9393 Church Road
Grosse Ile, MI 48138
Office: 734-675-0005
Office Hours: 9 am-noon M, W, F
For emergencies, call Pastor Heather: 734-624-3273
For non-emergencies, call Lisa Perry: 734-692-0949
Email: pastor@stthomasgi.com
Connect with Pastor Heather!
Cell: 734-624-3273
M: 10 am-2 pm
T: 10 am-12 pm, 6-8 pm
W: 10 am-2 pm
TH; 10 am-1 pm
Please join us for worship!

We are operating safely
and responsibly.

The service is renewing
and energizing.

The sermons are timely
and relevant.

The people are friendly
and welcoming.

The only thing missing is YOU!
WORSHIP SERVICES-Attendance limited to 40
Sign up for the service you plan
to attend by:
  • SignUpGenius form sent to your email, OR
  • Call the office (675-0005); M, W, F, 9 am-noon, OR
  • Call 734-692-0949 at other times

The Thursday service will begin at 7 pm.
Two Sunday services-
one will start at 10 am,
the other starts at 11 am.
Covid Protocols in Place for Services
  • Exterior doors open to prevent touching handles
  • Masks must be worn (masks available if you need one)
  • Each person sanitizes own hands before entering sanctuary
  • Maintain social-distancing
  • No nursery or Sunday School at this time
  • Children remain with families during Children's Sermon
  • No Passing of the Peace, Noisy Offering, or Passing Offering Plate
  • No singing at this time
  • Communion host offered by tongs into open hands
  • Order of Worship on screens (no bulletins)
  • Leave church immediately after the service
  • Chairs and high-touch areas sanitized after each service
Dear friends,

This week, I want to answer some frequently asked questions regarding worship.

Are we really following all of the protocols?
Yes, we are. As she greets people, Linda makes sure that everyone has a mask on and sanitizes their hands. All staff wear masks as soon as we enter the building, and I sanitize my hands and put on gloves before preparing and distributing communion.
Why can’t we sing if we’re wearing our masks?
Scientific data shows that we push our breath out harder when we’re singing. It also shows that there is no safe way to sing in groups, even when people are socially distant from one another. Until science shows us otherwise or until there is a reliable, widely available, safe vaccine, we will be able to listen to beautiful music throughout Sunday worship.
If we can’t sing, can we have a soloist sing?
This falls under the line from the Lord’s Prayer, “lead us not into temptation.” I don’t know about you, but even though I’m not a singer, if someone is singing, I join in without even realizing it. It happens when we listen to the radio, go to concerts, or listen to a song on the television. Because of this, we won’t tempt anyone to sing.
Is the sanctuary set up the same way it was before?
Yes and no. Everything in front is the same, with the exception of the plexiglass shield in front of the pulpit. That’s there so that I can preach and be understood without a mask on.
The cloth chairs have been replaced with our plastic and metal ones. There is six feet between each row, and the rows are staggered from side to side, so that each side is also six feet apart. Between services on Sunday, the chairs are sprayed with sanitizer.
When can we go back to normal?
I wish I had a crystal ball. Unfortunately, we just don’t know. This is a marathon, not a sprint, and the mile markers keep getting moved further out. I’m so thankful for our scientific community who continues to work toward a vaccine and continues to update ‘best practices’ as we learn more about this virus.
I’m just not comfortable coming to in-person worship right now. What can I do?
Coming back to in-person worship is a very personal decision that only you and your family can make. However, if you are comfortable in doing so, you can sign up via Sign Up Genius or by calling the church office to have personal communion. We can meet at my office or at your house (with masks at either), depending on where you’re most comfortable.
Okay, I’m ready to come back. Now what?
Make sure you sign up for your preferred service via Sign Up Genius or by calling the church office. You’ll need to sign up EVERY week.
I’ve tested positive for Covid-19 or have been exposed to someone who has. What should I do?
First, follow the advice of your doctor regarding care and quarantine guidelines.

Second, if you have been in the church 14 days prior to your diagnosis, call me right away (734-624-3273). Your name will be kept confidential, but we will need to follow our procedures of notifying people who were in the building and follow strict quarantine and cleaning protocols.

Do you have other questions? If so, please let me know!
The council and I are ready, willing, and able to address them.

Blessed to be serving with you,
Pastor Heather
As St. Thomas searches for a new custodian, we need to keep the church tidy for services. Please help out by signing up for one of the light cleaning jobs
listed in the narthex.
We need and appreciate your help!
Contact Linda Landis (734-552-2937)
Thank you to the hard work offered last
Monday evening to finish up the
renovation of the playground.
Mulch was moved and spread to make the
play area safer and more desirable to a renter.
Twenty yards of mulch was moved
in less than 1 hour!
Thanks to:
  • Jeff and Kathie Kline
  • Pastor Heather and Jeremy
  • Linda Landis
  • Mark, Lauren and Matt Graver
  • Erin, Matt, Alicia and Chris Shelton
  • Tim and Lisa Perry
FOR 50 +
Dr. David Patterson
has graciously donated
N95 masks
for church members who are
50 years old and above.

These medical-grade masks
filter out 95% of large and
small air-borne particleS.
If you are in this age group, please feel free to stop into the church office
(M, W, F, 9 am-noon) to get your mask.
The sanctuary at St. Thomas is now open on
Tuesday nights,
6-8 pm and on
Wednesday mornings, 9 am to noon.

Please feel free to stop in for prayer, reflection or meditation!
We appreciate your
Thank you for mailing your offering or going online at www.stthomasgi.com/giving
Opportunities for volunteering
at ChristNet will be posted soon in this newsletter and on the church's website (www.stthomasgi.com).
Pastor Heather is offering communion in her office for interested individuals or families.
Please check your email for a
SignUp Genius form or contact the office
(734-675-0005 OR office@stthomasgi.com)
to schedule an appointment.
CDC guidelines are being employed.
Masks required!
Bringing It Home: Faith Practices for Real Life

you can do
at home, alone or with those who live in your house.

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Happy Birthday!

Celebrating this week:
Cindy Thompson, August 24
Dennis Warner, August 24
If you want to send a personal note or a card, contact (office@stthomasgi.com)
Please contact (office@stthomasgi.com) with any omissions or corrections.

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Thrivent Choice

The Thrivent Choice® program encourages benefit members to recommend where Thrivent Financial distributes an amount of its charitable grant funds. Thrivent members make this recommendation by directing Choice Dollars to enrolled nonprofit organizations, including churches.

Visit Thrivent.com for details.

Al Skrocki continues to lead the collection of medical supplies and equipment for worldwide relief.

If you have questions about items needed or want to drop off at the church,
Contact Lisa Perry (734-692-0949).
Youth Nights
Women's Lunch Group
Men's Lunch Group
Bill Stevenson - President
Brian Long - Vice President
Kent Kujala - Treasurer
Becky Arndt
Ben Fogt
Linda Hinzmann
Christine Riley
Betty Ruck
Jim Schiesel
Ethan Bammer - Youth Rep.
Alaina Gartner - Youth Rep.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to a council member or to Pastor Heather.

Joan Hoffmeyer
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