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21 May 2021 Volume 73
May 18, 2021
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
If you would ask most bishops which celebration gives them the most satisfaction, they would likely say it is the ordination of priests. It is a moment that brings back memories of their own ordination, which was a time of anticipation and dreams of the future fulfillment of God’s plan.
On Saturday, at the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist, I had the privilege of ordaining three men to the priesthood of Jesus Christ for the service to the Archdiocese of Milwaukee: Michael Lawinger, Michael Malucha, and Timothy Schumaker. Family and friends joined the ordinands at this moment that is the culmination of a journey of discernment. Now, their son, brother, cousin, or friend was receiving ordination, which only years ago they embraced as a possibility.
Sadly, the pandemic limited the number that could be physically present at the Mass. Normally, the Cathedral is filled beyond capacity. The men who were ordained on Saturday, who have been integral parts of the parishes they served and their own local parishes, would have easily generated that same type of community response.
Last year, the ordination Mass was also extremely limited due to the pandemic. However, those who were ordained expressed courage by not wanting to delay the moment of their priesthood. These men would not deny their priesthood to the Church and demonstrated in their willingness to be ordained as a sacrificial priestly response to the crisis they faced.
This year, although there were four times as many individuals present at the ordination, the virus forced seemingly deliberate attention to every aspect of the service. This created a sense of great reverence.
At the Mass, the ordinands professed their intention, pledged obedience to me and my successors, prayed the Litany of the Saints, and had hands imposed on their heads, which is the actual moment of ordination. The newly ordained were vested in priestly garb by priests who are friends or mentors. Then, they received an anointing of their hands and were handed the paten with a host and chalice with wine that was used in the Holy Sacrifice they would offer, exercising their priesthood.
I am always amazed that God, in His gracious providence, provides priests for His Church. These exceptional men could be successful in many aspects of the secular world, but instead, they chose to respond to God’s call. They will assist the people of God in navigating the challenges presented to them in life. They will help assess the mysteries of God’s presence during times of suffering, loss, joy, and wonder. They will use their priestly gifts as a conduit for grace to celebrate sacred moments.
I could not help but think of the bishops, priests, and deacons who were present at the Mass and their many years of service. These men were entrusted with the care of the Church. I can only imagine that their relationship with God has grown through their years of sacrificial love. They have held Christ crucified before them and, with each passing year, have become more Christ-like for their communities.
These three men, Fr. Michael Lawinger, Fr. Michael Malucha, and Fr. Timothy Schumaker, will now exercise their priesthood for the good of Christ’s Church. We are blessed to have their service, and they are blessed to be priests of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, which has shaped the face of Christ in southeastern Wisconsin for over 178 years. I am proud that we hold ourselves accountable for our responsibility to LOVE ONE ANOTHER.
Most Reverend Jerome E. Listecki
Archbishop of Milwaukee
New Mass Protocols
Please review

Last week, the Archbishop announced his decision to remove all COVID restrictions that remained in place. He encouraged individual parishes to meet with their leadership and define the best approach for returning to "normal". Leadership from both St. Clare and St Thomas met this week to define a phased approach that will transition everyone into the changing protocols. Details are as follows:

  • May 22-23 Remove signs from buildings regarding masks. Individuals may choose to wear masks if they wish. The baptismal fonts will be filled and available. All of the church doors will be unlocked and available for entrance and exit.

  • May 29-30 Remove ropes from pews. (Note: There will be a section of pews in the back of St Thomas church that will continue to have every other pew blocked off for those who wish to continue social distancing.)

  • June 5-6 Resume passing of the collection baskets

  • June 12-13 Resume presentation of the gifts

  • July 3-4 Return to distribution of communion beginning with the front rows

  • September Return to youth servers at Mass.

We respectfully ask for everyone's patience and prayers as we work to reimplement these practices over the coming weeks.

The Archdiocese released a new COVID Comeback matrix on May 20. Many changes. See below
This Weekend's Mass Worship Aid
June 4 Fish Fry is a go!!
Although our Country Fair cannot take place this year, volunteers are planning to offer our traditional Fish Fry in June. This will be a drive-thru only so come out and take home some wonderful food.
We also need a few volunteers for our clean-up team! Please look at the sign-up below and take a minute to consider donating a little time. Many hands make small work!
Love Begins Here
Local, Life-Changing Mission Trips for High School Youth

Hello St. Clare and St. Thomas Students and Parents,
I'm thrilled to announce St. Thomas is hosting a local Mission Trip opportunity this July. This is for anyone entering into 9th grade through 12th grade. St. Clare and St. Thomas youth are welcome to attend along with other youth from surrounding communities. Our youth will spend time, praying, reflecting, getting to know each other and going out into the Waterford/Wind Lake community to volunteer. Community activities may include helping the elderly with yardwork, visiting a senior center, organizing/cleaning parish storage areas, etc.
When: July 5-9 2021
Where: St. Thomas

  Please watch the 2 minute video below to learn more
If you like what you saw, please go to the Arch website to fill out an application. Click the link below!
If you have any questions or would like to know more.....
contact me. I will be sending more information soon so stay tuned!
Maureen LeGros
St. Clare/St. Thomas Youth minister


Things are returning to normal and we understand that the Bear Den has been busy with a good number of visitors after their opening on May 8th. As part of our ongoing efforts to support special needs and people with disabilities, Knight’s Council 8172 will be at the Bear Den in Waterford on June 12th between 11am & 2pm selling brats as a fund raiser for these worthy causes.

Come join us on June 12th in support of a great local zoo and have a brat to support members of our community. Thanks in advance for your support.

Knights Council 8172
Can we help?

Can we help with any outdoor projects such as yard clean-up, weeding, garage organizing, planting flowers, etc?? We are in need of a few jobs in the coming weeks to gain some experience since this is new to us. We will also have a high school mission trip in our St. Clare and St. Thomas community the week of July 5 thru 9 and will be looking for a number of projects for our youth to participate in during that week. Love Begins Here is a new initiative by the Archdiocese and we are hosting one of their first local mission trip programs for teens.  

We need to keep the jobs outdoors due to COVID restrictions. If you are unable to complete yard work or need assistance, please contact one of the parish offices or click the link below to sign-up. Projects will be considered once we match the teens to fill the type of service work needed. Although we can't make any promises, we need to begin creating a list of potential sites to keep our mission teens busy!  
The Emergency Broadband Benefit will provide a discount of up to $50 per month toward broadband service for eligible families and households who are struggling to stay connected during the #COVID19 pandemic. Qualifying households on Tribal lands can receive a discount of up to $75 per month for service. Eligible households can also receive a discount of up to $100 for the purchase of a laptop, desktop computer, or tablet from participating providers.

For more info, please visit:
#DigitalDivide #BroadbandForAll
We would like to highlight and thank a few of our loyal sponsors in each email.
St. Thomas and St Clare thanks you very much!
A complete list of all our sponsors can be found on our website. Please support them whenever possible
St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Clare of Assisi parishes
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