Week of Dec. 14, 2020
9393 Church Road
Grosse Ile, MI 48138
Office: 734-675-0005
Office Hours: 9 am-noon M, W, F
After-hours, call: 734-692-0949
St. Thomas Lutheran Church
is temporarily closed
due to the rise in COVID cases.
Please visit the church website or Facebook page to view each week's worship service.
Please Return your Stewardship Pledge Card!
We are looking ahead and planning for 2021 at St. Thomas. The future looks brighter and we want to be ready to get back to in-person services, youth groups, Christian education and outreach.

Please help us plan for the future!
Vicars Amelia and Daniel Collins
New service available on Thursday, December 17
Participate in this week's online worship service
by visiting the church website or Facebook.
The entire service is on video for you - from prelude to benediction!
This week, Vicar Amelia's sermon discusses the Advent theme of LOVE.
The entire Advent series can be enjoyed in your own home!
Take time to sit down and relax with the comfort and familiarity
of our services, beautiful sanctuary, lovely music,
our caring vicars and the true meaning of the Advent season!

Website: www.stthomasgi.com
Facebook: stthomaslutheranchurch
Pastor Elibariki Duwe
of our sister congregation, Basotu, in Mbulu
Pastor Duwe and his wife, Veronica

Dear Friends and Peoples
of St Thomas
Greetings and Peace to you
from God our Father,
and our Lord Jesus Christ.  
 Brothers and sisters in Christ,
May our hearts be filled
with joy this Christmas.  
May God guides you
in whatever you do. 
Blessings to you
in Christ Jesus birth.  
Baraka kwako katika kristo
Kuzaliwa kwa Yesu

Pastor Elibariki Duwe of Basotu
Endowment Opportunity

Many years ago, John and Patricia Hartig established a memorial fund in memory of John’s mother, Virginia who was a long-time member of St. Thomas. This year the Hartigs are proposing to add $7,500 to the memorial fund, and encourage members of St. Thomas to also donate an additional $7,500 total, to create an endowment that can be invested and managed by the ELCA Foundation. The endowment would give a higher return on the money that St. Thomas is currently receiving, and will provide a stable funding source into the future.
    The ELCA Foundation provides congregations with expert money management, uses socially responsible investing, issues quarterly distributions to help church budgets, and uses its management fees to further the work of the Church. Unlike other endowments, St.Thomas would have access to the principle if needed.
    If you are interested in making your tax-deductible donation by December 31, 2020, please make your checks out to St. Thomas and identify Hartig Endowment in the memo line.

Thank you in advance for your generosity!    

Good News!

Past and current sermons
available online at:
❤St. Thomas Cares❤
Cheryl Shelton is heading up a group of people interested in reaching out to St. Thomas folks who may need assistance. These folks may have medical conditions,
mobility or transportation issues,
or just feel isolated or overwhelmed by the pandemic.

The need may range from errands, small tasks, at-home communion, financial assistance, or just conversation and occasional checking-in.

If you are aware of an individual or family from the church
who could benefit from this kind of assistance,
please contact the office (734-675-0005 or office@stthomasgi.com).
Ways to Contribute
to Those in Need in the Community
  • Food Pantry (bin inside St. Thomas)
  • Clothing and Shoe Drop-Off (containers at Sacred Heart and Dry Cleaners)
  • ChristNet ( online or mail-in donations)
  • Toys for Tots (online donations and online toy purchase)
  • Diaper Drive (bin inside St. Thomas)
  • Eyeglasses (basket inside St. Thomas)
  • Bedsheets for Quilters (bin inside St. Thomas)
  • Medical Equipment and Supplies (bin inside St. Thomas)
  • Blood or Plasma Donations (check the Red Cross website for dates and locations)
  • Local Coat Drive (see below)
9 Volt Batteries for Sale
There are still some 9-volt batteries available because they are no longer needed for our AV equipment.
If you are interested, they may be purchased during
office hours, M, W, F, 9 am-noon.

1 battery/$1.00
Box of 12/$12.00
From YOU
to US
Thank you for mailing your offering or going online at www.stthomasgi.com/giving
2021 Offering Envelopes are HERE
Curbside Pick-Up Available
The new offering envelopes for the 2021 year have arrived. They can be picked up in the office
during office hours, M, W, F - 9 am - noon,
or curbside pickup - call the office
and the box will be brought out to your car!
If you are unable to attend worship services,
but would like to have communion
brought to you and offered by a church member,
please call the church during office hours,
M, W, F, 9 am - noon or
after-hours, call 734-692-0949.
Bringing It Home: Faith Practices for Real Life

you can do
at home, alone or with those who live in your house.
Ideal for Sunday School Families!

Stay connected
to and involved in St.Thomas!

Website: www.stthomasgi.com
Facebook: stthomaslutheranchurch
Happy Birthday!
Celebrating this week . . .

Jack Trombley, December 15
Bill Sargent, December 18
Chris Schade, December 18
Tristan Fogt, December 19
Mike Krzeczkowski, December 19
Bill Sorbo, December 19
Zachary Schmit, December 20
If you want to send a personal note or a card, contact (office@stthomasgi.com)
Please contact (office@stthomasgi.com) with any omissions or corrections.



Thrivent Choice

The Thrivent Choice® program encourages benefit members to recommend where Thrivent Financial distributes an amount of its charitable grant funds. Thrivent members make this recommendation by directing Choice Dollars to enrolled nonprofit organizations, including churches.

Visit Thrivent.com for details.
Al Skrocki continues to lead the collection of medical supplies and equipment for worldwide relief which are particularly in demand with COVID.

If you have questions about items needed or want to drop off at the church,
Contact -734-692-0949.
Bill Stevenson - President
Brian Long - Vice President
Kent Kujala - Treasurer
Becky Arndt
Ben Fogt
Linda Hinzmann
Christine Riley
Betty Ruck
Jim Schiesel
Ethan Bammer - Youth Rep.
Alaina Gartner - Youth Rep.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to a council member.
YOU are in
Our Thoughts
and Prayers
Laura Chamlee
Judith Danziger
Joan Hoffmeyer
Tamara Howes
Denise Keeler
The Lucidi Family
Bob Malone
Gayle Mitchell's Family
George Nelson and Family
Heather Oberlin
Linda Parrill
JoAnn Schwenk
God gave us our memories so that we might have roses in December. JM Barrie