One faith community, two worship sites
07 May 2021 Volume 71
May 4, 2021
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
The pandemic has taught us some valuable lessons. First, we need each other; our isolation and separation from each other have taken their toll. This last weekend, I celebrated two Confirmations and offered Mass at the Knights of Columbus State Dinner at the Grand Geneva in Lake Geneva Wisconsin. Although these events were limited in numbers to respect social distancing and health concerns, it was good to be together. It was good to be back even if it was limited. I missed the contact, and many expressed the same sentiments.
Second, we are responsible for one another. We need to abandon our zones of comfort and, at times, conform to actions that will enable our brothers and sisters to be at ease. I do not like wearing a mask, but I do it because I know that friends or coworkers would be more comfortable. I have constantly encountered the charity exhibited by others who have adjusted their behavior accordingly. Many people have used social media, the telephone, or even old-fashioned letter writing to keep in contact with family and friends. These actions demonstrated their care for one another.
Third, I hope that we all have discovered how much we need the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the Eucharist. By receiving Communion, we join ourselves to the living Lord in a manner that feeds our commitment to live Jesus Christ in the world. We understand that God is ultimately in charge and that we were created not for fulfillment in this world but a life with Him in eternity. The most powerful presence of Jesus is in the Eucharist. Jesus reminds us, “And behold I am with you always until the end of the age” (Mt 28:20).
In the Gospel for the Fifth Sunday of Easter, we heard Jesus declare that He is the vine, and we are the branches: “Without me, you can do nothing” (Jn 15:5). With Jesus, everything is possible. It is Jesus, who connects us. “If you love me,” Jesus says, “then you will love one another as I have loved you” (Jn 13:34). The Eucharist connects us to Jesus and allows us to present Him to the communities in which we live.
Jesus is the connection that joins us together. The problems that we face as a society stem from our disconnection. First, we are disconnected from God. There is a reluctance to call publicly upon God, especially in prayer. Secular leaders are almost embarrassed to display faith. Rarely have I heard political leaders call us to prayer during the pandemic. I have often said that religious leaders were marginalized instead of being partners in addressing the issue. If God is not in our vision, then it is no wonder that faith leaders were not invited to participate in seeking the solution to our common problem.
Second, we are also disconnected from each other. More unites us then divides us. Yet, we have seen divisions that have resulted in violence and riots. During the recent protests, I never saw religious leaders at the front of the marches. Faith leaders elevate the issue. It is not a justification of any means possible to achieve a political ideology but understanding that we are called to maintain the dignity God has bestowed on us urging others to unite in a common cause fueled by our responsibility to love our neighbor.
Third, we are disconnected from our ultimate destiny. If we believe only in the “here and now,” then one can see how many will seek to achieve immediate gratification. However, if we understand our destiny to be the “here and hereafter,” then we know that we will be held accountable in a life yet to come. This ultimate destiny reminds us that we may not experience immediate gratification, but we will be fulfilled in following what is God’s will.
When we are connected to Christ, our lives are enriched. We understand our responsibilities toward God and our neighbors. When we are disconnected, we seek only that which offers us self-gratification even at the expense of the common good. How do we begin to change? It’s simple; we measure all things through Jesus’ command that we LOVE ONE ANOTHER.
Most Reverend Jerome E. Listecki
Archbishop of Milwaukee
This Weekend's Mass Worship Aid

Teachers encourage minds to think, hands to create and hearts to love! This week, please take time to thank our wonderful teachers/catechists, deacons, priests, formation directors and baptism/marriage prep people. These special individuals dedicate their time and talents endlessly always in service to others.

Love Begins Here
Local, Life-Changing Mission Trips for High School Youth

Hello St. Clare and St. Thomas Students and Parents,
I'm thrilled to announce St. Thomas is hosting a local Mission Trip opportunity this July. This is for anyone entering into 9th grade through 12th grade. St. Clare and St. Thomas youth are welcome to attend along with other youth from surrounding communities. Our youth will spend time, praying, reflecting, getting to know each other and going out into the Waterford/Wind Lake community to volunteer. Community activities may include helping the elderly with yardwork, visiting a senior center, organizing/cleaning parish storage areas, etc.
When: July 5-9 2021
Where: St. Thomas

  Please watch the 2 minute video below to learn more
If you like what you saw, please go to the Arch website to fill out an application. Click the link below!
If you have any questions or would like to know more.....
contact me. I will be sending more information soon so stay tuned!
Maureen LeGros
St. Clare/St. Thomas Youth minister

St. Thomas Country Fair update and more

As some of you may have read, the Archbishop published a new "Comeback Matrix" last week which outlines activities that are and are not acceptable while dealing with COVID-19. As of July 1, 2021, the Archbishop is allowing parishes to hold their festivals.

Unfortunately, our St. Thomas festival is typically held in June, requiring us to cancel the event again this year. We looked at many options, including moving to a later date, but with band contracts and other scheduling challenges, we had to make the difficult decision to cancel.

With that said, members of St. Clare and St. Thomas pastoral councils formed a special planning team tasked with creating a "Welcome Back" celebration for both parishes. Although the group is in the early planning stages, they are tentatively targeting the weekend of August 7-8, 2021 for this special event. More details will follow but we hope it will be an opportunity for parish members to gather and welcome each other back while enjoying wonderful food, drinks, music and more.

Mark your calendars for "Welcome Back Celebration"
August 7 -8, 2021.

The St. Thomas Country Fair will return
June 2 thru 5, 2022
Can we help?

Can we help with any outdoor projects such as yard clean-up, weeding, garage organizing, planting flowers, etc?? We are in need of a few jobs in the coming weeks to gain some experience since this is new to us. We will also have a high school mission trip in our St. Clare and St. Thomas community the week of July 5 thru 9 and will be looking for a number of projects for our youth to participate in during that week. Love Begins Here is a new initiative by the Archdiocese and we are hosting one of their first local mission trip programs for teens.  

We need to keep the jobs outdoors due to COVID restrictions. If you are unable to complete yard work or need assistance, please contact one of the parish offices or click the link below to sign-up. Projects will be considered once we match the teens to fill the type of service work needed. Although we can't make any promises, we need to begin creating a list of potential sites to keep our mission teens busy!  
Walk With Life’s Connection …. Serving your our area every day!
Life’s Connection Baby Envelope
Fundraiser Opportunity

This is the second week of our Baby Envelope Fundraiser for Life’s Connection located in Mukwonago & Waukesha. If you missed your opportunity last week you can pick up an envelope at the back of church. Simply Fill the envelope with cash or check made to Life’s Connection.  Your generosity helps Life’s Connection continue to serve its 1,700 families each year and now 30% more due to our Pandemic. Life’s Connection has already helped 5,000 families who chose life and with your support the number continues to grow. Please mail your envelope directly to Life’s Connection. It is that easy to give support to families in need right here in our own community. 

For more information, please visit
 or stop in for a beautiful tour at either of our centers.
We will have more inspiring stories to share with you.
Mukwonago – 307 S Rochester Street
Waukesha – 494 W Main Street
If you would like to support our mission you can safely give on-line at or you can mail your support to one of our centers. We invite you to take a tour of our centers so you can experience the wonderful resources that are available to those in need in our community. Thank you for considering supporting our mission.

The Archdiocese released a new COVID Comeback matrix on April 28. Many changes. See below
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