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What's happening this week at St. Paul's

January 30- February 5, 2022

Lay Ministers Serving This Sunday

Eucharistic Minister (8:00): Ardis Gillespie

Eucharistic Minister (10:30): Brenda Bittle

Ushers: Mike & Rhonda Mundy

Technical Support: Steve Massey

Altar Guild: Judy Purnell & Sandy Barnett

Community Meal (2/2/2022):  Team Wray

Upcoming Events & News

Annual Meeting: St. Paul’s annual meeting will be held virtually on Zoom & Facebook Live on January 30th at 9:30 am. In addition, to electing new members to our vestry, this will be your opportunity to ask questions about any of the reports in the Annual Report. The Annual Report is now available online at (it’s under the What’s Happening tab of our website). 

Diocesan Convention: The vestry appointed delegates and alternatives for Diocesan Convention: Mike Schmidt & Brenda Bittle, delegates, and Sally Fittsizer & Jon Healey, alternates. Convention will be held virtually on Saturday, Feb. 19, 2022 and anyone wishing to attend is welcome. More information will be provided closer to the date.

Giving to St. Paul’s: For those attending online, there are three ways to give: you may mail your gifts to St. Paul’s at PO Box 2255, Batesville, AR. 72503, or make an online contribution by going to our website ( and by following the link to make a contribution. You may also set up automatic payments through your bank’s Bill Pay service. 

Vestry Nominations: The vestry received three nominations for the vestry and closed nominations. Below is information about each of these members.



Beverly Grigsby

I have been a member of St. Paul’s Batesville since I was 12 years old. St. Paul’s is home and family. It has been there for me during heartache, death and happiness. I hope I can give back some part that has been given to me.


Mike Mundy

My name is Mike Mundy. I have lived in Batesville for 24 years and am retired from a 22-year career in the United States Navy and semi-retired from a 20-year career in law enforcement. I have been a member of St. Paul’s for 4 years. After attending several churches in the past, I knew I had found my church home after one service at St. Paul’s. I believe that being a member of the Vestry would allow me to contribute in a different way to my church. I would enjoy the opportunity to serve at St. Paul’s in this way.


Hayes Olson

Hayes is a cradle Episcopalian. Born in Memphis (year undisclosed) Hayes has lived in Batesville and attended St. Paul’s since 1994.

As a realtor in the area, she sees firsthand the growth of Batesville and Independence County. “Our congregation is an integral part of this community.”

Hayes and Bill have been married for 30 years. “Our two children baptized at St. Paul’s and countless memories are tied into our fabric. Our daughter, Peyton, is also a member and currently teaching Special Education at Batesville High School. We own The Property Shoppe, a Real Estate and Property Management Company located in Southside. We live downtown and are frequently seen taking our dog, Rocky, on golf cart rides in the Historic District.”

St. Paul’s Prayer List: 

Intercessions:  Wemolet Margolis, Clint Callahan, Steve Massey, Scott Stalker, Lanna Bradford, Jim Johnson, Chloe Davidson, Junior Kipfer, Mike Smith, Dorla Guenzel, Betsy Benton, Jamie Bridgers, Ann Rhodes, Royce Haigwood, Tedo Manley, Alex Perkey, Isabelle Tenace, John & Susan Dempsey, and Matt Stephenson.

Intercessions for Family & Friends: Eli Hanna, Glynnis, David, Jon Bucher, Pam Brown, Patty Healey, Joanna Herron, Frank Herron, Jim Wilson, Finn Mitchell, Benjamin Mitchell, David Yates, Madonna Smith, Donna Smith, Tom & Kathy Celestine, Terry Presley, Charlotte Franklin, Jim, Larry Linder, Gary, Phyllis & Gary Bratton, Molly, Mr. Clark, Peggy, June Kondel, Dwight Nelson Ford, Sofie Snow, Janet Circenis, David Weatherly and Sarah, Brady & Cody.

In Memoriam: Don Manley and Jana Bennett (Robin King’s sister).

Birthdays & Anniversaries: Mike Mundy (1/31), Karen Mills (2/1), and Katherine Stroud (2/1).

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P.O. Box 2255 Batesville, AR 72503-2255



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