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October 3, 2018

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October 7
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Dear St. Peter's Parishioners and Friends,

This coming Sunday is the Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost. 

 When you come to church on Sunday, look for the Coffee Hour Sign Up Sheet in the parish hall and consider signing up for an upcoming Sunday. We have switched to a different way of doing coffee hour - having folk sign up instead of the same teams every month.    It is a great way to participate in ministry of St. Peter's ministries if you don't have much time. No need to provide bagels each and every Sunday. Cake, cookies, fruit or veggies will be just fine.

We also have Chili Church tomorrow on Thursday, October 4 from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm.  Join us for chili ,bible study and prayer.

I have just learned that Winston Hughes, our former associate Choir Director, passed this morning.  Funeral services will be at the Gleason Funeral Home in Somerset, NJ on Wednesday, October 10 at 11:30 am.  More information to come.

Many blessings,  Rev. Anne-Marie  

P.S. Don't forget about our graveyard clean up this Saturday at 9 am.  See announcement below.

P.S.S. Five years after calling Bishop Stokes as our bishop, the diocese is conducting a mutual ministry review as a way to examine, give thanks for and take lessons from the last five years of  new leadership in our diocese.   Click here for more information or click here for the survey.  We hope to have as many people as possible participate.
Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost  
Jesus' teaching on divorce has caused a lot of pain for many and thechurch has used it to keep people in marriages that were very broken. I liked the following commentary on this Gospel from David Henson.
"When Jesus teaches on marriage, he is actually confronting and challenging a patriarchal culture that considered women as second class at its best, less than human at its worst. In his time, women were little more than animated possessions that men could acquire through the legal contract of marriage. The teaching at the time varied, but a woman could be dismissed from her marriage for displeasing her husband. Some required marital infidelity. But whatever the case, a woman was completely powerless in the situation. Women were always the victims of divorce. A woman had no right to seek a divorce. This powerlessness is the injustice Jesus addresses in his teaching on divorce.
Jesus upends the law and culture, by elevating women to equal partners when he suggests that a woman could actually divorce her husband. To a man, this notion would have been patently offensive. A woman could divorce a man? Such a teaching would break the law!
In this light, Jesus actually undermines the first-century marital institution. In reality, Jesus was protecting the most vulnerable in society who were caught in a legal contract in which they had no rights."

That is what Jesus callus us to do - to prot ect the most vulnerable in our society. It is what he demonstrates at the end of the Gospel when he calls the children to him. How are w e working to protect the vulnerable in this world?

Readings for this Sunday can be found  here .  We are using Track 2.

COME OUT FOR OUR GRAVEYARD CLEAN UP  Last June, we had an amazing clean up of our graveyard but there was more to be done. We will work on October 6 from 9 am to 11:30 am with a 20 min Eucharist at 11:30. The clean-up will be part of our year round stewardship work since coming together to work is a wonderful experience of the stewardship of our talents.

BLESSING OF THE ANIMALS Please join us on Sunday, October 7, 2018 at 4pm for the Blessing of the Animals in front of the church.  Tell your friends.  It is a service people love to be invited to!

CANDY NEEDED. The Youth Ministry will be representing St. Peter's at the 2018 Perth Amboy Trunk or Treat.  Our theme will be "Jesus is Sweet".  We are accepting donations of mini individually wrapped candies to distribute at this event.  Donations can be dropped in the pink bucket at the back of the church on October 14th and 21st.  Any help is appreciated.  Please see Andrea Gall or Tracey Montani if you have any questions.

BOOKS OF SAMUEL BIBLE STUDY - We meet twice a month at two different times. Monday (M) Bible study is from 7 pm to 8:30 pm and the Wednesday (W) Bible study is from 10 am to 11:30 am. Upcoming dates, October 22 (M) & October 24 (W).

SIGN UP FOR COFFEE HOUR  We have switched to a different way of doing coffee hour - having different folk sign up instead of the same teams every month. It is a great way to participate in ministry of St. Peter's ministries if you don't have much time. No need to provide bagels each and every Sunday. Cake, cookies, fruit or veggies will be just fine. If you would like help to make the coffee, please let the office know. The sign up sheet will be posted in the parish hall

SHOPRITE CARDS - Shoprite cards will be available at church on Sunday after both services. After 8 am service, please see Maria Bauer, and after the 10 am service stop at the church office. You can also call the office or stop by during office hours to purchase. The church receives 5% of the sale of these cards. Buy groceries and help your church at the same time.

"The Morgan Explosion Centennial" The Middlesex County Office of Arts and History is hosting a FREE Event; "The Morgan Explosion Centennial", at 7:00pm, Oct 4th, at the Rutgers Visitor Center, 100 Sutphen Rd., Piscataway. The 100th anniversary of this horrific explosion which destroyed our stained glass windows is tomorrow October 4.  Click here for more information. 
Serving this Sunday        

     Readers: Donna Pemberton & Joel Leiter
     Eucharistic Minister: Kathy Rodis

     Sacristan: Matt Mercurio
     Readers: Lisa Balewitz and Veronica Meyer
     Acolytes:  Sophia Mercurio and Kaylee DeJohn
     Eucharistic Minister: Jim Perez
     Healing Prayer Minister: Karen Hunte and Betty Crews

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