August 20, 2020

This Week at
St. Robert Catholic School!
Dear Families,
It is so wonderful to be back together again! You have been missed! The school sounds and feels the way God intended for St. Robert!
I would like to welcome the many new families that have joined our flock over the past few months! We have brand new students in every classroom, and we couldn't be happier!
Your students have settled into the first few days of school nicely. I think we all were craving routine and some normalcy! The teachers are doing their usual, an incredible job, of getting to know them and building a classroom community.
We are so grateful to all of you for trusting us with your precious children! It is going to be a great year!

Virtue of the Week...Kindness
Expressing genuine concern for the well-being of others and anticipating their needs
Daily Student Health Screener Information and Tips

Directions on how to complete the online health survey for your student(s) ... If you fill out the Home Health Screener prior to 7:30 am each day, we will not need to screen your student upon arrival. We will only need to do a temperature scan.

New Additional Time-saving Procedure:

For Grades Y5 through Grades 1/2, please check your child's backpack today for a laminated student name card to put in your windshield for drop off and pick up. In addition, you will also find a laminated smiley face thumbs up card to add to your windshield. Please note the smiley face thumbs up card should be used as a signal in your windshield that you have already completed the online Daily Health Screener. If you did not have time or you are not able to complete the online survey, no worries, just don't put the smiley thumbs up card in your windshield that day.

These procedure changes will help us to streamline the process and quickly identify which cars in the drop-off line only need a temperature scan and which cars will need a quick health survey and temperature scan. The names cards placed in the windshield for morning drop off and afternoon pick up will be helpful until we get more familiar with each family's cars and the new faces of parents and students.

Here are the steps for using the Daily Student Screener:
2. Fill out the form by 7:30 am. Students will not be on our list if the form comes in after 7:30 and the student will be screened upon arrival. 
3. Relax and enjoy the drop off line or park and leisurely walk your child are all set!

Helpful Tip for iPhone Users:

When you click on the Daily Student Screen link from the email, it opens in Safari.
Once in Safari, you can click on the "share" button, which is the (square with the arrow point up).
You then have the option to "Add to Home Screen".
As soon as you do that, it's on your home screen as its own icon that you can click on daily.
Donations Would be Welcome!

We would welcome donations of the following...

  • Sanitizer Spray

  • Sanitizer Wipes

  • Children Size Disposable Masks
  • Antibacterial Hand Soap
St. Robert School
Respect Pledge

August & September Birthdays

Oliver Snyder - August 3
Frederick Brewer - August 5
Graham Brewer - August 5
Michael Chelovich - August 6
Colten Debbaudt - August 11
Eloise Schmidt - August 21
Giuliana Logan - August 23

Eloise Riefepeters - September 5
Christopher Rener - September 16
Natalie Rener - September 16
Brecken Paul - September 18
Noah Jereb - September 22
Evelyn Smith - September 23
Carolina Marvin - September 24
Will Dondzila - September 28
Olive Riefepeters - September 30

Upcoming Dates

Friday, September 4 - Monday, September 7
No School - Labor Day Weekend

Thursday, September 24
Mandatory Parent Reading Development Session - via Zoom
Presented by Anne Kloth - Co-Founder - Reading Success Plus

Thursday, October 15 - Friday October 16
No School - Diocesan Staff Days

Friday, October 23
1st Quarter Ends

Thursday, October 29
Pumpkin Parade - More details to come!

St. Robert Catholic School provides a premier Catholic STEM based education where students are immersed daily in their faith which empowers them to become the individual God created her/him to be.  
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