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Please Pray for our Youth

Not because anything is wrong -- quite the contrary. The Youth Group is on a Mission. They began work locally by volunteering at Hearts and Horses Therapeutic center. Next they worked around Trinity, and today they are driving to RMNP to volunteer.  They will spend two nights at a Presbyterian Retreat where they will work together on group building, hiking and archery. Helping the world to be a place in which God's love is manifest, we are all community together under God's care, and so your prayers support them as they work, learn and grow. Here are some pictures! (Yes, that's a worm in the photo below.)

A Letter to St. Paul's from our new Priest in Charge

Dear Friends of God at St. Paul’s,

I am excited to be joining you in ministry at St. Paul’s, as Priest in Charge beginning early August of this year. Over the last month I have been hearing from others and reading about the unique charisms at St. Paul’s and your long history of faithful ministry to the Ft. Collins community. It will be a joy to come along side you as we work together to discern what the Spirit is doing in our midst.

To share a bit about my vocational life…I am approaching my 17th year of ordained ministry. I began ministry as the Associate Rector of St. Mary Magdalene Episcopal Church in Boulder, Colorado. After 5 years there, St. Mary Magdalene entered a period of discernment about how to address the growth we were experiencing. The end result was the decision to start a new congregation, and I, along with 14 other “launch team families” from both St. Mary Magdalene and St. Stephen’s, Longmont, worked to begin St. Brigit Episcopal Church in Frederick, Colorado. In February of this year we celebrated our 10th Anniversary as a vibrant worshiping community.

It was an inspiring journey to be a part of a new creative, ambitious, courageous congregation that is adept at thinking outside of the box, all of which are fundamental characteristics for the 21st century church.

To share a bit about my personal life…I’ve been married to Lyle for 22 years and we currently make our home in Frederick, Colorado. We share life with one of the best canine spiritual directors in the world: Mary Magdalene, or “Maggie” for short, whom we adopted in January of this year. Together we enjoy hiking, reading, trying new things and talking about big ideas.

My first day in the office is August 6th (I invite you to stop by and say hello) and my first Sunday to join you for worship will be August 11th. One of my deepest held passions is the offering of hospitality to ALL people and making sure that everyone has a place at God’s table. I look forward to learning about your passions and God’s call upon our collective lives as we begin our ministry together.

God’s peace to you,
Summer Bike to Work Day

Breakfast Station at Trinity! This Wednesday, June 26

It is that time of year again for St. Paul's and Trinity's popular Bike to Work Day Breakfast Station. The 2019 event is set for Wednesday June 26th. This is always enjoyable time for bicyclists to stop and enjoy a nice free breakfast and fellowship. Plans are in the works for this event to once again put smiles on the faces of the many visitors to our station. Ours will be open from 6:30 to 9:30 a.m., so get your bike ready to ride and stop by some of the many stations that will be open that morning!
Focus on Waste Reduction & Recycling before the Joint Worship Service this Sunday, June 30   

This Sunday we will have an opportunity to focus on how to reduce our waste stream as consumers of products, and improve recycling.  A joint Adult Forum at 9:00 a.m. will include information and a presentation about some of the important issues surrounding the ways that the waste issue is being addressed in Larimer County. Come to learn more about this topic and how we can all improve our ways of reducing, reusing and recycling! At around 11:15, after the service , we will engage in a project focusing on waste reduction and recycling, so that we put some of what we learn into action.
This Sunday, June 30   is the Date of Our Next Joint Worship Service

The time has changed. We start at 10 am.

On Sunday we will have another wonderful opportunity to celebrate with our fellow faith communities at Trinity. The worship service will start at 10 am (not 10:30 as in previous publications.) Good music, wonderful liturgy in, as Pastor Rick says, "the dance where we step on each other's toes and it works fine."
And Then There Were Two

When the very successful fellowship ministry at St. Paul’s known as Dinner with Friends began there were five members on its steering committee. Due to various personal circumstances three of its members have had to step away from their participation in this leadership role. Two members are not sufficient for this committee to continue its work.

Members of the Parish have recently been invited to join this steering committee, but no one has accepted the invitation. With the beginning of another cycle of dinners coming up, and with planning for that cycle less than two months away, it is important for additional members be added to this committee. If not, then this fellowship ministry will not be able to continue.

So, this is a “last call” for interested people to join the Dinner with Friends steering committee. It is hoped that a sufficient number of people will be willing to serve and thus help this ministry continue to thrive. Please contact Bill Hoelzel at or (970) 999-5230 for additional information or to volunteer.