STCS Notes Wednesday, February 27th, 2019
Mark your Calendar
March 4th-15th-Apex Fun Run Fundraising
March 6th- Beginning of Lent-Ash Wednesday
March 8th- Inservice- No School
March 8th- Fish Frys Begin- Feeney Hall
March 11th- No School
March 12th- 8th grade Formal Photo Taken
March 13th -Diocesan Science Fair @ St. Jerome 2-3 PM
March 14th-PTO Meeting, Upper Convent
March 15th- Apex Fun Run on the STCS Field
March 21st- KN-Field Trip to Botanical Gardens @ 9:30am
March 26th- Lenten Journey Begins @6:30 PM w/Fr. JC -Church
March 28th- 4th Grade -Pioneer Village Field Trip
April 2nd-Lenten Journey w/Fr.JC @6:30 PM in Church
April 9th- Lenten Journey w/ Fr.JC @6:30PM in Church

**Keep May 13th open for Grandparents Day, May Crowning, and Art Walk**
Rumors Heard from Fr.JC

Heard around the place!

"Honestly Fr. JC, 
I’m telling you we have exceptional teachers!! " 
From a mother!
2019-2020 $300 tuition down payment (per student) will be deducted from FACTS on Friday, March 1st
The CEA Application is now open for the 2019-2020 school year!
School code - 700 Password - cea700 Deadline is April 15th - apply now!
Junior Assembly for 6-8 grade
Junior Assembly for 6-8 grade
A little history of JA: Junior Assembly was organized in 1940 by Pearl C. Porter and a group of mothers who wished to give their children the opportunity to learn ballroom dance and social conduct. Ann Berry and her family ran Junior Assembly from 1969-2019 and grew the tradition into what it is today. It has been held now for 79 consecutive years at various locations in central Phoenix. The children attend Junior Assembly from November to February. In attending these classes, they soon become accustomed to conducting themselves with an attitude of social awareness practicing good manners in a social situation. 

Lastly, would you be interested in being on our advisory board. We would add you to the website and all you would do is advertise the company. If a conversation is brought up you would help advertise and explain what JA is. 
Please let me know if you could help us! 

Thank you, 

Kathy & Kaylene Bauman 
Managing Members
Junior Assembly AZ  and our phone number is (602)-329-2551. 
Lenten Journey with Fr. JC

With All Your Heart”

Our Lenten Journey Returns!

Once again, using media/movies this year, our Lenten preparations will be enhanced.

The use of (perhaps) a different perspective and some unique points will challenge and inspire to conversion and change.

Save The Dates!
Tuesday, March 26th
Tuesday, April 2nd
Tuesday, April 9th
6:30PM in the Church with Fr. JC

2019-2020 Staffing Update
The process of assigning teachers to classrooms for the upcoming 2019-2020 school year has begun. The process is designed to insure that the very best teachers are placed in appropriate grade and subject assignments while being considerate of each teacher's talents and wishes.

The start of the process is asking teachers to express their intent to return for the next year. All classified teachers (those exempt from FLSA) participate in this inquiry regarding their intentions for the next school year (non-certified or hourly employees do not participate as they are not contracted employees). In addition to committing to their intent to return, teachers may also request a new assignment (grade level change, etc.). This helps the administration identify anticipated vacancies and initiates the hiring process. For the 2019-2020 school year, all homeroom teachers have expressed their intent to return to STCS.

After budget discussions identify staffing needs for the 2019-2020 school year, the administration begins the process of matching current teachers to anticipated needs. Generally, this is a process of simply extending the assignment of most teachers. Few 'surprises" are anticipated for the 2019-2020 school year, however, circumstances often change between now and July of the next year. This is why no parent should ever "promise" a student that they will have a specific teacher. Weddings, births, spouses changing jobs, and a variety of other circumstances often impact teaching assignments.

In April or May, the administration begins to offer contracts to teachers for the following year. Even with contracts signed and "locked in" there are situations that arise that are cause for changes to the staffing. Individual teacher needs and circumstances are always taken into consideration, and teachers are released from contracts when appropriate to their needs.

For all those teachers who commit to the ministry of teaching at Saint Theresa Catholic School - Thank you!
Important 3rd grade
Confirmation/ First Eucharist Information !!!!
 3rd Grade Confirmation/First Eucharist DATES:
If you are not registered by March 1, you will not be allowed to proceed with 3 rd  Grade Sacraments this year!  At the first meeting Monday night, March 18, there will be a list of registered children. Whoever is NOT ON THE LIST IS NOT GOING THROUGH!  
3 rd  Grade Parent Information Meeting & FAQs is on:
1.      PLEASE Preregister online at: . THEN:  Bring copy of Child’s Baptismal Certificate, Sponsor Form & Project Form to the PARISH OFFICE c/o: Third Grade Sacramental Preparation
·        Mon. March 18:  Parent/Child Meeting, 6 p.m. in the Church
·        Sun. March 31:  Parent/Child Meeting, 10:30 a.m., Fr. Feeney
·        Sun. April 7:  Parent/Child Meeting,10:30 a.m., Fr. Feeney Hall
·        Sun.   April 28 : Retreat & Fair, 10:30 a.m., Fr. Feeney Hall
·        Confirmation/Eucharist Rehearsal:  Friday, May 17, 6 p.m., in the church
·        Confirmation/Eucharist Mass:  Sat. May 18 at 11 a.m. – in the church
For questions call Gina Keating at 602-840-0850, ext. 111 or
Gina Keating
Children’s Faith Formation & Sacraments
St. Theresa Parish
602-840-0850, ext. 111
Innovation Information
Dear St. Theresa Families,
This week in Innovation Learning, we are learning about Robotics Engineers, Glaciologists, and making our own controllers for video arcade games. 
After students drew the directions for the controller, they made the controller using the Makey Makey attachment. Then they were able to play several arcade games, such as  "PacMan,"  using the online program Scratch. 
From, Ms. Tufts
Innovation Learning
" "personalized" "complimentary" or "customized." A sense of urgency often helps readers take an action, so think about inserting phrases like "for a limited time only" or "only 7 remaining!"
Survey Says ...
Continuing with an analysis of the 2018 parent survey, questions 20 - 25 results are presented. This concludes all of the questions on the survey presented over the past few weeks of school notes. Survey results will be analyzed in more detail during the accreditation self-study and utilized for setting goals and objectives over the next 6 years.

Question 20: Please answer the following:
Question 21: Please answer the following:
Question 22: Please answer the following:
Question 23: Please answer the following:
Question 24: What would you like to see improved?

Of the 77 Responses to this question, 22 mentioned security, 21 mentioned bathrooms/restrooms. 3 responses included a new gym, 2 responses mentioned discipline, and singular responses included over seeding the lawn, enclosed lunch area, soft-close gates, playground improvements and aftercare. Other responses included improved cleaning of facilities, landscaping and nothing at this time.
Question 25: Do you have any general comments or suggestions about how the school can improve student learning focused on high achievement of all students?

The following comments were made:

Don’t have enough words how saint Theresa is amazing School for us. Our daughter is so blessed and lucky to join Saint Theresa Catholic School! We thank you! 
Take care of the staff & the kids will excel. I do feel a bit less homework will allow the kids to find a better balance. Teach balance now & look at these kids in a decade. Happy & on a good path  
we need to keep our school safe and our faculty happy. we are a family committed to stcs and are willing to help any way possible.  
We have been very happy. I love the inclusion and hope that older grades can be as inclusive as the younger grades have been. I know that has been a concern. I’d like to see more project based learning in all areas 
"Please maintain small class size, it was one of the major reasons we chose this school.
Please maintain our academic performance and prioritize the needs of our teachers; we love them and their commitment to our children."
I do not. This is a wonderful school and community. In the short time Dr D has brought consistency and accountability to the school. He is getting things done which is great. 
Generally speaking we are very pleased and love our community and all the teachers
Focusing on kids development and not only on money related actions
The teachers have been the key to this school for years and years. Do everything we can to keep them happy with their jobs so we don’t lose any.  
As a continuation of earlier commentary, encouraging more small group learning would be very beneficial for all students. Also, while there are some teachers that are quite adept at shifting to the needs of their students and the varying needs of cohorts from year to year, other teachers seem to not have the flexibility to adapt quickly. This could be, in part, to the amount of demand that is placed on teachers to do things other than teach. While the role of an educator, especially at a small Catholic school, includes many different roles and responsibilities, the primary role should be delivering educational content to students - which does take time outside the "normal" school schedule. To the extent possible, educators should be able to focus on education, and that doesn't seem to be something that teachers are able to devote time to - excluding evenings and weekends at home.
Awesome place!
I believe that the school's current policies and procedures are very effective. Adding the resource teacher especially has improved that.
I would like to see our faith formation revised for first reconciliation and first communion. 
We are enjoying our experience during school and all of the extra curricular activities (and the parties!). Great people to be part of
Our children are receiving an excellent academic and spiritual education provided by the teachers, there could be improvement with forming a "well rounded" child and growing them emotionally and socially by bringing in additional programs that address current topics facing our society- drug/alcohol awareness, using social media, how to build and maintain friendships, etc
More advanced computer programming and a selection of multiple foreign languages to choose from.
STEM program
"Stop Principal turnover.
"In general, I want to state the following concerns:
-Security measures as previously listed and more specifically we need to have closed school masses. In the news everyday we hear horror stories of gun violence. It is completely irresponsible that we allow open access to our school masses and put our children at risk.
- I’m concerned that parents are being asked to meet regarding teacher retention due the low teacher morale; however, it’s because of the current administration that they are so unhappy and parents can not affect change in that arena.
-Preschool ratios are inconsistent with advertised ratios on website causing A LOT of really unhappy preschool families. It’s the young families that build our school and that can’t be ignored. We specifically did not come to STCS because of that issue and waited until Kindergarten. Every other preschool option in this area has two teachers in every classroom regardless of class size.
- Dr. Dertinger is not effectively communicating/responding/informing parents about many of these concerns."
new principal
Stronger focus on study skills/ time management and organization for students in the older grades in preparation for high school.
I am sure that most teachers follow this, but research has shown that multiple opportunities of unstructured play/ PE during the day increase learning potential. 
I believe I stated all the ways I believe the school can improve in previous questions. 
NO the learning is not the problem!
"1) improved campus security
2) consistent student mass security
3) more genuine effort for teacher retention 
4) more genuine effort to increase poor teacher morale (our teachers are the best thing our school has going for it)
5) quit talking about projects, lets do them"
Purposefully and substantially support the teachers so they can sustain their hard work in the classroom.
Keep teachers happy and appreciate them! 
Improve teacher morale so that they feel inspired and energized to inspire our kids. Fix the security issues NOW - not a month from now, not a year from now. Stop waiting and analyzing and start producing meaningful results when it comes to our kid's safety!
To assure that all students are learning at their potential or not falling behind their peers, small pull out groups allow those that need additional assistance a smaller platform for the teacher to really focus in on their needs. Likewise for those students that are really excelling, it allows the teacher to push them to their full potential to avoid them from becoming bored because the content is not challenging enough. 
Teacher morale seems low; I am concerned about losing high quality teachers due to inability to get approval for classroom items, and other administrative issues. I have concerns about retention due to the bait-and-switch of promising low student-to-teacher ratios in the ECC (per the handbook available to new families), which were not followed this year. The Pre-K teachers and parents have expressed the need for additional in-classroom assistance, but have received no help. 
"Focus on big picture for behaviors and ensure expectations are age appropriate. Stop micromanaging. 
Clear academic and RE cirriculum expectations should be communicated and monitored regularly to students and families. No clue how my children are doing and the report cards are worthless."
I think that our faculty is outstanding and does a wonderful job of teaching our children and preparing them for the next level. 
Focus on disciplinary issues quickly before they effect the students. Screen students coming into our school. Create an environment that the kids feel safe, thrive and respect each other. 
Greater passion for learning, encouraging curiousity and thinking creatively.
I would like to see even more of an emphasis on leadership and public speaking. Possibly bringing in outside faculty to teach children how to be better leaders and speakers.
would love more physical activity and science activity options for the children in after care, as well as exposure to Spanish
Overall, the school does a very good job. Great teachers and families. With very limited exceptions, we have been very happy with St Theresa for over 20 years.
Continued embracing of technological advances to assist with learning.  
I think reading and writing are opportunities for the lower grades. I like it when teachers update grades in RenWeb frequently so parents can help follow up before kids get too far behinds. Teachers are tremendous especially in 6-8.  
I'd like to see an after school activity that teaches the kids how to study for tests.
Refocus your lens on issues that are most important based on your staff's input. Find out what we can all do to work together to make St Theresa a better school.  
"I am very worried about our teacher retention and morale. We have wonderful teachers that have kept many families at STCS during massive administrative turnover. If they leave we will have nothing.  
Security is terrible. The fact that we open school mass to any transient or child predator off the street is beyond crazy, and what a risk the school is taking. There are over 10 registered child predators within a 5 mile radius of our campus, and obviously many people on deuga wandering the streets around campus. This is is just a danger I don’t understand. 
I have a preschool aged child that I do not have enrolled at STCS due to ratios that are inconsistent with advertised ratios. This is a nonstarter. 1- the current ratios are much too high. 2- you cannot misrepresent the truth. This is beyond embarrassing.
Organization and misscommunication with administration is a large problem.  
I believe with the location and the teacher base at STCS we have to opportunity to be the #1 sought after Catholic school in the valley, sadly due to administrative turn over and parish politics we cannot ever truly become the shcool we are so close to achieving. Many families in the area drive 30+ minutes to attend different catholic schools in the valley. What a sad thing. I hope we can achieve what we all believe is possible. It starts with ensuring our teachers are respected and well taken care of. 
Improve website. 
Offering after school activities, outside of sports, that would engage kid’s creative interests would be great.
Provide them with a safe place to learn on the form of private school masses. Give their teachers a great work environment so they stay and provide stability to our students. Inspire and support teachers, don’t lock them into a cage where they can’t work in a way that inspires our kids. DONT IGNORE THE PARENTS!! These are OUR children that we entrust to STCS to learn. There are too many choices of schools in Phoenix to ignore the families paying for their children’s education. 
Refer back to other comments about teaching methods in Finland and Holland without all the homework. 
Focus on students, hiring great teachers and the community. Stop being obsessed with items that do not benefit students, teachers or are community. 
I feel like there could be some improvements on learning experiences religious and educational, that could be improved to make them more fun and enjoyable by the students so that they would like to be more involved and excited about activities. For example Stations is the Cross could have more student involvement in a more, not so boring way, where they would be excited to be invoked and pay attention more. Field day could be improved to make more fun, etc. 
PTO Updates
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Mark Your Calendar for these Important Dates:
March 14th PTO Meeting, 8am Upper Convent
March 4-15- Fundraising Apex Fun Run Fundraising
March 15th-Apex Fun Run on STCS Field
April 4th- PTO Meeting 8am, Upper Covent
April 15th-Praise for Parents 8am-9am, Upper Convent
May 2nd-Final PTO Meeting 6:30 pm, Upper Convent 
May 8th-Teacher appreciation Day -Lunch    
May 10th-Last Fun Friday 5pm Family Water Night, STCS Field
May 13th- Praise for Parents 8am-9am, Upper Convent
Our Spring Fundraiser is fast approaching!
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