One faith community, two worship sites
22 May 2020 Volume 17
"God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear."

Psalm 46:1-2
Please join us!
We will have a recorded mass available this weekend beginning Saturday afternoon. Below you will find the worship aid Christina has prepared for you in advance of the service. Enjoy!!!!


Dear St Clare/St. Thomas Parishioners

As we head toward Pentecost Sunday weekend and reopen our public Mass celebrations, there are a number of directives from the Archdiocese to be aware of prior to attending. In addition to the Archdiocese directives, we are recommending several additional practices for your safety and those around you. Our goal is to do what we are able, to accommodate the most people and achieve the best environment for our parishioners. If you are uncomfortable attending Mass for whatever reason, remember that the obligation to attend Mass is dispensed thru July 5 th . We will live stream Mass from St. Thomas every Saturday evening at 4:30pm and make the recording available immediately following the service.    Public Masses will be celebrated as follows:
  • Saturday evening 4:00pm at St. Clare and 4:30pm at St. Thomas
  • Sunday morning at 8:00am and 11:15am (new Mass time) at St. Thomas and 9:30am at St. Clare
  • As previously communicated by Fr. Ed, moving to the new Mass time schedule allows him to preside at all Sunday Masses as help-out priests continue to be very difficult to locate. Fr. Al has committed to preside at a Saturday evening Mass each weekend, allowing us to continue to offer two Mass options on Saturday evening.
  • Because we are limited to 25% of our maximum occupancy, our absolute number of attendees will be 125 at St Clare and 175 at St Thomas.
  • Because of the limited seating, we will be utilizing the Sign-Up Genius app on the website to sign up for Mass; however it will not be activated until Tuesday May 26th. If you cannot use the app we strongly encourage you to solicit assistance from family members or friends to use the Sign Up Genius app. If you call either parish office (STA 262-534-2255 or SC 262-895-2729) to select a Mass time, you could have difficulty due to call volumes and blocking. The office scheduling will begin starting Tuesday May 26th. The link for the sign-up genius will be found on our parish websites and on our Facebook pages beginning May 26.
  • Beginning May 26th you can sign up any time using Sign Up Genius. If you call the office, you can only call between the hours of 9:00am and 3:00pm Tuesday thru Friday. As an example, for the weekend of May 30th - 31st, you must use Sign-up Genius or call the parish office before 3:00pm on Friday, May 29 in order to register for Mass.
  • We will be limiting sign up to the current available weekend so that people will not block out multiple weekends in advance.
  • Seating will be limited and there is the potential for a high demand, so you may not get the specific Mass time you would like and we would ask your understanding and flexibility as things unfold.
  • If you cannot obtain the Mass you desire, it is suggested you look to register at the other Masses that are available each weekend per the schedule above. 
  • PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT WE MUST ADHERE TO OUR 25% CAPACITY LIMIT PER MASS. If you register for a Mass and are turned away at the door because we have reached the capacity limit, we hope you will understand. We will be counting people as they walk in and will turn people away after we reach our limit. We will not be checking to see if those entering registered in advance and ask everyone to respect their fellow parishioners by registering in advance so no one is turned away at the doors. 
  • Only the doors at the main entrance of church will be available for entry. Side doors can be used to exit after Mass but not entry before Mass.
  • As in everything, we will be enforcing 6 feet social distancing in all aspects of attendance with the exception of those living in the same household. This includes entering the church, seating in the pews, going up to receive communion and exiting after Mass. We will be describing certain aspects of these items at the Mass.
  • To adhere to the distancing guidelines, we will be blocking off every other pew for seating.
  • When you enter the pew, please move to the center if it is open. Do not block the end of the pew, requiring people to step over to reach the center. Seating will be limited so please use all available space efficiently, while leaving 6 feet between families.
  • When receiving communion, it will only be permissible to receive in the hand.
  • There will be no physical contact during the Sign of Peace outside a family unit.
  • Everyone is encouraged to wear masks and we would ask you to bring your own mask to church. Although they are not required, they are strongly encouraged and there will be a small number of masks in the back of church if you wish to take one. Please take it home with you and do not return it.
  • There will be X’s on the floor as you go to communion. Please use these marks on the floor to ensure you remain 6 feet apart at all times. Ushers will release pews one at a time. If you do not wish to receive communion, we ask that you process up with your pew anyway. This eliminates the need for people to step around you.
  • Offertory collection baskets will be at the entry of the church. You are asked to place your offering into the basket when you enter or exit.
  • There will be no hymnals in the pews. At St. Clare, we will be passing out a worship aid as you enter the Mass. If you take a worship aid, take it home. Do not leave it behind. It will not be reused.
  • There will be no bulletins in church. Parishioners are encouraged to view the current bulletin on the PARISHONLINE.COM website to view the current and past bulletins.
  • Dismissal from Mass will be in an orderly fashion and directed by the ushers. Please do not visit or remain in the gathering space. Others are unable to exit until those in the lead exit the building so please exit expeditiously.
  • We have cleaning crews scheduled after each Mass, so rest assured that pews, bathrooms, door knobs, etc. will all be wiped down after each service.
We ask for your prayers and your patience as we work through this time of change and reopening.

Fr. Ed Tlucek   OFM
This little piggy went to the market
John Henrichs and Henrichs Quality Meats & Show Pigs donated a pig for St. Thomas to raffle. The Knights of Columbus also stepped in and donated the processing costs.
Thank you!!!!!
Tickets are $5 a piece or 5 for $20 for a chance at 1/2 pig, fully processed. We will raffle off two winners. We are going to try and automate as much of this raffle as possible. Please go to the St. Thomas website and click on the donate page. You will be able to electronically enter the raffle by selecting the "Pig Raffle" button. Just enter a few pieces of information if you are not registered and provide a credit/debit card or account number. It's that simple and completely safe. The system will let us know your name, the number of tickets you purchased and track your payment. No tickets will be distributed. We will write your name on the number of tickets you purchase and put them in the raffle bin. If you wish to enter the raffle but really don't feel comfortable using technology, send an email to and he will accept checks via USPS.
Drawing will be held on June 21st (Father's Day).
Please note that due to recent events, the soonest the animal can be safely processed and ready for delivery is October but we will notify winners immediately after the drawing.

God of power and mercy,
you destroy war and
put down earthly pride.
Banish violence from
our midst and
wipe away our tears,
that we may all deserve
to be called your sons
and daughters.
Keep in your mercy
those men and women
who have died in the
cause of freedom and
bring them safely
into your kingdom of
justice and peace.
We ask this through
Jesus Christ our Lord.
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