One faith community, two worship sites
20 November 2020 Volume 47
This past year has been very difficult for our country. With tensions and anxieties rising, division continues. Regardless of the results, the assumption has been the Presidential Election would not help current tensions. Unfortunately, this has proven true.
The Church has always been, and should be, a voice of unity and charity. She should be a witness to God’s love that bridges the gap between our differences, working towards the good of all people. We may not always agree, but even in our disagreement, there is opportunity for charity.
At the request of the Priestly Life & Ministry Committee, the Archdiocese of Milwaukee will be introducing A Week of Prayer for Unity and Charity from November 18-25, culminating with the Thanksgiving holiday. 
Introducing St. Clare’s Director of Administrative Services

St. Clare is excited to welcome Julie Boulware, our new Director of Administrative Services, replacing Woody Ritchey. Julie will work in a part-time capacity for the Parish; look for her to start December 1.

As Director of Administrative Services, Julie will serve in running the day to day business operations of the Parish. She will communicate and collaborate with staff, volunteers, and parishioners to help all fulfill the mission of the parish.

Earlier in her career, Julie served as the DAS for Gesu Parish in Milwaukee and was the Associate Director of Parish Stewardship and School Development for the Archdiocese. Most recently she was employed as the Patient Experience Officer for ProHealth Care.

Julie is enthusiastically looking forward to working with the ministries, committees, and parishioners at St. Clare. Julie and her husband are members of St. Louis Parish in Caledonia.

St. Clare is extremely grateful to Woody for the time and hard work he has so generously volunteered as he took care of the business side of St. Clare for the past 2 ½ years. 
November 17, 2020
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
Last Friday, I traveled with Bishops Haines, Schuerman and Sklba, and Fr. Jim Lobacz to Chicago’s Holy Name Cathedral, where Blase Cardinal Cupich ordained three new bishops for the Archdiocese of Chicago. I always consider it a priority to attend the ordinations of bishops in our region. In addition to that priority, two of the three priests to be ordained were former students of mine at St. Mary of the Lake Seminary in Mundelein, Illinois: Fr. Kevin Birmingham and Fr. Jeffrey Grobat.
It is a shame that many Catholics never get an opportunity to attend the ordination of a bishop. The beautiful ceremony emphasizes the office and the new responsibilities for those receiving ordination. I could not help reminiscing. Almost 20 years ago, Francis Cardinal George ordained me a bishop in this same Cathedral. I wondered if married people attending a wedding reminisce their marriage. On the day of my episcopal ordination, I was the only priest being ordained a bishop at Holy Name Cathedral. The Cathedral holds 2,000 people, but it was filled to capacity with standing room only. Now, because of the pandemic and social distancing, the numbers of attendees were very limited. Still, even if the ordination were held in a chapel with just a dozen people, it would be the Church celebrating the continuation of apostolic succession. The call of Jesus to the original Apostles, entrusted with the mission, continues today.
Similar to marriage, I had no idea where the future of my vocation would take me. I stood before the congregation and pledged my service. Another former student from my days at St. Mary of the Lake Seminary, Bishop Ron Hicks, reminded me that at the end of my ordination ceremony, I proclaimed my love for the Church. Intrigued by the fact that he remembered the statement I retrieved the talk. Here is what I said in my thanks at the end of the ceremony:    
I love this Church. I thank God for the privilege of my vocation and the various opportunities of encountering the Spirit in the lives of so many. Now this Catholic Church that I love, has called again, and I responded, remembering the insight of St. Augustine, who said to his people, “For you, I am a bishop, but with you, I am a Christian. The first is an office accepted, the second a grace received; one a danger the other safety. If I am happier, by far, to be redeemed with you, than I am to be placed over you, I shall, as the Lord commanded, be more completely your servant. Please pray that I may discharge the administrative duties assigned to me with prudence, the teaching office with clarity and understanding, and the pastoral responsibility with compassion.”
For the sake of the Church, I am changed. I now wear a ring; I now wear a hat, a mitre, and I walk with the crozier, a fancy cane. And, with the Cardinal’s direction and your support, I am ready to use them for the good of the Church.
My love for the Church has only grown throughout the years and many of you have contributed to that love. I had no idea where God would take me when I started the journey 20 years ago, but I have seen His face in you and your commitment to LOVE ONE ANOTHER.    
Most Reverend Jerome E. Listecki
Archbishop of Milwaukee
We desperately need help with out fish fry event. Please consider donating some of your time to help prepare food or clean-up after the event. Clean-up is especially in need of help and any/all volunteers are requested. Service hours for your students? One fish fry will satisfy their service hours!!! Please consider helping out so we can continue our fish fry service.
Love Inc is making sure no one misses out on a Thanksgiving meal! Stop in on Thanksgiving Day (Nov. 26th), come by the food pantry doors at 480 S. Pine St. between the hours of 9am and 12pm for a hot plate of Turkey or Ham, with all the classic sides like stuffing, mashed potatoes with gravy, cranberries, green bean casserole, a roll with butter, pumpkin pie and a cookie! NO SIGN-UP NECESSARY! Meals will be ready to go and safely shared. Please call the Love Inc office at 262-763-6226 and ask for the Social Services team if you have any questions! 
Once again this year, St. Thomas will be offering you the opportunity to purchase Christmas gifts for needy children in our area. These gifts are given to children of families suffering hardships due to many different conditions. The Giving Trees will be placed in the Gathering Space by Saturday, November
21st . You are asked to give toys, games, or GIFT CARDS. St. Thomas Food Pantry requests gift cards to only WalMart
in the amount of $25 because this will allow parents to shop for their children.

If you wish to give mittens, gloves or winter hats, please mark what it is on the gift tag along with the appropriate age level. (Please: NO OTHER CLOTHING)

Ornaments will be labeled by age groups ranging from infant to 18 years old. They will also be Identified for a boy or girl. Choose an ornament and return it with the wrapped present.
Please attach the paper ornament on the front of the wrapped package. Bring your gift back to church and place it under the
“Giving Tree ”.

The final day that gifts can be dropped off will be Sunday, December 13th BEFORE the 11:15 AM mass.

Any questions, please call Kathy Weinkauf
@ 262-534-6729
It is that time of year again!
The Hunting seasons are upon us, so we begin planning for the

49th Annual Wild Game Dinner

~We will be seeking Meat Donations~
We can pick up, process and store it!
Please contact…..
Mikki Hegemann Brown… 262-210-3168
Scott Gunderson… 414-581-3157

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