October 2, 2020

St. Robert Catholic School students love God, science, technology,
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This Week at
St. Robert Catholic School!
Dear St. Robert Families:

Thank you for your grace as we experienced our first two positive COVID-19 cases in our school community. We have been blessed that in both cases the person who was possibly exposed stayed home right away to ensure they did not spread the virus to anyone. This vigilance has kept our community safe and healthy!

The prayers that were offered for the families in quarantine were answered and these individuals returned to school healthy and happy! What a blessing!

As we move forward into the flu season, we will very likely see more students with symptoms that could be allergies, the flu, a fall cold, or COVID-19. We ask that everyone continue to monitor symptoms and keep students home for at least a day if they show any of the Coronavirus symptoms. If the symptom does not get worse or seems to be caused by a cold or allergy, the student can return to school. Although I understand that this proactive behavior can be disruptive to work schedules, in the long run, one day away from school is much better than 14 or more!

Thank you for your patience, kindness and respect in these and all situations!

Virtue of the Week...Self-Control
Joyful mastery over one's passions and desires

Pest Control Treatment
of Outside External Parish Building

Scheduled for Friday, October 2, 2020
at 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

If you missed it....

Recording Now Available
for the...

Parent Reading Development Session
Presented by Anne Kloth - Co-Founder - Reading Success Plus

 via Zoom
that was held on
Thursday, September 24, 2020

Passcode: +8=3pMk&  

Important Parent Reminder!

Evacuation Drill
TEST of Emergency Text System Using REMIND.COM

Please note there will be an Evacuation Drill for the school on Wednesday, October 21 at 10:15 am. A very important part of this drill is the test of our emergency contact system using

When the drill occurs, you will receive a TEST text message on your phone from ***We ask that every parent send us an EMAIL message to confirm their receipt of this TEST text message.***

Please do NOT respond by sending a text. Here is the email address that should be used to confirm your receipt of the TEST text...

If you do not currently have a account, please send a message to Mrs. DeWildt via email requesting info on how to initiate a account.

Free Virtual Tutoring Opportunity
for Your Student

GVSU Virtual Tutoring

Beginning October 5, Grand Valley State University is offering free 1:1 virtual tutoring/homework support to all K-12 students in Michigan throughout the school year. As a school that works closely with the university, we want to give you an advanced opportunity to share this information with your families and students and allow them the chance to sign up right away. 
 While the program is open to the public on October 5, early slots are available for your students beginning tomorrow Monday, September 28. These are available to book on our website right now. Ideally, students will sign up for one session, and then if recurring sessions are needed, they will work with their tutor to arrange it.

Tutors, comprised of GVSU students, faculty, staff, and alumni, will be available Monday through Friday from 11a to 9p and Saturday from 12p-5p.  Every tutor has passed a background check and all sessions take place through Zoom which is monitored full time. Content areas include English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Spanish. Additional subjects may be added throughout the year. As the tutoring portal is open during the day, this could also be a great tool for teachers to utilize if they want specific support during the class day for one of their students. They can also share with identified students who could benefit from this service.

For more information please visit 
Parents are required to fill out a FERPA/Parent Consent Form (located on the website) for each child prior to the first tutoring session. 
Important Safety and Health Reminder!

All student cloth masks must be taken home and washed every day. We should not see any facemasks hanging on student hooks in the hallway at night as all cloth masks must be washed every night to insure cleanliness and best /safe health practices, per
the CDC guidelines
Daily Student Health Screener Information and Tips

New Reminder!

Please remember to unbuckle your child's car seat before pulling up to the canopy at the front entrance. This will help speed up the process of getting out of the car and on rainy days this will be much
appreciated by our drop off team! :)

Directions on how to complete the online health survey for your student(s) ... If you fill out the Home Health Screener prior to 7:30 am each day, we will not need to screen your student upon arrival. We will only need to do a temperature scan.

New Additional Time-saving Procedure:

For Grades Y5 through Grades 1/2, please check your child's backpack today for a laminated student name card to put in your windshield for drop off and pick up. In addition, you will also find a laminated smiley face thumbs up card to add to your windshield. Please note the smiley face thumbs up card should be used as a signal in your windshield that you have already completed the online Daily Health Screener. If you did not have time or you are not able to complete the online survey, no worries, just don't put the smiley thumbs up card in your windshield that day.

These procedure changes will help us to streamline the process and quickly identify which cars in the drop-off line only need a temperature scan and which cars will need a quick health survey and temperature scan. The names cards placed in the windshield for morning drop off and afternoon pick up will be helpful until we get more familiar with each family's cars and the new faces of parents and students.

Here are the steps for using the Daily Student Screener:
2. Fill out the form by 7:30 am. Students will not be on our list if the form comes in after 7:30 and the student will be screened upon arrival. 
3. Relax and enjoy the drop off line or park and leisurely walk your child are all set!

Helpful Tip for iPhone Users:

When you click on the Daily Student Screen link from the email, it opens in Safari.
Once in Safari, you can click on the "share" button, which is the (square with the arrow point up).
You then have the option to "Add to Home Screen".
As soon as you do that, it's on your home screen as its own icon that you can click on daily.
Uniform Policy for
Elementary Students
(Y5s - 2nd Grade)

It's great to be back in school and we are thrilled to be finding some sense of normalcy. However, we are seeing many students arriving at school not dressed in the proper school uniform and/or not following the uniform guidelines. Our school uniform policy is intended to create a school identity and sense of community. Adhering to the school uniform policy teaches our students to respect rules and guidelines

Please note that all Elementary students (Y5s - 2nd Grade) should be wearing actual uniform tops and bottoms purchased from Lands End at

Lands' End has all acceptable uniform pieces on their website. If you purchase from our school section you will have exactly what you need.
Home and School News

Sneak Preview!

Coming Soon!

The Pumpkin Parade!
Thursday, October 29, 2020, 6:45 PM - 7:30 PM

Start practicing your pumpkin carving skills and making plans to decorate your car!

The Pumpkin Parade is just a few weeks away! More details to come soon from the School Office and HSA.
Use this link to access the list of Box Tops for Education products...

Stem Building
Building an apple...
Building an apple tree
Fizzing Apples and learning about chemical reactions

Learning about fruit...
Counting, Counting, Counting...
Making Numbers with Play Doh...

Water Bottles Available for Purchase

$10 each

Available in the
School Office
( cash and checks only please)
After Care

Brickz for Kidz!
Building with Legos
Many thanks to Mrs. Kohn, our new After Care Lead Teacher for enriching our After Care Program!

Learning Building Skills and Creativity...
Donations Welcomed
for the Parish Food Pantry...

Please see the lists below of donation items needed. Feel free to drop off your Pantry Item donations to the School Office and we will make sure your donations get to the Parish.
St. Robert School
Respect Pledge

October Birthdays

Maddox MacFarlane - October 4
Andrew Smigielski - October 7
Henleigh Paul - October 9
Raegan Mott - October 18
MegBlum - October 22
Eamon Baylog - October 23
Everett Volmer - October 26
Maddie Dondzila - October 27
Evelyn Smith - October 31

Upcoming Dates

Thursday, October 15 - Friday October 16
Diocesan Staff Days - No School

Friday, October 23
1st Quarter Ends

Thursday, October 29
Pumpkin Parade - 6:45 pm - 7:30 pm - More details to come soon!

Tuesday, November 3
Election Day - No School

Thursday, November 5
Parent /Teacher Conferences - Conference Sign-Up Genius coming soon

Friday, November 6
Half Day Dismissal at 11:00 am for All Students - No School in the afternoon and no After School Care
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