The Labyrinth Walk
Thursday, August 16, 2018

The Altar Flowers are given in Honor of Mike King as he fully retires from
his dedicated service as our Bookkeeper.
Getting to Know You (the Episcopal Church, that is)
Some of you may recognize the title, Getting to Know You, from the Rodgers & Hammerstein musical The King and I, it's also an invitation to get to know the church better. Confirmation/Inquirer's classes start Sunday, September 9. Confirmation is the way to become a member of the Episcopal Church and St. Peter's. The Bishop confirms you, and the classes are a useful way to get to know more about the church leading up to the Bishop's visit on October 21. Even if you're not being called to confirmation-or already have been-it's a fun way to get to know the church a little bit better. We'll be meeting Sundays after the 11:00 am service in Parish Hall. Come to the Lunch & Learn on August 19 to get more information, after the 11:00 am service.
Stewardship Report
We have started tracking our weekly giving versus what it takes to keep St. Peter's running.  Each week you will see how the past weeks have fared.  For July, we started off very strong, but have seen a decline in recent weeks.  This is not uncommon in the summer months, but is something we need to pay attention to.  Please help us keep St. Peter's going...and growing.  And thanks for your support!    
Offering Date Offering Amount Given Amount Needed Difference
Ending 8/15/18 Offering $2,456.18 8,455.00
Ending 8/8/18 Offering + Direct Deposit $11,679.56 8,455.00 $3,224.56
Ending 8/1/18 Offering $5,880.00 8,455.00
Ending 7/25/18 Offering + Direct Deposit $6,192.50 8,455.00
Four Week Cumulative Operating Income $26,208.24 33,820.00

Tithing to St. Peter's Using Direct Draft from Bank Accounts
Did you know that you can have your tithe to St. Peter's automatically taken out of your checking or savings account? The Bank Draft Form is located in the link below. Print this form out and give it to the church office. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mike King at

Use the link below to print a withdrawal form and return it to the Parish Office.

Discretionary Fund 
All $1 bills  in the offering plate this Sunday will go to the Discretionary Fund. 

Cottage Visits, each starting at 6:00pm 
Aug 21, Drew Spurgers and Kevin Phelps - FULL
Aug 28, Doug Stroud - FULL   
Sept 4,  David and Marilyn Larson - FULL
Sept 10, Ted and Leigh Ann Warriner - FULL
Sept 18, Kathryn Spinks - 5 Slots open 
Sept 24, Jerry and Madelyn Adams - FULL
St Peter's Sermons
All of St. Peter's Sermons are archived on our website. You can listen to the sermons by clicking the following link:

The Sermons are also posted on the church's Facebook page each Monday.
A Note from The Rev. Peggy Cromwell
Dear friends-
Recently, I encouraged us all to be ready to welcome anyone who might come through our doors. Please take a few minutes to view the following video from Church Next. The Rev. Canon Stephanie Spellers is Canon to the Presiding Bishop for Evangelism, Reconciliation and Stewardship of Creation.

If you would like to get involved in the "Ministry of Welcome" at St Peter's, contact Greg or Linda or me.

Radical Welcome
When pain is real, why is God silent?
Frederick Buechner has grappled with the nature of pain, grief, and grace ever since his father committed suicide when Buechner was a young boy. He continued that search as a father when his daughter struggled with anorexia. Frederick Buechner finds that the God who might seem so silent is ever near. Buechner says that loss will come to all of us, but he writes that we are not alone. Crazy and unreal as it may sometimes seem, God's holy, healing grace is always present and available if we are still enough to receive it.
Please come and explore this meaningful book by one of today's outstanding theologians with the Brown Bag Book Club. We will begin discussion on Wednesday, August 29, at noon, in the library. If you need a book, contact Linda Brown, Deacon, at  
Altar Flowers
There are still several open dates for altar flowers in Sept., Oct., and Nov.
The sign up sheet is on the bulletin board by the restrooms. You may also call the church office to sign up. A member of the Altar Guild will contact you regarding the size of arrangement you would like to purchase. Also, please keep in mind, that it is customary to leave the arrangement at the church so that they flowers can be given to shut-ins and those that are ill.
HELP NEEDED - Playground Remodel Work Day
The church has received a donation of $1,000 for the purpose of creating a new playground area for our younger children.  This will be done over 3 workdays.  The first workday will be this Saturday starting at 10:00 a.m.  The next workday will be next Saturday, and the next will be determined based on delivery of the new playground equipment.    If you can help, please contact me via email at or text or call me at 501-908-3172.  If I do not have enough volunteers to help, I will need to postpone.  The goal is to have the new playground ready for Rally Day.

Saturday, August 18th  -  Installation of the new fence  (black, wrought iron) and work on the yard to prepare for new equipment.  Will include some spreading of ground cover and cleaning out of drainage ditches.

Thank you!
Leigh Ann Warriner, Jr, Warden
Tuesday Noonday Prayer for Challenging Times
Join us in the Parish Hall Chapel on Tuesdays at Noon for a brief, quiet service.
Sunday Morning Lobby Food Schedule
August 19   Men's Group
August 26   Claire Losardo
Education for Ministry
*Deadline for registration forms and fees: August 19, 2018
Registration fees: $375/year (Includes all reading materials).
Beginning Monday, September 12, 2018, meeting Mondays, 2 to 4;30 pm, until mid-May.
More Information & Registration Form: Contact Kathryn Spinks (administrative mentor) at 501-908-3607 or
EfM is a four year course of study for laity focusing on deeper understanding of scripture and stronger ability to think theologically, while studying Christian tradition from its beginnings to the present. Curriculum: biblical studies, systematic theology, church history, ethics, liturgics, and ascetical theology. The seminar group is the nucleus of the program, providing spiritual community for study, prayer, and reflection. Preparation involves at least 3 hours per week.
Mentors: Kathryn Spinks
Jane Harris: 501-499-0008,    
Eucharistic Visitors Needed
Eucharistic Visitors (EVs) are licensed lay persons who take Holy Communion, following the Eucharist, to those who are either sick or shut-in. Not only is this a rewarding experience for the EV but provides an invaluable service to those who because of illness or an inability to leave home, are still given the opportunity to share this Sacrament with their church family.
While St. Peter's does NOT have many members who require this benefit on an on-going basis, our current number of EV's has dwindled and we desperately need more people to participate. If we secure a bigger group of Eucharistic Visitors, they would go no more than once a month, allowing them to fully participate in the other Sunday programs.  
I firmly believe that when you share the sacrament of Holy Communion with our homebound community, you are truly on sacred ground.
Rev. Dr. Linda Brown, Deacon
Phone #: 501.590.0631

Bible Study
Bible Study of the Gospel of John meets on Monday at 12:15pm and Thursday  at 7:00pm in the Library. Check poster in lobby for details. Join anytime!

This week's Food Pantry Need

2 cans whole kernel corn; 1 box of cereal; 2 pkgs ramen

Pantry Musings
Not long ago, a woman saw a picture of Mary holding baby  Jesus, riding a donkey followed by Joseph with a caption "In the Name of These Refugees." "Aid All Refugees.". She asked, as if to dare, when was Jesus a refugee? When I responded when they went to Egypt to escape Herod's slaughter of the innocents, her response was "I'd forgotten about that." I wondered how she would have responded to the July 4 item in the newspaper about Rector, Stephen Carlsen's display at Christ Episcopal Cathedral, Indianapolis which included images of Mary, Joseph, and the baby Jesus placed in a cage topped with barbed wire outside the cathedral to protest the zero tolerance policy of the Trump administration. Then on July 27 the Arkansas Democrat Gazette reported that Stephen Carlsen had replaced Mary, Jesus, and Joseph with a mirror so that congregants could envision themselves involved in the "pain felt by separated families"[In The News, July 4 and July 27]. Immigration is spoken of often in the Old Testament and it is always a political issue. Israel is overthrown by Babylon, Egypt, Persia, or someone because Israel disobeyed God and the foreign power wanted to control the pass between Egypt and the fertile crescent. Today immigrants are coming from the southern hemisphere to the north to escape political intolerance, poverty, drought, cultural intolerance or a combination of the forces into the United States and into Europe. What is our responsibility as Christians in these situations? A basic tenant of the Christian faith is to "love our neighbor as we love ourselves." Contrary to our way of thinking in this country our neighbor is not Mr. and Mrs. Nice or We Look Like Them, our neighbor is anyone who is in need whether you like them, or even know them. They may be your perceived enemy. I know that does not win elections, it may not even be wise policy but it is what we say that we hold to as our belief and I think that it is important for us to embrace as Christians. --Ann Drake
The Lantern Theatre will be performing William Shakespeare's Macbeth here at
St. Peter's Parish Hall on August 16, 17, and 18 at 7:30pm.
A portion of the ticket sales will go to out Discretionary Fund.

Parish Calendar

August 16
August 17
August 18
August 19
August 20
Servant Leadership
(Morgan House)
Bible Study
MacBeth Performance
(Choir Room
Parish Hall)

Conway Locally Grown
(Parish Hall)
Macbeth Performance
(Parish Hall)

Food Pantry
(Morgan House)
Macbeth Performance
(Parish Hall)
Rite I
Adult Forum 1
Enriching our Worship Eucharist
Rite II
Adult Forum 3
(Parish Hall)

After-Noon Bible Study
Conway Buddhist Society
(Parish Hall Chapel)
Narcotics Anonymous
(Morgan House)

August 21
August 22
August 23
August 24
August 25
Noonday Prayer
(PH Chapel)
Wisdom House
(Morgan House)
Cottage Meeting
(Drew Spurgers)

Brown Bag Book Club
Library Reserved
Staff Meeting

Narcotics Anonymous
(Morgan House)
Evening Prayer and Prayers for Healing
Servant Leadership
(Morgan House)
Finance Meeting
(Classroom 2)
Evening Bible Study

Conway Locally Grown
(Morgan House)
Community Garden Meeting
(Morgan House)

Save the Date!  

August 22     EYC Starts!

August 26     Vestry Meeting 1:00pm

September 3  Parish Office Closed

September 9 Rally Day and Ministry Fair   
September 15  Vestry Retreat 
October 20   The Rev. Greg Warren's Ordination, Trinity Little Rock 
October 21    Bishop Sunday

November 4   All Saints Sunday

November 25  Christ the King Sunday

December 2   First Sunday of Advent

 This Week's Celebrations    
August 22   Jeff Bell
August 23   Kristina Burford
August 25   Cady Murray
August 25   Brad Teague
August 26   Emily Madden
August 28   Hayden Henderson
August 28   Dawn Sullivan
August 30   Jeff Auglur
August 30   Len Rishkofski
August 31   Ann Drake
    Scripture Readings for Sunday, August 19, 2018
Proverbs 9:1-6
Psalm 34:9-14
Ephesians 5:15-20
John 6:51-58
Prayers of the People 
Prayers and Petitions: 

In Loving Support for:
Mouaz; Natalie.

In Continued Prayers for:  
Sara Edmondson, Helen Snipan, Jacquie Seroy, Martha Denson, Fred and Lillian Petrucelli,
Rowena Malone, Betty Long, Judith McAfee.  
We give thanks for the people of St. Peter's and visitors with us this week.
We give thanks for: Rob, Nikki, Banyon, and Jessica Reid; Tom and Elizabeth Renton; Lynne and Jackson Rich, Carter, Debra, Justin, and Chris Rickman; Marilyn and Len Rishkofski.
We give thanks for our Tuesday Noonday Prayer in the Parish Hall Chapel.
We give thanks forThe Family Life Church.    
We give thanks for the Hillel Association at Hendrix.
We give thanks for The Rev. Heber Ruiz and St. Martin of Tours, Totonicapan (toe-toe-neeka-pan).
We give thanks for The Church of South India (United), The Most Revd Thomas Kanjirappally Oommen Moderator of CSI & Bishop of Madhya Kerala.
We give thanks for the Guatemala Companion Mission Trip at St. Martin in the Fields, Philadelphia.
The Departed:

Ministry Team 3
Jerry Adams, Team Leader

Pam Holt
John Vanderslice
Kevin Mequet
Norm Moyer
Pam Holt
Lisa Crowson
Madelyn Adams
Lynne Rich
Pam Holt
John Vanderslice
Stephanie Vanderslice
Jerry Adams
Gloria Parker
Eucharistic Visitors

Rita Mackintosh
Deana Weindorf

Eucharistic Ministers
George Coleman
Tanya Buchanan
Beth Brady
Leigh Ann Warriner


AM: Mike Moses
C: Cady Gray
AM: Mike Moses
C: Berris Teague
T1: Hutson Teague
T2: Cooper Teague
Vestry Counters

Chris Odom
Taylor Tennison
Altar Guild

Team 2