, body and soul.
The Feast Day of St. Antony

"Inspired by a vision, he learned the rhythm of work and prayer. Over many years he faced his demons, discovered how to befriend his shadow, and became versed in true humility and authentic love."

-- Laurie Gudim writes for Speaking to the Soul at the Episcopal Cafe. Read the full reflection HERE .