Week of July 4, 2021

9393 Church Road
Grosse Ile, MI 48138
Office: 734-675-0005
After-hours, call: 734-692-0949

Chaplain and Office Hours: 9 am-noon M, W, F
Chaplain Daniel's Cell: 734-897-7419

Men's Monthly Lunch -
Thursday, July 8

Island Farmers' Market -
Friday, July 9

Welcome Reception
for the Chaplains -
Sunday, July 11

Women's Monthly Lunch -
Wednesday, July 14

St. Thomas Lutheran Church

Seventh Week of Pentecost
Chaplains Amelia and Daniel Collins

  • Sign up for attendance no longer necessary
  • Vaccinated individuals do NOT have to wear a mask at service
  • Unvaccinated folks are encouraged to wear a mask in consideration for those not yet vaccinated and those with compromised immunity
  • Congregational singing is allowed.

Welcome the Chaplains!
Please join us in extending a warm welcome to our chaplains, Daniel and Amelia Collins,
as they officially begin their time with us at St. Thomas.

A cake-and-punch reception
will be held for them following the
Sunday, July 11 service.
St. Thomas is hosting a baby shower for the expectant Chaplains on
Sunday, August 1st after the 10 am worship service.
Weather permitting, the shower will be held outside and we'll have
a picnic-style shower for the couple and baby-on-the-way.
Please plan on joining us for the festivities, food and fun!

The parents-to-be are registered at:
Hot Dog Roast!
Locally Grown Produce!
Fabulous Crafts!
Rummage Sale!
Live Music!
Great Vendors!
Central Location!
Food Pantry
All nonperishables appreciated!
Snacks, cleaning and paper products particularly requested.
The Evangelism Committee is striving to make St. Thomas a thriving, vibrant church.

One of the steps in achieving this
is to foster a warm, friendly and comfortable place to worship and interact with each other.
A little self-serve coffee bar has been equipped near the sanctuary for you.

Please feel free to stop by
before or during service
to get a hot or cold beverage.
Donation basket provided to replenish
coffee bar supplies.
Men's Monthly
  • Smokies on the Water
  • This week
  • Thursday, July 8
  • Noon

Please join us!
  • Smokies on the Water
  • Next week
  • Wednesday, July 14
  • Noon

Join the fun!
Let us hear it!
St. Thomas wants you to be
involved going forward.
Our committees need
different voices and opinions.

Please express yourself by joining
one of the following committees:
  • Stewardship
  • Education
  • Evangelism
  • Technology
  • Property
  • Social Ministry
St.Thomas ❤ CARES ❤
It takes so little to show YOU do!
Thanks SO much!
We appreciate
you bringing your offering to services,
mailing it or
going online at www.stthomasgi.com/giving.
If you would like to have communion with
Chaplain Daniel or Chaplain Amelia
in the pastor's office
or brought to you and offered
by a church member,
please call the church during office hours,
M, W, F, 9 am - noon
or after-hours, call 734-692-0949.

Stay connected to
and involved in St.Thomas!

Website: www.stthomasgi.com
Facebook: stthomaslutheranchurch
Happy Birthday!
Celebrating this week . . .
Heather Lakatosh, July 9
Debbie Brown, July 11

If you want to send a personal note or a card, contact (office@stthomasgi.com)
Please contact (office@stthomasgi.com) with any omissions or corrections.

Celebrating this week:

Krista and Sean Ewbank, July 7

Increase our quilt output,
please come and join us!

Each Monday morning
@ 9:30!
No sewing experience needed!
Thrivent Choice

The Thrivent Choice® program encourages benefit members to recommend where Thrivent Financial distributes an amount of its charitable grant funds. Thrivent members make this recommendation by directing Choice Dollars to enrolled nonprofit organizations, including churches.

Visit Thrivent.com for details.
Al Skrocki continues to collect
medical supplies and equipment for worldwide relief.

If you have questions about items needed or want to drop off at the church,
Contact -734-692-0949.
  • Eyeglasses (basket inside St. Thomas)
  • Bedsheets for Quilters (bin inside St. Thomas)
  • Diaper Drive (St. Thomas or monetary donations)
  • Blood/Plasma Donations (check the Red Cross website for dates and locations)
  • Clothing Drop-Off (bins at Sacred Heart and Dry Cleaners)
  • Food Pantry (bin at St. Thomas-particularly cleaning and paper products, nonperishables, snacks needed)
  • Bottle/Can Collections (T.A.I.L.S. and G.I. Animal Shelter)
Ben Fogt - President
Jim Schiesel - Vice President
Kent Kujala - Treasurer
Becky Arndt
Sal Finazzo
Linda Hinzmann
Christine Riley
Betty Ruck
Matt Shelton
Camden Finazzo - Youth Rep.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to a council member.
In Our Thoughts and Prayers
Ryan Brozek
Rev. Sean Ewbank
Carol Figi
Peggy Gregory
Lynn Henderson
Tamara Howes
Denise Keeler
Marjorie Lockhart
Bob Townsend
Debbie Williams
Dick Withey -
recovering and expresses thanks
for your prayers!
Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass on a summer day listening to the murmur of water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is hardly a waste of time. 
John Lubbock