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19 March 2021 Volume 64
March 16, 2021
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
March 16 has little significance for the larger community, but in my household, it marked my mother’s birthday. My family – father, mother, sister, and I – celebrated all of our birthdays within a month of each other. My father’s birthday is on February 15; my sister’s, Penny, birthday is on February 25; my birthday is on March 12, and my mother’s birthday is on March 16. One month of celebrations, and then another year would have to be completed until the celebrations could occur again.
A mother’s birthday has a unique significance. She spearheads the celebrations for everyone else and relishes in the enjoyment of them. So, when it came to her celebration, everyone would try to match her enthusiasm. We all fell short of the special touches that only a mother who knows her family can supply.
We carry the wisdom of our mothers with us throughout our lives. We remember her word at unique times in our attempts to live a full life. It was my mom who told me, “Well, if all of your friends jump off a cliff, would you follow?” This reference to doing what was right and proper, and not being a follower but a leader, was one of my favorite expressions that my mother pronounced when my sister and I were acting goofy. She would also say, “Laugh today, cry tomorrow.” I never knew whether this was a reference to the “yin and yang” of life or to the accountability she held us to for our actions. One particular expression that still echoes in my mind was her prophetic words she spoke whenever I would tease her: “Just wait, you’ll miss me when I am gone.” She was right. I miss her every day, especially when it comes to her being my prayer warrior.
My mother had tremendous confidence in God, Mary, and the Saints. When her ability was curtailed to assist others in the preparation of food or personal visits, she turned to her ability to pray. When confronted with challenges in my priestly life, presentations, or concerns of my friends, I would call her and ask her to pray for my intentions or me. I know that others did as well. She would not pray generally, but specifically, for each of my intentions, or me, or others, fulfilling her promises. I find myself copying her daily in my prayers before God, specifically and by name, praying for intentions and individuals.
Perhaps the greatest action that a parent can share with their children is modeling the importance of prayer. The action of prayer transcends this world and prepares us to understand that we are always directed to our union with God.
In a couple of months, a beautiful bronze statue in honor of Mary Mother of the Church will be erected at the Mary Mother of the Church Pastoral Center. The statue will be a reminder of our commitment to Jesus, and the gift of the Church that was given to us by Him. We are her children, and she consoles us, especially during times of suffering and struggle. At this time in our history as a nation, we need our Mother more than ever. Amid her uncertainty, she gave her fiat, her yes to be an instrument of God’s Will. We must also give our fiat to God, and trust that He will use us as His instrument, leading our society and us to the heavenly kingdom.
Just as we remember the words of our mothers, we must also remember the last words of our Blessed Mother recorded in the Gospel of John. These words echo in our minds and souls, “Do whatever He tells you,” (John 2:9) and He tells us to LOVE ONE ANOTHER.
Most Reverend Jerome E. Listecki
Archbishop of Milwaukee
St Thomas School Endowment News!
The St Thomas School Endowment Committee has voted to provide grants to St Thomas Parish students for the 2021/2022 school year who attend a Catholic Grade School or a Catholic High School. They must be parish members for at least 2 years. The grants will be $750 per student for grade school students and $1500 per student for high school students. 
Contact Matt Fehler at 262-210-1603 or
Lloyd Sippel at 758-6480 or
email at
to apply for the grant.
Please view Fr. Ed's message below regarding required Mass sign-ups for Palm Sunday and Easter
Palm Sunday/Easter Mass Sign-ups
We need your help
The Mass sign-up process has been extremely valuable in helping us understand in person Mass attendance. As we did during our Christmas season, sign-ups will be required for Palm Sunday weekend and Easter weekend services. This will help us determine if additional Masses need to be scheduled to accommodate our parishioners.
Please use the button below to register for Palm Sunday weekend and Easter weekend services. Although we require Mass sign-up every weekend, attendance is expected to be higher for Holy Week so we must ensure that everyone registers in advance for these dates. We will have various services to choose from at both St. Clare and St. Thomas. If a particular Mass fills up, please consider a different option that may be available at either church. As always, services will be live-streamed and recorded for those who are unable or uncomfortable attending in person.
Thank you in advance for your help.


We received wonderful news from the Archbishop. Parishes will be allowed to distribute palms this year! Palms will be distributed at all the Masses on Palm Sunday weekend so please sign up using the link above as registration for attending Mass in person will be required. We will be checking people in at the door as we did for Christmas Masses.

If you are unable to attend a Palm Sunday Mass or feel uncomfortable doing so, we have another option for you. A "DRIVE-UP" palm distribution will be held on Sunday March 28 from 1 to 2pm at both St. Clare and St. Thomas. Please feel free to drive up to the church entrance at either church during this time, remain in your vehicle and palms will be brought out to you safely.
Adoration Changes during Holy Week

There will be no Eucharist Adoration during the day on Holy Thursday, April 1st at St. Thomas. However, there will be Eucharist Adoration after 7:00pm Mass on Holy Thursday at St. Thomas until 10:00pm
Spring Cemetery Cleanup
Spring cleanup will take place on March 27 at St. Thomas Cemetery. If there are any items you would like to save, please remove them beforehand. All winter decorations, Christmas wreaths, etc. will be removed and discarded on the 27thSpring and Easter memorials and decorations can then be placed beginning Palm Sunday, March 28. Please see the Rules and Regulations on the cemetery page of the STA parish website for details as to what is permitted. 

Thank you

We are down to our last two Fish Fry's in March!!!

Thank you to all our volunteers for providing their time and talent to make our Fish Fry's a success. Wonderful job!!!!!

We do need more help with our last 2 Fish Fry's, including tonight! Please look at the sign-up below and take a minute to consider donating a little time. Our 8pm - 9pm shift is in need of some volunteers for the remaining dates.

We hope you used Sign Up Genius to register for this weekend's mass. At St Thomas we will be utilizing the screens for the worship and at St Clare we will have worship aids available. You can obtain a copy of the worship aid by clicking the button below. You can also register for Mass with the link below.
New Matrix!!!

The Archdiocese published a new matrix last week. Click below to see the new directives.
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