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Warden’s Update

Dear Friends,

Thanks be to God!!
We have great news on two fronts!

Regarding "Place": The Place Committee completed its work, held several small group meetings, held a whole Parish meeting and then created a report with a recommendation to the Vestry. At its regular meeting on June 11 th , the Vestry voted to accept the recommendation which reads: God is calling St. Paul’s to establish an Ecumenical Center where all faiths and people are welcomed, nurtured and served. The place to begin is right where we are now, working with the congregations with whom we are already sharing space, hospitality and work.

Regarding "Priest": The Diocese (The Bishop, via Ann Fleming) has sent us a candidate for our Priest in Charge. The Vestry has met with and discerned the "fit" of the candidate with our parish, and is currently in the process of completing negotiations and paperwork regarding this person. We cannot release the name of or any other information about the person until all necessary background and paperwork are completed. We are extremely hopeful that this will all be accomplished by July 1 st and we will be able to announce our new Priest in Charge by that time. Stay tuned for your early July Epistle!!

With grateful hearts for all the support you have given us and the whole parish over the past 6 months!

John and Rhoda

A Team to Help Facilitate Worship

“Liturgy” means “the work of the people.” We have formed a Worship Team who will prayerfully consider issues surrounding how we worship, joining theological understanding with the various longings and loves we bring to our Sunday services.

I am proud and grateful at how we at St. Paul’s manage to hold together people with very different worship preferences. Our new Worship Team is composed of members of both the 8 am and 9 am services. At one end of the spectrum we have people who prefer the language of the 1928 Prayer Book, and at the other end people who find the 1979 Prayer Book rather limiting. Here are the members of our team: me (Laurie Gudim), Elaine Hild, Gray Currier, Tim Johnson, Becky Sheller, Mike Werner, Weltha McGraw and Sioux Icenhower.

How we worship is ultimately the prerogative of the clergy. When a new Priest in Charge takes the reins at St. Paul’s, they will take on the responsibility for decisions surrounding worship. At that point we will ask in what ways we may be of help in worship planning and execution.
This Sunday, June 16 -- Morning Prayer

This Sunday we will have a rare opportunity to use the service of Morning Prayer at both worship services. Those of us who have been in the Episcopal Church for more than a couple of decades will remember that Morning Prayer was once the service most of us used for three Sundays a month, Holy Communion being celebrated only on one Sunday.

In the 1979 Book of Common Prayer, Daily Morning Prayer is listed as one of the regular services appointed for public worship in the Church, though no longer generally a Sunday morning service. We will use Daily Morning Prayer, Rite I at the 8 am service and Daily Morning Prayer, Rite II at the 9 am service.

If you really want Holy Communion, you will be more than welcome at the Trinity Lutheran 5 pm Saturday or 10:30 am Sunday worship services or at the Mary of Magdala 5 pm Sunday evening Mass.
Focus on Waste Reduction & Recycling before Joint Worship on June 30   

The last Sunday in June provides an opportunity to focus on how to reduce our waste stream as consumers of products, and improve recycling.  The Adult Forum at 9:00 a.m. will include information and a presentation about some of the important issues surrounding the ways that the waste issue is being addressed in Larimer County. Come to learn more about this topic and how we can all improve our ways of reducing, reusing and recycling!
June 30   is the Date of Our Next Joint Worship Service

Another wonderful opportunity to celebrate with our fellow faith communities at Trinity is the last Sunday in June. The worship service will start at 10 am. Good music, wonderful liturgy in, as Pastor Rick says, "the dance where we step on each other's toes and it works fine."
The Nappie Project

The only diaper bank in Northern Colorado, The Nappie Project is a Larimer County organization that provides diapers to families in need through the Fort Collins and Loveland Foodbanks and 12 other local agencies.

The offering jug in the sanctuary is designated for The Nappie Project this month. In addition, you may donate money to Trinity and designate your gift for the Nappie Project. Our goal is to raise at least $1200, so that we can have an intergenerational and interchurch “wrap session” where we package diapers into one dozen packages.

We also welcome donations of diapers, especially larger sizes and pull-ups, as well as packages of wipes. Another opportunity to get involved is to sponsor the cost of purchasing more environmentally friendly cloth diapers and coverings for families who would like to avoid filling landfills and who have access to washing machines.

If you would like to help plan the “Wrap Session” at Trinity, or if you have any questions, please contact Margaret Wick (, 970-310-1087 – cell).
Summer Bike to Work Day

Breakfast Station at Trinity! Wednesday, June 26

It is that time of year again for St. Paul's and Trinity's popular Bike to Work Day Breakfast Station. The 2019 event is set for Wednesday June 26th. This is always enjoyable time for bicyclists to stop and enjoy a nice free breakfast and fellowship. Plans are in the works for this event to once again put smiles on the faces of the many visitors to our station. Ours will be open from 6:30 to 9:30 a.m., so get your bike ready to ride and stop by some of the many stations that will be open that morning!
Flowers for the Altar

T o dedicate altar flowers in memory of a loved one, in celebration of a birthday or anniversary, or just to express gratitude to God, sign up on the list located on the St. Paul's bulletin board. We ask for a $25 donation, but any amount is acceptable. Write the check to St. Paul’s, put “Flowers” in the memo line, and put it in the offering plate. Thanks!

" My worries uncoiled like a spool of movie film and fell lifeless at my feet. I wondered what had given them the power to flicker before my vision in an endless stream, generating a huge weight of useless emotion about what might happen if I didn’t shape up. ."

-- Laurie Gudim writes for Speaking to the Soul at the Episcopal Cafe. Read the full reflection HERE .