Fourth Sunday After The Epiphany 
   Mark 1:21-28
Friday January 26, 2018

Sunday, January 28
Chili Cook Off Sunday
Bring your best competitive chili in a crock pot, if you can. The Parish Life Committee will provide all the "fixins" (cheese, crackers, onions and lots more).
There will be ribbons for first, second and third places
as well as a prize for first place.
Everyone will be given a voting ticket to use after sampling all the entries.
Then get a bowl of your favorite!
There will be a peanut butter and jelly station for kids.

Sunday Lectionary
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St. Paul's Lectionary

Reflections on the coming
Sunday Lectionary
Red Shoes, 
Funny Shirt

red shoes 2
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the Rev'd Megan Castellan.

Organ Practice with Kurt
Food Pantry
Item of the Month 
The Food Pantry  Continues to be thankful for the generous donations from the St. Paul's Day School community that have provided an outpouring of food items for the month of December and continuing into the New Year. 

 The pantry can always use toiletries and other personal care items, travel size or otherwise, as well as your (separated and flattened) paper grocery sacks. 
Best Wishes to All from the Pantry Volunteers for a Happy New Year !

Haiti Report

Haitian Proverbs

Si travay te bon bagay, moun rich la pran-l lontan. 
"If work were a good thing, the rich would have grabbed it a long time ago."
House Abraham Builds
Our current HAB project with Habitat is taking place at 4313 Cypress Ave.  Volunteers are always needed.  Click HERE  to consider offering some volunteer time on this project during the Advent season.  It may be chilly to the body, but it will be warm to the heart!
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St. Paul's Parish Life Events

Sunday, January 28
Chili Cook Off 

Sunday, February 4
Annual Parish  Meeting 9:30 a.m.

Sunday, February 11th 
Bring your favorite chocolate something 
ANYTHING CHOCOLATE - to share at Coffee Hour.

Music & Choir News
"God Be in My Head" will be the choral anthem at this week's 10:30 am service offertory.   The text comes from an old English Prayer. It is written by one of the most popular current living English composers, John Rutter.  Rutter is especially gifted at writing beautiful melodies, not only in the soprano voice but throughout his voice leading in all the choral parts.  I think this piece is a great example of his beautiful and simple writing.  This recording comes from the Cambridge Singers, with Mr. Rutter conducting. 

Christian Formation

Sunday: Adults will continue this Sunday with the reflection on "Becoming the Beloved Community" at 9:30 in the EfM room on the third floor.
Children's continue at 10:20 on the third floor in the rooms next to the kitchen.

Join us for the next installment of Acts and Action, as we move to reading Jeremiah at our new meeting date and time: Wednesdays at 7:30 pm on the third floor.   Acts and Action is a small group dedicated to  the spiritual discipline of being engaged citizens.   We meet weekly to read scripture, share our concerns and plan how we may live faithfully in the world as both engaged citizens and members of the body of Christ.   If you're interested please contact  Mother Megan  or  Jacob Burch .   You can also reach us at  Acts & Action at our Facebook group   

EfM continues to meet on Tuesday nights.  This group is by registration on an annual basis.  If you are interested in learning more about EfM, click  HERE.  Registration for the 2018-19 term will open in late spring. 

St. Paul's
Sunday Mail Ministry
In these tumultuous times, more people than ever before are reaching out to their members of Congress and other elected officials.  Indeed, this is part of our calling as followers of Jesus in the world--to engage with the powers that be to make for a better world for all God's creation.  Each Sunday, the members of Acts and Action will have a table set aside during Coffee Hour where you can write a postcard to your selected elected official, and write whatever you wish to convey: I agree, I disagree, I'm praying for you, etc.  Acts and Action will then deliver them by hand to the local offices of KCMO reps on the final Friday of each month.  (If you are sending to someone on the KS side of the state line, talk to Mtr Megan and she will arrange for stamps!) 

The North-Central-Metro Youth Network  is an organized group of churches who find additional opportunities for Christian fellowship fun!  These activities are found on the  youth ministry calendar  This event is for all the youth of the Metro, including our St. Paul's Youth.  Please register using the blue link below or contact Mother Megan and let her know you want to join in the fun.

For Other Upcoming Youth Activities :  

check WEMOYouth  for more details
As always, if you'd like to stay connected with what is happening with youth ministry in our network and diocese, please check out our Youth Network Facebook site.
!!!!!!!!!We are in need of Coffee Hour Hosts!!!!!!
Please Let Allison know

We hope you will consider teaming up with another family or a friend to maintain our fellowship and gathering following the 10:30 a.m. service that has brought our parishioners together for years.

Hosting Coffee Hour is a fun and easy way to get to know other St. Paul's members! The host brings the food and the church provides the drinks. An example of what a host might bring would be: two large pans of brownies (cut very small), maybe a bowl of fruit (oftentimes grapes cut into small clusters), and a bowl or two of pretzels or popcorn. If you have questions or wish to co-host with another member, please contact  Alison.  Dates are available:

January 28:        Chili Cook Off
February 4:        Awaiting a Host
February 11:      Chocolate Sunday
February 18:      Awaiting a Host
February 25:      Awaiting a Host
March 4:            Awaiting a Host
March 11:          Awaiting a Host
March 18:          Awaiting a Host

Please submit e-pistle items to the Editor by 6:00 p.m. Wednesdays.  Please help out the Epistle editor and submit your items in a timely way. Thanks!

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