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Message from our Senior Warden

Waiting in Faith

Dear Friends,

As our time with our beloved Interim Rector draws to a close and our new beginning remains unclear, anxiety seeps in. Your Vestry is keenly aware of the times and feels deeply the responsibility to do all in our power to plan for the days ahead. But, no matter how we may wish it, how many times we call the Diocese – our situation reminds us that true power does not rest with us, but with God. Once again, we are reminded to wait, as patiently as we possibly can. We are called to wait in faith for the right Priest-in-Charge candidate: the one called to this very uniquely gifted congregation and situation.

Search Update: Your Vestry was busy throughout August and early September becoming more prepared to interview any candidate the Bishop finds appropriate for our consideration. The one candidate we did interview decided he was not a fit for us – but we did learn a lot from the process of interviewing him. Talking with him and learning about him helped us clarify what we want and need to know about future candidates. Together we spent one evening in training with Ann Fleming, Diocesan Missioner for Transition, learning questioning and listening techniques that will help us gain the information we need from future candidates. Since training we have been carefully reviewing the answers we got from the survey conducted last May and tailoring interview questions to the qualities the congregation agreed were critical in our Priest-in-Charge.

And now we wait…latest word from the Diocese is that there are candidates being considered by the Bishop for our position. He and Ann must do further research about these candidates and interview them before they can make a recommendation to us.

Rest assured that your Vestry and Wardens are “on this”! If the right candidate is not available prior to Rev. Lyn’s departure, we have plans and funds for hiring supply priests to fill in the gap. Also rest assured that God is “on this”! God knows our needs better than any of us could and will meet those needs as promised … rest assured!


Our Preacher this Sunday

Buck Blanchard, a CSU graduate, is currently the Missioner for Outreach & Mission for The Episcopal Church in Colorado. His work with the Diocese of Colorado is to meet with parishes to see how individuals or groups can become more engaged in outreach and mission locally, nationally, and internationally – then to work together to make that call a reality. Before returning to Colorado, Buck spent almost a dozen years in The Episcopal Diocese of Virginia doing similar work.

Several individuals from St. Paul’s had the pleasure of hearing Buck’s dynamic presentation at last year’s Diocesan Convention.

In Buck’s words: “I’m no theologian, but I believe that our collective ministry lies in honoring our baptismal covenant to respect the dignity of every human being — to love 'the Other' — whether in our own backyard or across the world. If that is so, we first have to get to know the Other. And that doesn’t happen on Twitter. It happens in person. And it happens as we develop relationships with others as human beings and tell each other the stories of our lives. That can be with someone coming to pick up a meal at the local food bank where you serve or with a woman collecting water at a well in South Sudan. The distance you travel is not critical — the human relationships you develop are what mission is all about. It’s how you communicate to truly get to know another child of God.” See the full article HERE

We are thrilled to have Buck join us this Sunday.
Fellowship Hall Remodel

T he kitchen and Parkside Room adjoining the Fellowship Hall at Trinity will be remodeled this fall. The remodel is expected to take 2-3 months during which time equipment, supplies, etc. from those two rooms will be stored in the Fellowship Hall. As a result, Sunday mornings coffee time will be in a smaller space and we St. Paulites will be sharing the Trinity coffee bar (on the west side of the Fellowship Hall) with the Trinity folks. As long as the dishwasher is available we will still use ceramic cups, but once the kitchen is totally off limits, we will have to make do with compostable paper. Also, there will only be one food table for both congregations. We still need coffee hosts so don’t hesitate to sign up – but keep it simple. Trinity will continue to provide donuts and bagels and we can focus on things like fruit, cheese, nuts…small amounts, please. There have been requests for more co-mingling of the congregations and – as God often does – God has found a modern and efficient way to make this happen! Thanks be to God!! – Rhoda
We Need Their Pictures!

Our September 30 joint worship celebration will include a blessing of the animals. Since we all have cherished companions of many species, we will do this blessing remotely, by posting a photo of your animal on the screen in the Trinity sanctuary with their name and your name. Please send photos to the Trinity office and please do include your name and the name of the pet in your email.
Colordo Haiti Update

The total amount that St. Paul's has contributed to the Colorado Haiti Project since the beginning of the year is $4,975. Thank you!

The amount cited in the last update was the amount raised during the three-month summer period only.
Adult Ed

After the 9:00 am service in the Sun Room
on the first and third Sundays of the month.

On Sunday, October 7, Erika Nossokoff, from Habitat for Humanity will tell us about the Habitat program. I hope you will join us.
Celebration of the Life of Margaret Solomon

This service will be held on October 6 at 10:00 am
at St. Luke's Episcopal Church

A reception follows.

8:00 am Rite II Worship Booklet

We have introduced a Rite II worship booklet for the early service. It can very easily be confused with the 9:00 am worship booklet. Please take note of the front cover, the heading of which is in bright red . After the 8:00 am service, please place this bulletin in the basket provided near the ushers. 
Six Million Steps for Kids

October 7, 6-8:30 pm, Wolverine Farm Publick House

The Rev. Peter Munson, currently the Rector of St. Ambrose in Boulder, is responding to a calling long in the making to walk across the county to raise funds and awareness for charities that provide a bright future for children. A special event to raise money for this undertaking will include music, food, drink and a silent auction. The event is limited to 50 people. More information is HERE . Tickets are available HERE.
Eucharist Visitors

Serving as a Eucharistic Visitor is one of St. Paul’s most amazing and spiritual ministries. EVs make it possible for home or facility-bound parishioners to participate in the Eucharist that the congregation has shared on a Sunday morning. We are looking for additional people. Rev. Lyn can provide the short in-person training course at St. Paul’s. Candidates also take two online Safeguarding God’s People modules. Please let Charlotte Leighton , EV coordinator, know if you are interested.
CWS CROP Hunger Walk

Sunday, October 7, 1:00 pm, Starting at First Presbyterian Church

It's an all-denominational event, and there's enjoyable interfaith camaraderie and fellowship among the afternoon's walkers. It's a natural for youth. Parents, grandparents, and church members have been generous supporters of their youth representatives in this good cause. Funds raised support the Food Bank of Larimer County and Church World Service's water well and crop irrigation projects around the world. Last year our local Hunger Walk raised a bit over $18,000. Since inception, our local Walk's total is about $380,000. Nationwide, last year's total was over $8 million. Information and registration can be obtained HERE .
Fort Collins for Progress

Go HERE for important opportunities for ministry in the Fort Collins area.
New Habitat for Humanities Opportunities

Next Build Date September 29 and Additional Build Dates
through December 8
New Sign-up Procedure

Fort Collins Habitat for Humanity is an ecumenical Christian housing ministry. Habitat's mission is to build safe, decent, and affordable homes in partnership with hard-working families in need. The safety and solidity of a home can be the hope that transforms the life of a family.

Work with your hands, learn new skills, rub elbows with faithful Fort Collins folk from many faith traditions – all in God's service.  No experience is needed, all tools are provided, and a delicious free lunch is catered onsite. To learn more about Habitat for Humanity in Fort Collins, please read more here . For a listing of our additional, future build dates, for the recently revised sign-up procedure, and to learn more about our St Paul's participation, please read more here.
Fundraising Dinner for Syrian Relief

Please join Mohamad Radwan Kalaaji for a dinner and presentation on Syria’s rich history, the current conflict, and his hopes for the future. Radwan and Heart of the Rockies Christian Church will be hosting a fundraising dinner Saturday, September 29 at 6:00 pm at Heart of the Rockies Christian Church, 6501 Brittany Street (near Lemay and Trilby.) Please RSVP to the church at or by calling (970) 223-1230.
Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

Looking for a local opportunity to join with others in visiting Palestine and Israel, learning and engaging? Check out “In the Footsteps of Jesus”, led by Jeff and Janet Wright of Heart of the Rockies Christian Church. More information HERE.
Bishop Search

Walkabout meetings will be your chance to personally meet these candidates. The Walkabout will start Sunday, October 7, and will conclude at the end of the day on Friday, October 12. Nearby opportunities include: Sunday, October 7, 2-6 pm, St. John's Cathedral, Denver; and Monday, October 8, 5-8 pm, All Saints', Loveland. For additional opportunities further away, go HERE

Please continue to keep the nominees for the new Bishop of Colorado in your prayers. They are: The Rev. Kimberly (Kym) Lucas and The Rev. Canon Ruth Woodliff-Stanley.

The election will take place during an abbreviated Diocesan Convention at St. John's Cathedral on Saturday, October 27.
"At the Threshold"

" There's something very magical about the liminal times of day – dawn and twilight. They are not quite one thing or the other, neither day or night "

Laurie Gudim at Speaking to the Soul . See full reflection HERE .