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Warden’s Update

In June, the Vestry voted to accept the following Place Committee recommendation:
  • With the support of the congregation, the Place Committee recommends that St. Paul’s Church pursue a plan to create an Ecumenical Center for Northern Colorado in partnership with Trinity Lutheran Church and Mary of Magdala Ecumenical Catholic Community. The plan would begin with the building of a second sanctuary space connected to the current building at 301 E. Stuart St. in Fort Collins. A committee of 9-12 members, evenly divided among the three congregations, would meet regularly to develop long range plans for the Ecumenical Center. 

Both Trinity and Mary of Magdala have agreed to join us in this venture. And so our work begins….

Following a suggestion from Bishop Rob, four of us (the Robinsons and Von Dreeles) visited with Fr. Brooks Keith, priest of the Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration, a member of the interfaith community anchored in Vail Valley. From 9 am to 3 pm, he shared with us the history, purpose, outreach and details of how these three chapels, located in three communities spread along a 15 mile stretch of I-70, work together with their communities to further the work God has called them to do. 

Fr. Brooks showed us the physical lay-outs of each of the chapels and shared how each is organized and led. They are indeed doing amazing work there in the mountain valleys – but we came away with a deeper understanding of the work ahead of us: the mountain community is a unique place – its geography, economics and culture. We are different in many ways and, while we can learn a great deal from them, what we create must be different – it must be unique to Fort Collins here in the Northern Colorado Front Range. 

One example is our “Lutheran Coffee” – Rhoda’s code for the opportunity to share fellowship and conversation with folks not normally encountered in day-to-day life. In the mountains, several religious communities (Episcopal, Catholic, Jewish, Presbyterian, Baptist, etc.) share each of the chapels – one service following another because there is one sanctuary in each chapel. They have little opportunity to share fellowship within their own congregations and virtually none for “Lutheran Coffee”. We believe our plan for 2 sanctuaries offers increased opportunities for “Lutheran Coffee”– shared not only with our current partners but also with whomever God might call to be among us at some later time….

Keep praying, dreaming and learning, dear friends….
Thanks to Supply Clergy
As we awaited the calling of our new priest, we have been faithfully and lovingly served by Fr. Sathi Bunyan and Fr. Paul Garrett as celebrants and preachers. We want to extend our heartfelt thanks for their service and participation in our life here at St. Paul's. Their faithfulness has been key in continuing our mission and we acknowledge their example of commitment and support as we appreciate our times together. Fr. Garrett will be with us on July 28th and Fr. Bunyan on August 4. Be sure to extend your thanks.
Diocese of Colorado Convention
October 3-5, 2019
The opening Eucharist will be at 7 pm at Christ Church, Denver.
The business of Convention will begin on Friday, October 4 at 8:30 am and will conclude in the mid-afternoon on Saturday, October 5.
Where: Denver Marriott Tech Center Denver Marriott Tech Center
4900 S. Syracuse Street, Denver 80237

Three delegates are allotted for St. Paul's. Are you interested in being one?
The theme for this year's convention will be "Walking the Way of Love". The Rev. Dr. Tricia Lyons will lead us in an active, engaged gathering, inspiring and equipping us as we join together in Walking the Way of Love. The Way of Love is an intentional commitment to a set of ancient practices and commitment to follow Jesus as we: Turn, Learn, Pray, Worship, Bless, Go, and Rest.

Speaker: The Rev. Dr. Tricia Lyons is currently serving as Affiliative Faculty and Director of Evangelism at the Virginia Theological Seminary in Alexandria, VA. Prior to her current teaching at VTS, Tricia served in the Episcopal Diocese of Washington as Canon for Evangelism. Dr. Lyons is one of the most sought-after teachers, speakers and preachers across many mainline denominations. Dr. Lyons' unique mix of Ivy League academic training in theology with genuine humor and a contagious love of Jesus Christ has made her a national leader among the next generation of professors and preachers in American Christianity.

This is a great opportunity to meet our new Bishop and see what her ideas are for the Episcopal Church in the 21st C. Meet other parishioners from around the diocese and take an active role in the work of the church beyond our doors.

If you are interested, contact Weltha ( or 970-482-2668)
Special Welcoming Liturgy

8:30 am Sunday, August 11

On August 11 we will welcome Rev. Felicia+ and commit with her to a new chapter in St. Paul's ministry. Clergy from Mary of Magdala and Trinity will join us.

The 8 am and 9 am worship services will be combined into one celebration beginning at 8:30 am.

One way to welcome Rev. Felicia is to wear our name tag s to help her get to know us.
She is eager to be with us and learn our names.

Worship will be followed by a celebratory reception. If you'd like to help out with this, contact Weltha in the church office.
Retirement Party for Fr. Jim DeMuth

August 18, 2019
2 pm Mass
3:30 pm Dinner Reception

The Mary of Magdala community invites us all to honor and celebrate the retirement of their beloved Pastor, Fr. Jim. Dinner will include gluten-free options. RSVP with number attending by August 1 to
Sunday Morning Coffee Preparation
We no longer have a designated person to cover making coffee for parishioners before the the 8:00 a.m. service, on the third Sundays of the month. The Mary Jean Currier and Gray cover the first two Sundays, and Betsy and Joe Perna cover the fourth one. We no longer bring snacks, we just make the coffee, cut the Lutheran donuts (and set some of them out), and bring the cups out. Mary Jean and Betsy would be glad to train someone. Any interested person would greatly be appreciated, and they could contact Betsy Perna or Mary Jean. Currier. 
A heartfelt thank you from FHN to all FFH volunteers:

“Guest families at FHN are brave. Their struggles may push them down but they get back up to brave another day. Each day in our program, we are amazed at how each day brings a new chance for hope. Each night they are nourished and rest safely. Your simple gifts give them the strength to hope for a better tomorrow. Thank you for the many blessings you share. YOU give HOPE. “

You may have noticed the FHN and not the FFH. Faith Family Hospitality (FFH) will remain the overnight program's name, but the organization has changed their name to Family Housing Network. Family Housing Network encompasses the 3 programs: FFH is the overnight program; the day center is the help place for homeless families who are either in the FFH program or not; and the Sherwood House will be providing extended help for homeless families. For more info on this and anything else you might want to know about FHN go to:

Please keep these dates in mind for volunteering : Our next two FFH rotations are the weeks of
September 8 and December 22 (Christmas eve and Christmas day are part of this week). We will be assisting our host church by cooking, evening hosting, and sleeping overnight for those weeks. The December week includes staying overnight on Christmas day.
Hear Ye – Hear Ye!!
Another summer is upon us – AND that brings the Colorado Haiti Project into our lives again as well. As in the past, all the congregations of our Diocese are asked to be involved, each deciding to what extent that will be. We have been informed by Wynn Walent, Executive Director of the Project, that the annual tuition remains at $350 for each student and donations are welcome. Checks may be made to the Colorado Haiti Project or to St. Paul’s Church with the Colorado Haiti Project notation.  More information, particularly regarding our involvement, to come. 
Lawrence Baietti

In the Spring of 2018, St. Paul’s tried “a new thing”. Informal groupings of parishioners met monthly, in gatherings of about eight, to break bread together and to better get to know their sisters and brothers in Christ. The concept was “run up the flagpole”, and we weren’t sure whether it would garner salutes or not. But, boy howdy, did it ever! Through three seasons, or cycles, it has been a rousing success!
We are in the process of getting the” Dinner With Friends” organized for the Fall season, beginning in September. These seasons generally run for about three months. 
This season we are setting in motion the opportunity of having one group made up of young families, with all children of those families being an active part of each dinner gathering. If you are interested in being in this particular group, please mention it when you sign up. 
If you would enjoy being a part of “Dinner with Friends” this Fall season, meeting with a new group of parishioners, signups will take place after the 8:00 and 9:00 services on the Sundays of July 28, August 4 and August 18. If you are unable to sign up after one of the Sunday services, we encourage you to contact Seth Stepleton at or by text at (864) 650-3872 and get your name on the list. For those without Internet access, or who cannot text, please phone Joan Stepleton at (864) 650-2816.  Like before, the steering committee will then place interested people into various groups, and assign a shepherd for each group who will then let folks know when their group will meet for the first time. And then….we’re off!
Thank you for considering being a part of this well-received fellowship ministry of St. Paul’s!
Pony Davis……Monica Foster……Jim Steinborn……Joan & Seth Stepleton……Bill Hoelzel
Betsy Gammill-Hayes Memorial Dates
There will be two opportunities to celebrate Betsy's life. The official Memorial Service will be Saturday, August 24th, 10:30 a.m. at St. Leander Catholic Church, 1402 E. 7th Street, Pueblo, Colorado. There will be a sung Mass including Spanish and English lyrics, to honor the years that Betsy sang with Mariachi de Pueblo. All are welcome and encouraged to attend. In lieu of flowers, we would love for people to make a donation in Betsy's name to Care Housing of Fort Collins, one of her favorite causes. Here is a link:
A more informal celebration of Betsy will be held on Tuesday August 6th, 5-7 pm, at the home of Eric and Susan Barton, 755 Rochelle Circle, Fort Collins, Colorado. This will be more of a happy hour, with snacks and drinks, and a toast to Betsy at 6:00, along with a dedication of a memorial tree and bench in her honor. Please personally message via Facebook Eric Barton or Susan Stanton Barton with an RSVP if you will be attending, so we have an estimate for refreshments. The Barton and Hayes families will be there in force
Parish Directory
Please check the Directory on our table in the Fellowship Hall to be sure the information for you and your family is correct. If it is correct, put a check mark. If it is not - make the change or email the office.

If you would like to provide flowers to honor or remember a loved one, there is a sign-up sheet on the St. Paul's bulletin board in the Fellowship Hall.
Links to the Online Newsletters of Trinity Lutheran Church and the Mary of Magdala Ecumenical Catholic Community

What are our partners in ministry here at Trinity up to? Go HERE for the Trinity Lutheran Church monthly newsletter, "Tidings". And HERE is Mary of Magdala's weekly bulletin.