St. Paul's
at Midweek
April 28, 2021

Whoever you are,
and wherever you find yourself on your journey of faith,
we welcome you to our inclusive faith community.
The Coming Week
at St. Paul's

May 2, 2021
Fifth Sunday
of Easter

10am Eucharist in our church building. Registration is required (see below). The service will also be live-streamed via our Facebook page.

Monday, May 3

Tuesday, May 4
Monica, Mother of Augustine of Hippo, 387

Wednesday, May 5
Martyrs of the Reformation

May 9, 2021
Sixth Sunday
of Easter

10am Eucharist in our church building. Registration is required (see below). The service will also be live-streamed via our Facebook page.
Finding the
Sunday Readings

Did you know you can always find the readings for Sunday by following this link?
Did you find two sets of readings for the Sunday? If there are two "tracks", at St. Paul's we are using "Track 2".
St. Paul's
Food Ministry Report
While our Food Co-op remains closed to due the continuing COVID pandemic we are collecting food each Sunday which is donated to Catholic Charities. Since we began this program on Easter day we have collected and donated 270 pounds of food! Watch this space each for a brief report on our efforts. See below for further details.
This Week
by Brian Whitfield,
Bishop's Warden
This Easter season has brought with it a sense of renewal and rebirth. Not only have we returned to in-person worship, but we have worshipped both outdoors and indoors at this point. As cases continue to drop or stay low in the county, we have finally been able to re-enter the building and worship together in our church. 
This past week, it was so nice to see all of your lovely faces. Also, it was terrific to see the excitement that was on them as you passed the doors that lead into the sanctuary for the first time in almost 14 months. I got to witness people re-experiencing the church for what seemed like the first time as I helped seat our attendees. People’s faces glowed and looked all around as they made their solemn procession into the pews; it was something miraculous to behold and to witness first hand. 
As we continue through this time, we hope, in the foreseeable future, to be able to open more and resurrect our church in a new way. There are already so many projects, the courtyard, the east courtyard, the kitchen, the Whitley Gallery, among others, that have been transformed or will be transformed in the coming months. This season is one of resurrection, of hope, and the glory that is still to come. As we re-enter our building, let us look forward with this hope and eye to the future and become stronger and better than we ever were. 
Getting in Touch

Although mail will be regularly collected, the parish office will be closed until further notice.

However, if you have questions or concerns, you can reach
Fr. Luis by email
Sundays at St. Paul's:
Worship Resumes in our Church Building

It's very exciting as we resume worship in our church building. However, itʻs important to bear in mind that we continue to live in the midst the COVID pandemic and so particular protocols have been put in place and must be observed. In order to provide for appropriate social distancing during the our worship registration is required. You can register here; only one registration is required for each household. Registration is an absolute necessity and closes for each Sunday the Friday before.

Full details and more information can be found here.
St. Paul's Feeding Ministry
While our Food Pantry remains closed due to the COVID pandemic, the need continues for the most vulnerable in our community. 
To meet that need St. Paul's has been partnering with Catholic Charities to distribute the food we collect. In the past month, through your generosity, St. Paul's has donated over 270 pounds of food. Thank you!  The folks at Catholic Charities are most appreciative. The greatest need at this time is for food useful to the homeless. This means granola bars, meals with pop tops (chili, raviolis, tuna, or chicken) cheese or peanut butter filled crackers.  They can find a good use for anything your pantry or generous heart might supply.

Please bring your donations on Sunday morning!

Click here for more details., and contact Deacon Cathy Kline with any questions.
Forward Day by Day

The Forward Day by Day devotional booklets for May, June, and July have arrived. Many people use this publication as part of their regular prayer life. If you do or would like to please please pick one up on Sunday morning or contact Fr. Luis for a copy. They can be easily sent through the mail.
St. Paul's Book Group
Begins New Session
As one session of St. Paul's Book Group ends another begins on May 4. Over five weeks the group will be reading The Book of Joy: Lasting Happiness in a Changing World. The book is the result of a 7-day meeting between the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu, two of the world’s most influential spiritual leaders, during which they discussed one of life’s most important questions: how do we find joy despite suffering?

It is described as "an insightful guide to living a life free of sadness, stress and suffering. These blinks are full of actionable ways to cultivate joy for yourself and others while overcoming the obstacles that so often prevent people from finding happiness..."

Again, the first session is May 4 and the group gathers at 3pm via Zoom. The zoom link for the meetings is here and the passcode is joy.

Reading Schedule
May 4: pp. 1-78
May 11: pp. 81-187
May 18: 191-276
May 25: 277-347

Any questions or for further information, contact Dcn Cathy.

Eastertide Bible Study:
Looking at the Apostles
Our reading of the Gospels, especially in the season of Lent, draws our attention repeatedly to this unusual group of men that Jesus gathered around him and who accompanied him throughout his ministry. While a number of these individuals are very well known – like Peter, John, and Thomas – many Christians have difficulty in discerning how exactly they fit into the story of
Jesus and the life of the early Church.

Beginning April 14th at 6pm, Luke Martinez (our Field Education Student) is leading a six week, weekly Bible study. The study will look at the Apostles as they are remembered in our Holy Scriptures, and discuss the ways that their experiences and growth can speak to us as modern Christians. Moreover, we will also look at historical and archaeological sources relating to the early Church to better understand how these simple men – fishermen and tax collectors – served God's Son and became the pillars of our faith. If you have have any questions contact Luke here. You can access the Zoom link here.
Caring for Creation
St. Paul's Creation Care Committee is in its initial stages. As part of its ministry, it has launched its own monthly newsletter. It will cover all kinds of tips and practical information for more responsible use of our natural resources, as well as advertising and promoting ways we can get involved in this increasingly important aspect of Christian stewardship. You can access April's edition here.
In Our Prayers...
O God, whose Son Jesus is the good shepherd of your people: Grant that when we hear his voice we may know him who calls us each by name, and follow where he leads; who, with you and the Holy Spirit, lives and reigns, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

In Our Prayers
Remember in your prayers Maria, all those living with the effects of COVID-19, and all who are in sorrow, sickness, or any kind of need.

Remember all the recently departed, among them Jon Bruno, bishop, Helen Teresa Garcia, and also all those whose year's mind falls at this time.
Monthly Prayer Diary

You can access the
Prayer Diary for April here.

You can access the
Prayer Diary for May here.

Poetry Corner

by Jack Hernandez

As he packed for another trip
he thought of that other life
the one he might have taken
had the facts been different
had his heart opened elsewhere,
no doubt he would have dressed
in the same current fashion
driven a polished car,
But he would not have packed
for this familiar journey far
to be with those who have lived
in his heart for years,
so close to its beating
that when he returned alone
he unpacked their laughter
to fill his silent home.
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