March 4, 2021
St. Paul's Episcopal Church

This Week's News Highlights

Our Service This Week

Holy Eucharist on Facebook and for those in person will be at 8:30AM on Sunday. See below for how to attend by either mode of participation. Please consider the current state of the pandemic in making your decision about attending this service, or any other, in person. Facebook Live continues to be a safe and meaningful way to join in worship each Sunday.
TRUE Fund Challenge a Success!

Thanks to ten generous people, the church exceeded the $1,500 in new funds raised to access an additional $1,500 in challenge donation promised by a faithful parishioner. In total, during the two week campaign an additional $1,890 was raised, making a total of $3,390 (almost $4,000) that will be available to assist those in need in Key West.

During the pandemic the TRUE fund is the primary outreach activity of the church and we are playing a vital role in keeping people afloat. Thank you donors.

This coming Sunday, March 7th is the first Sunday of the month and, therefore, the regular TRUE Fund Sunday. Hopefully many more of us will be able to help this month as well.

If you would like to help, please drop a contribution in the collection plate in a TRUE Fund envelope (available from an usher), send a check to the office marked as "TRUE Fund" or use the church giving page. If you donate electronically be sure to indicate "TRUE Fund" in the field for "special instructions to the seller".
Search Committee Progress Report

The Search Committee hopes to begin Zoom interviews in the next week or so. The next step after that is to bring one or more candidates to Key West. So, the process is truly moving along.

Beyond noting the general progress, the work of the Search Committee is entirely confidential. So let us all unite in prayer and thanksgiving, trusting the committee in this important work.
Please Buy A Brick and Build a Legacy

Brick sales are going well! We are about to place the order for the first new grouping. Let's work on the next one. Please consider joining in this project. You can order your brick(s) here.
Sunday's Service

Join us Sunday for Holy Eucharist at 8:30AM. Sign up in advance to attend in person (see above) or join us on Facebook.

To join via Facebook, go to the church Facebook page at the appropriate time and look for the window showing that "St. Paul's Key West is now live". Click on the window. (You may need to refresh the page a few times if the "live" window does not appear promptly at the appointed time.)

Did you know you DO NOT need to have a Facebook account to view the service or visit our Facebook page? Simply use the Facebook page link to go directly to our Facebook page (even if you don't have your own Facebook account). Follow the directions above.

You can open or download the bulletin for the Sunday service here.

To attend a Sunday please send an email to indicating the following information:

  • Your name and the names of any family or household members who will attend with you.
  • Your email address
  • Your cell phone number

Email is greatly preferred, but reservations can also be made by calling the church office at 305-296-5142. If nobody answers please leave a message with the information.

(Walk-ins will be accommodated if space allows but please pre-register whenever possible.)
Junior Warden's Report
By Greta Philips-Ford
Please join us Saturday from 9AM until 11AM to work on projects (safely distanced, masked and often outdoors on the church campus).

The Volunteers were busy this past Saturday working on various projects! 
The men (Ken Bagge, Tom Ford, Kevin Trapani and Edmund Callahan) tackled the corner of the Garden by the avocado tree. They re-located the wood pile and the risers to a safer location behind the fence; leveled the dirt around the avocado tree and general clean-up of the area. (The fence is in need of repair/replacement.)
Jennifer Trapani and Lisa Laskow continued working on the linen project—organizing and sorting the various sizes of the tablecloths and folding the chair covers in preparation for storage in the linen closet. All of the cloths will be stored in air tight containers to keep them fresh, clean and ready for use. All of the storage boxes will be labeled for easy assess for events!
Lonnie Gordon shared her talents by re-lining the vestment robes—what a wonderful job! She is also working on re-placing the worn altar cloths. She was able to salvage the lace on the original cloths! What a wonder gift to our Church! Lonnie is a true artisan.

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday!
Senior Warden's Report
By Ray Warren

I was saddened today to get the following communication from the Bishop's office:

"It is with great sadness that we announce the death on Wednesday, 3 March, of Edward, beloved brother of Father Paul Rasmus."

Long time members of St. Paul's know that Fr. Paul Rasmus was a much beloved former rector here. Please keep Ed, Father Paul, and their family in your prayers

On a happier note, we are all so gratified by those who helped us reach our TRUE Fund challenge gift goal. Not only to the ten people who put us over the top, but to the individual who put up the $1,500 commitment to make it happen. (The person is a well known parishioner but chooses to remain anonymous.)
Well, we have a NEW challenge. A couple has made a commitment of $500 toward a new flagpole for the church contingent on raising $500.00 from others. Let's do it! I'm in. Together we can continue the progress toward restoring our property as a premier corner in old town Key West. To contribute to this effort send your check with "Flagpole Fund" on the memo line or in the "instructions to seller" in your online contribution.

No, I did not orchestrate this campaign. It arose organically from the hearts of two very wonderful parishioners.

- - -
For several decades (since at least 1998) I've been a subscriber and reader of "The Anglican Digest." I want to highly recommend this quarterly devotional and informational publication to you.

Each issue includes thoughtful articles written by lay and clerical church leaders about Episcopal Church history and traditions, the church calendar and the like. In true "digest" style the articles are "deep" but not long. Reading one takes a few moments and brightens everything.

TAD (as the publishers call it) is available to any person who asks to subscribe. There is no subscription fee. That means if you choose to send a free will gift of gratitude (which is not expected or required) it is tax deductible. And, I'm guessing you'll want to do that. In a world of anxiety, grievance and anger, The Anglican Digest is an oasis of spiritual refreshment. You can subscribe at this website.
Please cast your lot with St. Paul's this week!

That's what filling out a pledge form means: "I affirm my allegiance and stand with my parish."

It is never about amount, and your personal information and pledge amount is NEVER shared with others. (I see the names but I don't view the amounts. What you pledge is between you and God, and isn't relevant to my job as senior warden.) But, in the aggregate, a sufficient number of pledges is a reasonable marker of parish health. It is important for us to be able to say that a majority of our members and supporters have made a commitment.

Please join in affirming your commitment to St. Paul's today. Every person counts. You can find more information about pledging here. And you can lighten my workload and make one old guy very happy by joining in today.

Thank you.

Sr. Warden Ray

Jr. Warden Greta


Church office (and administrator Lisa McCarthy):

Church office phone: 305-296-5142

Church mailing address: 401 Duval Street, Key West FL 33040. Pledges and offerings can be mailed here or made electronically at the church giving page.
Monthly Online Organ Series Returns

If you missed the “From the Organ” concert last week, you can still catch it. Indeed, you can find prior recordings of many past concerts and musical offerings on St Paul’s Facebook page, or on YouTube.

Look for the next edition of the popular monthly Facebook live concert at noon on April 1st.
We Pray Each Day

Daily Morning and Evening Prayer is being offered on Facebook Live at 7:30AM and 500PM on weekdays.

Thanks to Bruce Hagemann, Lisa Laskow, Mary Simmons, Samantha Hall, Sarah Hall and Tim Peterson for volunteering to officiate at these sacred moments.

To join in the prayers via Facebook, go to the church Facebook page at the appropriate time and look for the window showing that "St. Paul's Key West is now live." Then click on the window.

"Like" us and turn on live notifications to get a reminder whenever we are offering prayers.

Please pray this week for healing for

Brittany (Sherri Hodies’ daughter), Beth and Jon Peterson (sister-in-law and brother of Tim), Al (Kitty Robert’s partner), Zane Wruble (daughter of Katleen Bratton), Christian Swanson, Crystal Cates, Chuck Hammond and Joseph Lyles.

We pray for the departed and their loved ones

"Into your hands, O merciful Savior, we commend your servants"

(Send your prayer requests to for future publication and to be included in the Sunday service. By default requests will be listed for four (4) weeks. But if the need continues, please let us know.)

We celebrate these March Birthdays

Dana Dickinson 3/1
Angie Canterbury 3/2
Lemuel Roberts 3/3
Leighton Conaty 3/4
Sam Dickson 3/6
Tiffany Albury 3/8
Iain Wilcox 3/8
Bud Halldorson 3/9
Sandy Lee 3/9
Dave Holfinger 3/12
Stryker Lavoie 3/12
Piper Acevedo 3/16
Marilyn Williams 3/17
Kevin Hernandez 3/18
Alex Lavoie 3/18
Maxwell Mungall 3/20
Susan Birrell 3/21
Bruce Hagemann 3/21
Jane Payne 3/21
Harrison Simmons 3/22
John Sangston 3/23
Pamela Albury 3/24
Susan Crandall 3/24
Nicole Marius 3/25
Dean Schott 3/26
Carol Burnham 3/30
Ricardo Montano 3/30
Andrea Mungall 3/30

(If your name is missing from this month's birthday list please send a note to so we can add it.)

We Celebrate March Anniversaries

Noe & Derek Nelson 3/6
Michael & Lorri-Ann Guay 3/17
John & Lorilee McDaniel 3/17

Sunday school is canceled during the virus emergency.
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