Week of Nov. 2, 2020
9393 Church Road
Grosse Ile, MI 48138
Office: 734-675-0005
Office Hours: 9 am-noon M, W, F
For non-emergencies, call: 734-692-0949
Amelia and Daniel Collins,
Thurs., 7 pm

for worship
this week!

Attendance limited to 40
Rev. Jack Eggleston,
Sun., 10 am
Sign up for the service you plan to attend by:

  • SignUpGenius form sent to your email, OR
  • Call the office (675-0005); M, W, F, 9 am-noon, OR
  • Call 734-692-0949 at other times

 The Thursday service begins at 7 pm.
The Sunday service begins at 10 am.
Covid Protocols in Place for Services
  • Exterior doors open to prevent touching handles
  • Masks must be worn (masks available if you need one)
  • Each person sanitizes own hands before entering sanctuary
  • Maintain social-distancing
  • No nursery or Sunday School at this time
  • Children remain with families during Children's Sermon
  • No Passing of the Peace, Noisy Offering, or Passing Offering Plate
  • No singing at this time
  • Communion host offered by tongs into open hands
  • Order of Worship on screens (no bulletins)
  • Leave church immediately after the service
  • Chairs and high-touch areas sanitized after each service

God's Word in Our Lives
Past and current sermons are available online at www.stthomasgi.com.

There will NOT
be a Thursday worship service
at St.Thomas
on Nov. 26.
AED Training
Kevin Langley, the fire marshal from GIFD, has graciously agreed to train
interested members in the
use and operation of our AED machine.

The AED is the automated external defibrillator and is stored in the hallway outside of the sanctuary.
Tentatively, the training will occur after an upcoming worship service, beginning at approximately 10:45 am.
The training should be brief, lasting about 15 minutes.
The date of the training will be announced in the next newsletter.
Thank you to the following members who kept the church tidy for services,
the grounds tended,
projects (and projectors) overseen,
and the All Saints Service
beautifully organized:

Jeff Kline
Linda Landis
Betty Ruck
ChristNet time is upon us!

Due to the pandemic, major changes
are being instituted. 
Grosse Ile has been assigned
the week of Nov. 15-21. 
Lunches are funded through a special program and housing is being taken care of by
Wayne Metropolitan Agency.
Our responsibility will be in paying for breakfasts and dinners that week. 
Leo’s and Pete’s Restaurants in Taylor will be providing the dinners.
Leo’s will prepare 6 days’ worth at a cost of about $1600. 
We will provide 200 breakfast bags consisting of individually wrapped items. 
The cost is about equal to what we’ve paid for in the past by preparing these meals. 
If you can help with this cost, it would be greatly appreciated by those in need
You can donate cash, or by check, or credit card through the online giving app. 
Make checks out to St. Thomas and indicate "ChristNet" on your contribution
so that it is directed to the correct fund. 
If you have any questions, please contact Jeff Kline at 734-693-3832.
The sanctuary at St. Thomas is open on
Wednesday mornings, 9 am to noon.

Please feel free to stop in for prayer,
reflection or meditation!
Thank you for mailing your offering or going online at www.stthomasgi.com/giving
If you are unable to attend worship services,
but would like communion
brought to you by a church member,
please call the church during office hours,
(734-675-0005) , M, W, F, 9 am - noon,
or after-hours, call 734-692-0949.
Bringing It Home: Faith Practices for Real Life

you can do
at home, alone or with those who live in your house.
Ideal for Sunday School Families!

Stay connected
to and involved in St.Thomas!
Website: www.stthomasgi.com
Facebook: stthomaslutheranchurch

Happy Birthday!
Celebrating this week . . .
Audrey Demos, November 3
Lori Bartos, November 4
Jack Hubbard, November 6
Michelle Swamy, November 7
If you want to send a personal note or a card, contact (office@stthomasgi.com)
Please contact (office@stthomasgi.com) with any omissions or corrections.
Celebrating the marriages of:

Jenna and Carl Graves, November 8
Michelle and Rainer Swamy , November 8

If you want to send a personal note or a card, contact (office@stthomasgi.com)
Please contact (office@stthomasgi.com) with any omissions or corrections.

9:30 am
Thrivent Choice

The Thrivent Choice® program encourages benefit members to recommend where Thrivent Financial distributes an amount of its charitable grant funds. Thrivent members make this recommendation by directing Choice Dollars to enrolled nonprofit organizations, including churches.

Visit Thrivent.com for details.

Al Skrocki continues to lead the collection of medical supplies and equipment for worldwide relief.

If you have questions about items needed or want to drop off at the church,
Contact Lisa Perry (734-692-0949).
Bill Stevenson - President
Brian Long - Vice President
Kent Kujala - Treasurer
Becky Arndt
Ben Fogt
Linda Hinzmann
Christine Riley
Betty Ruck
Jim Schiesel
Ethan Bammer - Youth Rep.
Alaina Gartner - Youth Rep.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to a council member.
Joan Hoffmeyer
Tamara Howes
Denise Keeler
The Lucidi Family
Bob Malone
Gayle Mitchell's Family
George Nelson and Family
Heather Oberlin
The Parrill Family
JoAnn Schwenk
God has perfect timing. Trust HIM!