June 26, 2020 
Dear St. Pius X Parents,

Earlier this week you received communication from the Office of Catholic Schools with updates from the Archdiocesan "Re-opening" Task Force. I want to share with you directly how St. Pius X plans to implement our re-opening, as I know everyone is eager to hear some specifics.

Click here to view a one-page fact sheet for our SPX Preparedness Plan. I'd like to call your attention to a few key items.

First, we detail four scheduling plans. While our greatest hope is to open traditionally, we must be ready to transition to solid, research-based alternatives if we are mandated to do so. Each of the four scheduling plans is ready to implement at any point during the year, depending on the mandates we receive: fully traditional with additional structures to protect the health and welfare of our students, hybrid A (alternating days with half of the student population), hybrid B (grouped days with half of the population), and fully virtual. 

Our second piece is the establishment of Student Advisory Groups instead of traditional homerooms to support students' academic, emotional, communal, and spiritual needs both in person and virtually. Each advisory group will be drawn from grades 9-12, will have a dedicated faculty advisory who will stay with students all four years, and, in virtual and hybrid models, will meet weekly to provide continuous community.

Finally, we describe the faculty training and support we are building into this year's preplanning and professional development to ensure every teacher has the best training in educational technology, no matter which schedule we are running.

We sincerely appreciate the feedback we have received from parents, students, and faculty. We have listened and taken action on a number of fronts to make sure St. Pius X comes back in August ready to continue offering the top-notch education you have come to expect, to meet needs as a community of faith, and to respond to any challenges as a family. Thank you for your commitment to St. Pius X and to Catholic Schools.

Warmest Regards,

Steve Spellman

St. Pius X Catholic High School
2674 Johnson Road, NE
Atlanta, GA 30345