St. Peter Weekly News!


Principal's Message:

Dear St. Peter Family,

               What a great week of learning! There are several pictures in this week’s edition of students actively learning in some pretty exciting ways!. Mrs. Collins’ third grade class had a snowball fight to help them round numbers. Mr. Patterson’s sixth graders were busy building bridges using the Engineering Design Process. I stopped in the gym and Mr. Mahl had some money races going on! Learning math skills in phys ed…I love it! Plural nouns for the seventh grade and it sounds like the eighth graders are marching toward the causes of the American Revolution. I am so proud of the teachers we have here. They are outstanding! Never hesitate to let them know it. I can tell you from experience that a quick thank you means so much!

               I would like to invite all of our school families to attend our weekend Masses here at St. Peter. Every Saturday evening at 4:30 Mass is offered, and on the second Saturday of each month our Junior High Choir sings at the 4:30 Mass. On Sundays, we celebrate Mass at 7:30, 9:00, and 11:00. On Sunday, October 3rd, the Knights of Columbus are hosting a pancake breakfast after the 9:00 Mass and all are invited! I personally am a regular at the 7:30 Mass on Sunday mornings, so if you’re an early bird, be sure to say hello! Father Kyle, Father Ambrose, and Father Joe share Masses at St. Peter, and they each give such positive and meaningful messages in their homilies. If you haven’t attended Mass in awhile or if you’re interested in celebrating here, we would love to have you.

               Next Friday, September 24th the school will be closed for a religious in-service for our faculty and staff. Mums must be picked up that day! Keep scrolling for other updates and information. Have a great weekend and we look forward to another great week of faith and learning!

St. Peter, friend of Jesus, PRAY FOR US!

Mrs. Kadel


News from the Clinic

All immunization records must be on file in the school clinic by Friday, October 1st.

We are missing several Kindergarteners’ records.

7th-grade parents and new families might want to double-check with Mrs. Johnson as well.

After October 1st. if we do not have a current immunization record on file, your child will not be able to come to school.

Please feel free to contact Mrs. Jennifer Johnson if you have questions. Thank you!

lib books.jpg

We are looking for volunteers in the Library during the school day as well as volunteers for the upcoming book fair. Please email Mrs. Kellie Jobe if you are interested.


St. Peter's 1st Annual Pumpkin Glow!

Important Links:

Faith Moment

Praying the Memorare

This favorite prayer of Mrs. Kadel’s might be the best prayer for when you are not sure what to do or in need of special help! She will tell you it never fails! Click here to learn the Memorare.

Mary Memorae.jpg

Called to Share God's Word

We are all called to spread the Good News and share our time and talents with others. Last week, 17 of our 8th graders graciously gave of their time to create inspirational chalk art. This is one of the many service activities these students will participate in during the school year. If you have time, please take a walk around the school and enjoy the beautiful artwork.

chalk sample.jpg

The St. Peter School Choir is Back!

The St. Peter School Choir sang for our first Saturday parish mass of the school year. We are so excited to showcase the talent of these young people every second Saturday of the month throughout the school year. Please join us at mass on October 9th to support these students.

school choir 2.jpg
3rd grade Snowball Fight.jpg
Product testing paper towel strength using the scientific method..jpg
Playing Hard_.jpg

Looking Ahead:

  • Friday, Sept. 24
  2. SAP: If you need childcare, sign-up by Monday, Sept 20 so we can staff appropriately.
  3. MUM Pick-Up Day!

Click here to schedule your pick up time

mati drawing.png

Birthday cards for prayer partners!

Our 7th graders have been busy making birthday cards for their 1st-grade prayer partners! It is amazing to see them using the gifts God gives them in service to others.

Drawing by 7th grader Mati Vlcek

6th grade Engineering Design Process.jpg
6th grade Engineering Design Process _1_.jpg

The sixth graders are building bridges!

Upcoming Christmas Bazaar

Volunteers Needed November 13th and 14th!

The annual Christmas Bazaar will be here before we know it and we are in need of volunteers to help out. ALL funds raised by the bazaar are donated directly to our school! If you would like to help with this enjoyable event, please contact Linda Stocker or Lori Stemmer at stpeterchristmasbazaar@gmail.com.

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SCHOOL AGE PROGRAM (before/after school care)

School Age.jpg

For more information, or if you need to register for this program, please contact Ms. Veronika Konokotin.

ECC Happenings

Dear ECC Families,


We need the sign-up forms for September 24th, it is a non-school day, all of our Full-Time Families are able to take part in it. Traditional Programs will not be running on September 24th.  Please return the forms to Denis Durick so we are able to account for staffing. We appreciate your help!


PICTURE DAY is September 30th for all the children in the 3s Program (Traditional and Full-Time) and Transitional Kindergarten. October 1st is PICTURE DAY for all the children in the 4s Program.


PTO MUM Pick- Up 1 pm to 7 pm. 

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