APRIL 2019
St. Teresa’s Academy Earns Prestigious AdvancED STEM Certification
Congratulations to St. Teresa’s Academy for being the second school in Missouri or Kansas and the second all-girls school in the United States to earn the AdvancED Certification for Excellence in STEM Education (science, technology, engineering, and math). Certification is based on eleven indicators that reflect excellence in STEM learners, STEM educators, and STEM experiences.

St. Teresa’s Academy offers our students the opportunity to create, innovate, solve, and discover, which will allow them to accomplish extraordinary things in the STEM professions they enter in the future.” 
-Nan Bone, President
Congratulations to the Class of 2019 STEM/STEAM Certificate Recipients!
(Front Row: Julia Kerrigan, Lily Altenhofen, Jordan Klumb, Maggie Fielder, Olivia Wirtz. Back Row: Anne Claire Tangen, Macy Bauers, Maddie Douglass, Olivia Rose, Annabelle Colombo. Not Pictured: Paloma Solorio)

I chose to pursue the STEM Certificate because it gave me the opportunity to get involved with fantastic STEM experiences inside and outside of school. I had the chance to connect with other girls with similar interests to my own and also learn more about what career I want to pursue in the future!”
-Maddie Douglass (Class of 2019)
Students Compete at the Missouri DECA Entrepreneurship Conference
STA’s Liv Richardson, Annie Kelley, and Phoebe Burke earned a place to compete at the Missouri DECA competition. Competitors were challenged to demonstrate their entrepreneurial knowledge and skills by analyzing a role play scenario, creating solutions, and presenting their ideas to a business professional guest judge.
“DECA is such a great experience! DECA offers a lot of real-world practice for many different things. You really do gain a lot from DECA!”
- Annie Kelley (Class of 2020)
Interim Week Professional Mentorship: NREL and Colorado School of Mines
During Interim Week, STA hosted guest scientists: Dr. Melissa Cano (Colorado School of Mines) and Dr. Julieta Giraldez (National Renewable Energy Lab). Students learned and participated as Dr. Cano demonstrated chromatography of a recently discovered algae specimen; part of her current research.
“Those of us in the Power Stars Interim Week course were such a passionate group that it has become a new task force at STA where we plan to follow up on all of our ideas and bring STA an Earth Day!”
- Mara Kugler (Class of 2021)
Windmill Construction in the Makerspace
Students and teachers in the Windmill Project Research & Design Class are building a full-scale prototype of their turbine in the new STA MakerSpace. One goal of the course is to experience the engineering design process through the production of a functioning windmill to install on STA’s campus.

“The best part about this class is that we're the ones learning how to build the windmill. Our teachers are helping us figure out how to do it ourselves. It's harder than I expected, but it's a group effort, so when someone is confused, we all try to figure it out together.”
- Cece Batz (Class of 2020)  
STA Math Mentor Program Discovers Formula for Student Confidence
STA’s dedicated Math Mentors take a break from their Hub shifts to enjoy some relaxation at the annual Mentor “coffee shop.”

“The main purpose of the Hub is not limited to working on math homework, but to guarantee that every student leaves the room feeling more confident and proud of their mathematical capabilities, and that no one is ever judged for their confusion.”
-Ava Lee (Class of 2020)
STA College Counseling is Taking Off
STA college counselors visit college campuses throughout the year to learn and connect not only with admissions offices, but also with academic departments. This year, they visited the aviation department at Arizona State's Polytechnic School, Lyle College of Engineering at Southern Methodist University, and George Mason University to learn about Cyber Security (to name just a few).

*Debi Hudson, Director of College Counseling, visiting the Polytechnic School at Arizona State University.
STA Shares STEAM Knowledge and Enthusiasm with Academie Lafayette
STA students spent the evening teaching Academie Lafayette K-3rd graders about the fundamental principles of science and elements of math.
“It was really fun seeing how competitive and talented the students were when driving the robots around!"
-Rebecca Hoff (Class of 2022)
Advanced Algebra I Course for 8th Graders Returns to STA
As part of STA’s commitment to the development of mathematical skills in young women, STA is offering an enhanced 7:00 a.m. Advanced Algebra I class next year for eighth grade girls who are talented in mathematics and excited to learn. This class is intended to support their interest in pursuing STEAM fields, or simply becoming more innovative and critical thinkers. Dr. Jo Weller (pictured at left), Math Instructor and Director of Curriculum & Instruction, will teach the early-morning class. Click here to visit the STA website for more information.

“I can’t wait to help nurture young girls on their paths to knowledge, enthusiasm, and strong self-efficacy in high school mathematics. Expect lots of energy, lots of fun, and lots of work!”
-Jo Weller
STEM/STEAM Candidate Spotlight:
Macy Bauers, Class of 2019
What got you interested in STEAM?
I have always loved science and math, but I got interested in Astronomy and Physics my freshman year when I visited Adler Planetarium in Chicago. I fell in love with the mysteries of space!

What are your future plans for college? Any career ideas?
I plan to attend the University of Minnesota and study Astrophysics in the College of Science and Engineering. I hope to get my Doctorate in an astrophysics field one day as well.

What advice would you give to young girls in STEAM?
My piece of advice for young girls in STEAM fields would be to not get too focused on one subject too early. Keep an open mind to the classes that you might not enjoy as much because being well spoken, a good writer, etc. will serve you well in any career. Enjoy the classes that challenge you!
Is your daughter a STEM/STEAM Certificate candidate?
The STEM/STEAM Certificate Program acknowledges students for their individual achievements and involvement in STEAM-related activities. This is a multi-year effort that focuses on academic studies and community learning. The program is designed to provide preparation and opportunities related to STEAM fields in and beyond the typical classroom day. Students completing Certification receive special recognition in the commencement program, honor cord, as well as documentation on their transcript. The Certification process aids students in creating an electronic portfolio that may be utilized in their college and career planning. Students may apply for candidacy at the end of their sophomore year or beginning of their junior year, selecting STEM or STEAM Certification depending on their areas of study.
For more information on the STEM and STEAM Certificates, click HERE .