June 8, 2020
This Week at
St. Robert Catholic School!
Dear Families,
Wow! What a year we have had! However, the exciting message is that “We did it!” Thank you so much for all your hard work as you truly partnered with us here at St. Robert as we dealt with COVID 19 and remote learning. I cannot believe that St. Robert Catholic School’s second year is complete!

There are many highlights to this year, but one of my most memorable will be the attendance at our Car Parade on June 1! After being away from each other for over 9 weeks I was pleasantly surprised to see 51 cars lined up to join in the fun, pick up school items left behind, and to get a photo with the teachers! I can confidently say that we built a community here this past year! Thank you all for believing in our mission and love for our students!

As we look forward to the fall, please know that I will keep you posted as we create a plan for safe reentry into school. Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions or concerns as they come up!

Have a blessed summer and know that I will continue to pray for all of you!

Virtues to Remember and Focus on this Summer...

Speaking and acting according to one's own and others' rights, status,
and circumstances
Treating other people with respect, recognizing that all are made in God's image and likeness
Expressing genuine concern for the well-being of others and anticipating their needs
It's Time to Say Goodbye...

... to two of our amazing staff members
Rachel O'Hearn
Rachel is taking a year off to complete her Masters Degree in Elementary Education. We look forward to her return to St. Robert School in 2022!
Julie Zawacki
Julie is planning to spend more time with her growing family and will not be returning next year.
Please join us in thanking these amazing staff members
and wishing them the very best!
Car Parade!

What a great way
to end our
school year!

St. Robert School
Respect Pledge
Learning Opportunity for the Summer...

June & Summer Birthdays

Mayer Krass - June 3
Colton Huggler - June 5
Bishop Walkiowiak - June 18
Cullen Gorham - June 18
Greer Randall - June 20
Megan Thielen - June 24
Avery Kohn - June 30

Henry Tourison - July 5
Madison O'Brien - July 5
Taygen Dakoske - July 11
Charlotte Lauppe - July 11
Parker Fuchs - July 13
Kacie Debbaudt - July 25
Shea Lytle - July 27

Frederick Brewer - August 5
Graham Brewer - August 5
Colten Debbaudt - August 11
Hazel Packard - August 18
Eloise Schmidt - August 21
Giuliana Logan - August 23

Summer Programming Plans from Kent District Library

KDL has put together a unique program that includes some new features this summer. Yes, it will be different, but still amazing. This summer it's all about simplicity and keeping kids engaged.  
Here are some of the highlights:  
  • It’s the same 30-day goal for all ages.  
  • Completion can be tackled without making regular visits to the library.  
  • Tracking progress is super easy by using the mobile app or paper tracking log.
  • Incorporates not only reading, but writing, and at-home STEAM activities.   
  • All programming will be virtual this summer.   
  • Visit for all the details.  

Most everything you need to know for this reading program is at, including a printable copy of the 30-Day Challenge tracking log, though this summer we are really encouraging folks to use our Beanstack app to record their progress.  
Here is a short promo video .  

Through these challenging times, KDL is there for you and your students and we will get through this together.  
An Important New Skill for Your Student to Work on this Summer...

Summer is a great time to help your student learn new skills that will be needed for the next grade level.

Here is one important new skill for our elementary students to focus on this summer.

Learn to Tie Shoes...

Dancing in the Dark!
Check out the final video...

Many thanks to our school families! We were blown away by the number of families that were able to participate in this final school year activity!

Final Zoom Dance Party
See the link below for our Zoom Dance Party on the last day of school...

Upcoming Dates

June 5
School Family Parish Support Forms due to be submitted for Parish Office review and approval. Please contact Gen DeWildt if you need a blank form to complete...

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