The Labyrinth Walk
Thursday, July 19, 2018

The Altar Flowers are given by Rosemary Henenberg in Memory of her sister,
Carolyn Henenberg Harron.
Cottage Visits, each starting at 6:00pm 
July 19, Danny and Dinah Reed - FULL
July 24, Bill Tsutsui and Marjorie Swann - FULL
July 30, Marianne Black - 4 SLOTS OPEN
Aug 6, Eric and Donna Hutchinson - FULL
Aug 10, Kristina Burford - 1 SLOT OPEN 
Aug 14, Amy Hawkins - FULL
Aug 21, Drew Spurgers and Kevin Phelps - 1 SLOT OPEN
Aug 28, Doug Stroud - 1 SLOT OPEN     
Sept 4,  David and Marilyn Larson - 1 SLOT OPEN    
St Peter's Sermons
All of St. Peter's Sermons are archived on our website. You can listen to the sermons by clicking the following link:

The Sermons are also posted on the church's Facebook page each Monday.
Stewardship Testimony 
I was raised Protestant and every Sunday I can remember my cousin putting a small white envelope into the plate.  She would tell me it was for God and the Church, which as a kid I really didn't understand.  As most of us do as you get older you get away from Church until major changes come into your life, which they did.  I had four grandchildren show up at my door to raise and shortly thereafter ended up with four major back surgeries, to which the doctor informed me I would never walk again.  Returning to my faith and to God seemed like a good idea for myself and the kids.  We chose to become Episcopalian, in the middle of Protestant and Catholic.  Everyday I prayed and asked for help with all I had on my plate.  And it worked!
The boys, Raymond and myself moved here to Arkansas in 2008 and found St. Peter's.  The Church and my Church family have been my salvation and my sanctuary.  It has been here when I've needed a shoulder to cry on, an arm to lean on or just someone to talk to.  I understand now what my cousin was saying so I give to keep the lights on, the doors open wide for all who needs and wants a place to feel safe and warmth and so St. Peter's can continue doing all that we do for the community, God and ourselves.  It feels good and it feels right and if we all pull together we will make it.
Peace and Love to all
Claire Losardo

Stewardship Report
We have started tracking our weekly giving versus what it takes to keep St. Peter's running.  Each week you will see how the past weeks have fared.  For July, we started off very strong, but have seen a decline in recent weeks.  This is not uncommon in the summer months, but is something we need to pay attention to.  Please help us keep St. Peter's going...and growing.  And thanks for your support!   

Offering Date Offering Amount Given Amount Needed Difference
Ending 7/18/2018 Offering + Direct Deposit $2,275.37 $8,455.00 -$6,179.63
Ending 7/11/18 Offering $3,235.00 $8,455.00 -$5,220.00
Ending 7/3/2018 Offering + Direct Deposit $8,509.00 $8,455.00 $74.00
Ending 6/27/18 Offering $12,495.00 $8,445.00 $4,050.00
Four Week Cumulative Operating Income $26,514.37 $33,810.00 -$7,275.63
Tithing to St. Peter's Using Direct Draft from Bank Accounts
Did you know that you can have your tithe to St. Peter's automatically taken out of your checking or savings account? The Bank Draft Form is located in the link below. Print this form out and give it to the church office. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mike King at

Use the link below to print a withdrawal form and return it to the Parish Office.

Discretionary Fund 
All $1 bills  in the offering plate this Sunday will go to the Discretionary Fund. 

Labyrinth Walk Update
We have lots going on at St. Peter's, and our newsletter shows it! However, we don't want to limit the amount of articles in the newsletter, but we do need to limit the content of each article. Starting next week, each article in the Labyrinth Walk can only be 120 words in length. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact John Churchwell at   
"HELLO, my name is __________." 
Whether you are a long-time member, a frequent visitor, or a newcomer, PLEASE put on a name tag as you enter the church on Sundays. This will help EVERYONE (especially our new deacon-in-charge) learn your name. It only takes a moment, but can make a big impact, especially on those who have never joined us for worship before. To those of you who are already setting a great example by using our handy-dandy stick-on tags.
THANK YOU (and keep up the good work)!
~The Rev. Peggy Cromwell
2018-19 EfM Class Registration Has Begun!
*Deadline for submitting registration forms and fees is August 12, 2018
Registration fees: $375 per year (Includes all reading materials).
Start date: Monday, September 10, 2018 at 2 pm. The seminar group will meet every Monday from 2 to 4:30 pm starting September 12 through May 20, 2019. Breaks from the weekly seminar meetings will coincide with the breaks taken by Conway's academic institutions (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Break) and during Holy Week.
More Information and Registration Form: Contact Kathryn Spinks at 501-908-3607 or
EfM is a four year course of study for lay people designed to develop a deeper understanding of scripture and a stronger ability to think theologically. Participants study the entire sweep of the Christian tradition from the earliest period to the present. Participants learn the disciplines of biblical exegesis and interpretation, systematic theology, church history, ethics, liturgics, and ascetical theology.
The EfM seminar group, which is the nucleus of the Education for Ministry program, provides the spiritual community in which to study, pray, and reflect. Each seminar group consists of six to twelve participants and a trained mentor (or two co-mentors) who meet weekly over the course of a nine-month academic year. These meetings are usually two and a half hours in length. Preparation time for each class is at least 3 hours per week.
2018-19 Co-Mentors
Kathryn Spinks (administrative mentor): 501-908-3607,
Jane Harris: 501-499-0008,    

Bible Study
Bible Study of the Book of John meets on Monday at 12:15pm and Thursday  at 7:00pm in the Library. Check poster in lobby for details. Join anytime!

Adult Forum for Summer 2018  
Sunday's at 10am , in the Library
Join us for The Gentle Path: Christianity, Spirituality, and the Twelve Steps.  
Using Richard Rohr's book, Breathing Underwater as a guide, leader Shane Montgomery will explore the Twelve Steps as a path to deepening our walk with God and take a look at the Christian roots of this methodology and it's connection to the Gospel.
All Things VBS
July 29-August 3 is our  Abundant Life Garden Project VBS and you can now register!

To Register Kids (ages 3months-11years) or Adults CLICK HERE

To Register to Volunteer (ages 12-100) CLICK HERE

To View our Supply Wish List CLICK HERE 
This week's Food Pantry Need

2 cans/tuna; 2 pkgs pasta; 2 cans sauce

Pantry Musings
Salvation is not so easy a theological concept. Some theologians and figures in church history support the doctrine of election. It has its roots in Paul and the thought of Augustine, but John Calvin has received the most blame for his statement as the most systematic. In its most popular form, this doctrine says that we are selected, elected for our salvation, and that is that. I'm not sure that I want to blame that all on Calvin, it's been a while since I've read the Institutes and memory tells me that he left himself some wiggle room. I can not imagine a lawyer not giving himself some wiggle room, and Calvin was a lawyer not a theologian. But today, there are lots of Christians who claim that they are elected for salvation. This theory does not make a lot of sense to me. What make more sense is that I am free to act in favor of my salvation. Or to put it another way, I am free to work for my salvation. And my work toward my salvation is in the form of loving my neighbor, who comes in a whole host of forms: persons who are lovable and some who are unlovable. If I am elected for my salvation, then why bother with loving my neighbor, I've already been saved or damned nothing I do matters anyway? Why would all of our 'fore-believers' have told us that loving God and neighbor were the two most important laws if they did not think they were important. These two laws we were told by Jesus summed up all the laws and the prophets. So I take it that they are our guides for all that we do. They are difficult enough to follow. If we are diligent in our efforts to love our neighbor then we will act compassionately and responsibly. I hold out hope that my shortcomings will be forgiven by God and by my fellow humans for I, like most people I know, am far from perfect. - Ann Drake

New Food Pantry Location
We are in the process of getting the old nursery ready to be our new food pantry location. We have worked extremely hard moving shelves, refrigerators and supplies so that our new location will be fully functional. Stop by and peek through the window next time you're at church to see how awesome it looks! And please extend a huge thank you the next time you see them!!!  
We will begin serving out of the new food pantry location the first Saturday in August (8/4/18). 
I'm really excited about the change and agree with Rev. Warren in saying that having it there is like having it at the heart of the church.  

Peace be with you,
Christy Garrett-Jones

The Lantern Theatre will be performing William Shakespeare's Macbeth here at
St. Peter's Parish Hall on August 10, 11, 16, 17, and 18 at 7:30pm.
A portion of the ticket sales will go to out Discretionary Fund.

Rehearsals have already started! The Lantern Theatre has installed a small stage in the Parish Hall. Be mindful of it when entering and using the Parish Hall.
Dear Potential Book,
The Faulkner County Library and City of Hope Outreach (COHO) welcome you to the Human Library Project. We are excited that you want to be a part of this inspiring effort to bring people together and to create greater understanding in your community.
We encourage you to research more about The Human Library at your leisure, but here is a quick overview of the project and its goals.
The Human Library is a concept created by Ronni Abergal, Dany Abergel, Christoffer Erichsoen, and Asma Mouna of the Danish your organization Stop the Violence in 2000, and is now operational on five continents. It is a library of human beings, individuals, each representing a group in the community that are somehow exposed to stigma, prejudice and/or discrimination. The Human Library was developed to challenge societal prejudices wherever and whatever reasons they occur, and help people form a better understanding of those with whom they share their communities.
The goal of The Human Library is to establish a safe conversation space, where difficult questions are expected, appreciated, and hopefully answered by the Human Book on loan.
You are invited to attend an organizational meeting on Aug. 18 at 2:00 PM at the Faulkner County Library. At that time, you will have a chance to decide on a title for your "Book", learn how the event is meant to proceed, meet the people who are going to be your librarians, and to prepare for the big day. We want you to feel as comfortable and supported as possible, because we know that in volunteering to be a Human Book, you are making yourself vulnerable.
The big day itself is Aug. 25 from 1:00-4:00.
Please R.S.V.P to Nancy at 501-327-7482 or email
Parish Calendar

July 19
July 20
July 21
July 22
July 23
Invite/Connect Meeting
Servant Leadership
(Morgan House)
Cottage Meeting
(Dinah Reed)
Evening Bible Study

Conway Locally Grown
(Parish Hall)

Food Pantry
(Parish Hall)
Rite I
Library Class
Enriching our Worship Eucharist
Adult Formation
Rite II
MacBeth Rehesarsal
(Parish Hall)
After-Noon Bible Study
Narcotics Anonymous
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MacBeth Rehesarsal
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July 24
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July 28
Cottage Meetings
MacBeth Rehesarsal
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Library Reserved
Staff Meeting

Narcotics Anonymous
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MacBeth Rehesarsal
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Evening Prayer and Prayers for Healing
Servant Leadership
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MacBeth Rehesarsal
(Parish Hall)
Evening Bible Study

Conway Locally Grown
(Parish Hall)
Evening of Hope
(Bernice Gardens

Save the Date!  
July 22         DOK Installation

July 30 - Aug 3    Vacation Bible School

August 12     Rally Day/Blessing of the Backpacks

August 22     EYC Starts!

September 3  Parish Office Closed

October 21    Bishop Sunday

November 4   All Saints Sunday

November 25  Christ the King Sunday

December 2   First Sunday of Advent

 This Week's Celebrations   
July 22  LeRoy Hendricks
July 22  Wayne Miller
July 23  William Barefoot
July 23  Karen McNutt
July 24  Dakota Blackmon
July 24  Louise Wilcox
July 27  Dunn Jones

July 24  Kenneth and Susan Sobel
July 26  Brett and Mary Etta Qualls
O God, our times are in your hand: Look with favor, we pray, on your servants, as they begin another year. Grant that they may grow in wisdom and grace, and strengthen their trust in your goodness all the days of their lives; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
Book of Common Prayer, page 830
    Scripture Readings for Sunday, July 22, 2018
Jeremiah 23:1-6
Psalm 23  
Ephesians 2:11-22
Mark 6:30-34, 53-56
Prayers of the People 
Prayers and Petitions: 

In Loving Support for:
Mouaz; Natalie.

In Continued Prayers for:  
Sara Edmondson, Helen Snipan, Jacquie Seroy, Martha Denson, Fred and Lillian Petrucelli,
Rowena Malone, Betty Long, Judy McAfee.  
We give thanks for the people of St. Peter's and visitors with us this week.
We give thanks for: Noel Murray, Donna Bowman, Archer and Cady Gray Murray; Ann Muse; Lynn and Pam Neuhofel; Rob, Tricia, Liam and Ben O'Connor; Chris Odom.
We give thanks for our Adult Forum.
We give thanks for the Grace Presbyterian Church.  
We give thanks for the Conway Islamic Center.
We give thanks for St. John the Apostle, Chichicastenango (chee-chee-castin-ango) & Rev. Pascuala Ventura.
We give thanks for Diocese of El Salvador , The Rt Revd Juan David Alvarado Melgar
We give thanks for the Kairos Children's Choir at St. Martin in the Fields, Philadelphia.
The Departed:

Ministry Team 4
Claire Losardo, Team Leader

Ann Drake
Claire Losardo
Dave Campbell
Claire Losardo
Norma Smothers
Nancy Thompson
Austin Losardo
Daniel Grayling
Kent Ballew
Sandra Hamilton
Claire Losardo
Nancy Thompson
Claire Losardo
Dalton Losardo
Eucharistic Visitors

Rita Mackintosh
Elizabeth Walters
Doug Stroud
Eucharistic Ministers
Erin Weindorf
Judy Helm

Jay Ruud


AM: Miles Greer
AM: Wylie Greer

Vestry Counters

Leigh Ann Warriner
Carolyn Scott
Altar Guild

Team 1