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What's happening this week at St. Paul's

July 10-16, 2022

Lay Ministers Serving This Sunday

Eucharistic Minister (8:00): Dave Allen

Eucharistic Minister (10:30): Roger Christiansen

Acolyte: Karis Ford

   Ushers: Brenda & Nikki Bittle

Technical Support: Steve Massey

Altar Guild: Kim Dunlap & Jo Cargill-Krug

Community Meal (7/13/2022):  Team Dore

This Sunday’s flowers are given by Betty & Lloyd Bess to the glory of God and in thanksgiving for Jo Cargill-Krug and the other dedicated members of the Altar Guild.

Upcoming Events & News

Shrimp Dinner: Our Annual Shrimp Dinner returns! The Churchmen’s Club will host this dinner on July 28th at 6:00 pm in the parish house and on the parish lawn. Tickets are $35 and can be purchased from the church office between 8:00 and noon, Monday through Thursday. 

St. Paul’s at Camp Mitchell: Beginning next Sunday, July 17th, members of St. Paul’s will be helping with the Jr. High Summer Camp. St. Paul’s will be leading Christian Education with Suzanne Magouyrk, Pam Baxter, (and hopefully one more). Katie McDonald will be the session director and Molly Hudson will be helping as well. In addition, Fr. Jim will be the priest and Cathy McDonald will be the Camp Nurse. On Wednesday evening the Churchmen’s Club is sponsoring the dinner; Fred Krug and Jon Healey will be cooking burgers with the help of Jo Cargill-Krug and Martha Healey. 

Forward Day by Day: The August, September, and October issue of Forward Day by Day has arrived and will be available for you to pick up this Sunday in the Narthex and in the office during the week. We will also mail you a copy if you wish – please call or email Katie if you would like her to mail one to you.

Altar Flowers:  Altar Flowers are needed for the next two Sundays, July 17th & 24th. Please contact Jo Cargill-Krug by calling or texting 870-613-6981 or by email at to reserve these dates or any other future dates.

Join EfM: It is almost time to enroll in EfM which begins in the fall. EfM is short for Education for Ministry, a four-year program of study and formation designed to better equip Christians for answering their call to service. It is not preparation for ordained ministry, but over the course of four years, participants read and study the Old and New Testaments, Church History, and Theology. EfM meets weekly during the academic year for worship, discussion, and spiritual reflections. The St. Paul’s group is entering its four year and had nine members last year. The size of our group is limited to 12 people, so we have room for three more if all nine return. Please let Fr. Jim know if you are interested or talk to any member of our group (Brenda Bittle, Virginia Wray, Cathy McDonald, Kaye Starling, Laura Hance, Sandy Barnett, Ellen Massey, Kay Forrest, & Cameron Gillespie) if you want to know more about EfM.

Yoga at St. Paul’s: Our Yoga Group meets on Monday afternoons in the Parish Hall beginning at 5:00 pm  It is for people at all levels - including beginners. There is no charge to attend. Please bring a mat and blocks (if you have these).

Giving to St. Paul’s: For those attending online, there are three ways to give: you may mail your gifts to St. Paul’s at PO Box 2255, Batesville, AR. 72503, or make an online contribution by going to our website ( and following the link to make a contribution. You may also set up automatic payments through your bank’s Bill Pay service. 

St. Paul’s Prayer List: 

Intercessions: Dorla Guenzel, Jamie Bridgers, Ann Rhodes, John & Susan Dempsey, Clint Callahan, Jim Johnson, Mark Shreve, Rhonda Mundy, Mike Smith, Tammy Kipfer and Angela Wilcoxon.

Intercessions for Family & Friends: Glynnis, David, Pam Brown, Frank Herron, Jim Wilson, Finn Mitchell, Benjamin Mitchell, David Yates, Tom & Kathy Celestine, Terry Presley, Charlotte & Jim Franklin, Larry Linder, Gary, Phyllis & Gary Bratton, Peggy, Sarah, Brady & Cody, Patsy Waren, Nick Avant, Linda Moe, Rebetta Gillespie, Olivia, Wendell, Elbert, Stacey and Will Lindsey, Tom Bradshaw, Byron Difani, Dennis Brooks, Brooks Snow, Landon Terry, Alan Sickle, Fred Denison Sr., Frances Mathis and Megan.

In Memoriam: Claudia Hedden.

Birthdays & Anniversaries: Drake McSpadden (7/10), Suzanne Magouyrk (7/12), Mary Kay Jones (7/12), Robin King (7/13), Clint Callahan (7/14), Patrick Sullins (7/14), Lanna Bradford (7/15), Sarah Harmon (7/15), and Lora & Patrick Sullins (7/15). 

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