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Together in Covenant with God

By now you have received your pledge sheet. They are new this year, meant to communicate a broader sense of what stewardship is. Through them we are asked to discern creatively how we might contribute to our life together in Christ as the St. Paul's family.

How much time can you commit to St. Paul's? This is a matter for prayer and discussion with your family. Committing time, regardless of how that time will be used, is helpful both for you and for us together to plan the adventure that is our common ministry.

What are your skill sets? What are you good at and what do you love doing? As Frederick Buechner says, "T he place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world's deep hunger meet." We were each made with the talents and skills that God desires to use in God's mission. For now, don't think about how these skills might be used, just focus on what they are.

Finally, what can you contribute financially to the life and health of the church. Again, this is a matter for prayer and discussion with loved ones. What can you easily give and what would stretch you a little?

Making your pledge of time, talent and treasure will help us move into the new Church year with energy and enthusiasm for the adventure we are on together in covenant with God.
Stewardship Schedule

September 22 Stewardship Campaign began 
October 6 Budget Meeting following the 9 am service
to present goals and dream budget for 2020
November 10 Ingathering and Celebration of Generosity to conclude our campaign

In between we will hear from several parishioners about their own Stewardship journeys.
Sunday School is Off to a Good Start

Sunday school is off to a great start! We have learned about Noah’s ark, looked for lost lambs and coins and in this picture above, Pastor Rick is sharing his experience working for the Heifer project. The kids are saving to buy a pig ($30) and possibly a share of a cow ($50). They are saving up and bringing in spare coins from home to be put in a jar. Please let us know if you want to help!
Special Talk by Dr. Elaine Hild

This Sunday, Sept. 29, at 10:15 in the Fireside Room

Elaine has been asked many times by members of our community to share her work. Finally, we're making it happen!

Singing Through the Dying: Medieval ritual for the end of life

For centuries of European history, the sound of singing was customarily—and ideally—the final sensation of a human life. This presentation explores the rite for the dying included in the thirteenth-century Franciscan manuscript Chicago Newberry 24 . The manuscript preserves not only the texts spoken at the bedside, but also the melodies prescribed for the moment of death. The lecture will include performances of these chants by our musical director, Kay Williams. 
We Need Chalice Ministers

Please consider this important ministry

Part of the gracious welcome to Christ's Table is our chalice ministers. Is this a ministry you can take on? Assisting the altar party and the congregation to feel that everyone knows what they are doing and can then be free to participate in the gift of communion -- "common union" -- is a job that is fairly easy, and vitally important. You'll get training, I promise. If you think you might be interested, let Felicia or Laurie know. Thanks!
Habitat for Humanity Build Day

Saturday October 12th
With the geese flying low overhead, the leaves turning red and starting to fall, and the kids off to school every morning, fall is definitely in the air. It’s a beautiful time of year to work on a Habitat Home! On Saturday, 10/12/19, volunteers from St Paul’s, Mary of Magdala, and Trinity will join together again at the two Multi-Faith homes at Harmony and Taft Hill. They are getting close to being finished! We invite You to join us. Absolutely no experience is needed, and there is no long-term commitment: come once or come often. You'll make new friends, learn new skills, and enjoy a free lunch provided onsite by one of our partner congregations. At the end of the day you'll feel great - you will have helped build a home, a community, and hope!
To learn more or to volunteer for the 10/12/19 Build, please email  Gray Currier  or call him at (970) 962-4057. Don’t delay, the available slots fill up quickly. And for your advance scheduling, our next Build Dates will be Saturdays 11/09/19 and 12/07/19. Come join us, the excitement is building!
The CROP Hunger Walk

Sunday, October 6, at 1 pm
Starting at First Presbyterian Church

The CROP Hunger Walk (5K) is a fund raising event for Church World Service. This is a group of 37 Protestant and Orthodox denominations that band together to employ their resources more efficiently. The local money raised is split 25% to the Food Bank of Larimer County and 75% to world wide programs via CWS. Over 90% of the donations reach a CWS program/project.

CWS provides food and shelter in areas that suffer from civil unrest, natural disasters and other emergency situations. They also sponsor projects that will alleviate hunger for the long term such as crop seeds, irrigation equipment, water wells and projects, education (women especially), kits, microloans and technologically appropriate equipment.

Jacki and the Youth Group will be walking, and they need your sponsorship. Please contact Jacki for more information and to sign up!
Food Bank

The next volunteer date at the Food Bank Warehouse will be Tuesday, October 8 from 1-3 p.m .  More volunteers are welcome. Check with Jo Baietti if you would like more information. Did you know that last year over 187,000 meals and snacks were delivered to children and seniors in Larimer County? Yes, there is a great need in our County and volunteers play a significant role in helping fill this need.
Special Worship Events Coming

Save the dates for the following special worship services:

October 20: Our new bishop, The Rt. Rev. Kym Lucas, will visit. We will have one worship service at 8:30 am.

October 27: Joint Three Congregation Worship at 11 am

November 3: Father Kano Day will be celebrated at both the 8 am and 9 am services
Safeguarding God's Children Training

We will be offering a  Safeguarding God's Children Training  for all three congregations on Sunday, October 27th from 7:30 am to 10:45 am (15 minute break to grab food from potluck provided on this Sunday of shared worship and fellowship. Our combined worship service begins at 11:00 am.) This important training allows all three churches to keep our children safe, as well as, educate our communities on best practices. Please RSVP to  so we know how many are coming.

Here is a link to more information on the Episcopal church Colorado website. Please forward to any interested parties and publicize as needed.

This Saturday, September 28 in Old Town Square,
11 am - 3 pm

Explore what peace means to you
…. and to others in our community, our nation, and the world.
Our Joint Eco-Justice Team Presents September Adult Forums on Climate Change
Sundays 9:00-10:10 a.m. in the Sun Room

Sept. 29th- Carbon Fee & Dividend and Other Climate Solutions
Trinity member, retired CSU Statistics Professor and Citizen's Climate Lobby volunteer Phil Chapman will give us some background and details on how a fee on fossil fuel extraction and dividend returned to citizens would be able to help bring down carbon emissions. This is an idea that has been proposed to the U.S. Congress and has gained bipartisan support. In addition, we will conclude the series of forums with a conversation on how we all can do our part to act to mitigate climate change.
We're Here to Help!

Communion at home or health care facility.
A ride to church services or special
church events. Visit or get well card.

If you -- or a parishioner friend or parishioner relative of yours -- need any of the above please let the church office know! Make St Paul’s office your regular point of contact if you know that any of our parishioners have entered a medical facility, will be homebound for several weeks or longer, or may need a ride or other church support from the ministries we have set up for a caretaking purpose. The
office will inform our priest and the appropriate ministry head, who will follow up with you. or 970-482-2668.
Beth Stoneburner's New Book
  "Spinning Crap Into Fertilizer: How American Christianity has forgotten the necessity of suffering" is now available. It talks about how Christian culture at large tends to whitewash pain with platitudes and cliches, or considers it punishment for sin rather than simply a consequence of living in a fallen world. It's published under the name Sarahbeth Caplin. More information  HERE

Beth will be signing her new book at the Fort Collins Barnes and Noble on Saturday, October 16, 1-4 pm

TLC Book Group
invites members of St. Paul's and Mary of Magdala in reading   Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed by Jared Diamond: A study of the demise of some great societies, contrasted with similar societies which thrived, oftentimes due to environmental or political decisions. Join us for discussion on October 7th in the Fireside Room at 9:30 a.m .  Questions?  Call Donna Dauner 222-7128 or Margaret Wick 800-3650
The Crafty Slave

Laurie writes for Speaking to the Soul, "I enjoy thinking of God as the “dishonest manager”. God sneaks up on us, changing the standard by which we measure our value, making us see ourselves as paid up in all our debts. It’s not what we do well or right that counts, it’s us, our whole selves. This is the Good News." Read the full reflection HERE .

If you would like to provide flowers to honor or remember a loved one, there is a sign-up sheet on the St. Paul's bulletin board in the Fellowship Hall.
Links to the Online Newsletters of Trinity Lutheran Church and the Mary of Magdala Ecumenical Catholic Community

What are our partners in ministry here up to? Go HERE for the Trinity Lutheran Church monthly newsletter, "Tidings". And HERE is Mary of Magdala's weekly bulletin.