Week of October 3, 2022

9393 Church Road
Grosse Ile, MI 48138
Office Hours: 9am-noon T, W, R
Office: 734-675-0005
Quilters -
October 3 @ 9:30 am
Fellowship Hall

Bible Study -
Monday, October 3 @ noon
Fellowship Hall

Ladies' Monthly Lunch -
Wednesday, October 12 @ noon
Ramsey's, W. Jefferson in Trenton

Men's Monthly Lunch -
Thursday, October 13 @ noon
Sully's, Macomb St. on G.I.

Staff Meeting -
Monday, October 17 @ 10:30 am
Conference Room

Council Meeting -
Sunday, October 23 following worship
Conference Room
St. Thomas Lutheran Church
Pr. Kari Rinas

18th Week of Pentecost
Gospel: 17:11-19

Thursday, October 6 @ 7 pm
(casual, no music)

Sunday, October 9 @ 10 am
(blend of traditional and contemporary)

Sunday School for children ages 4 - 10
During worship service
Coffee Hour following service
Attention, Parents of Catechism-Aged Children!
Pastor Kari wants to get going on her catechism class at St. Thomas. She wants to spread an inclusive net so that no child is left out of being confirmed due to the pandemic or other disruptions. If you have a child in 6th-10th grades that you would like to attend catechism class, please contact the office at office@stthomasgi.com or 675-0005.
Please respond by October 12.
Once a list is generated, days and times
will be arranged.
Thanks to Property Committee members, Linda Landis and Jeff Kline, as well as some willing worker bees, CeCe Krzyeczkowski and John Landis, a bunch of cleaning and working was done around the church this week: tree cutting, window cleaning, and power-washing.
Ask Pastor Kari about the bee welcome she received in her office!
Thanks for keeping us clean and beautiful!
St. Thomas and the Ships
The Church often has been portrayed as a ship sailing through the seas with Christ as the captain. In fact, the Latin word for ship, "Nave", is the word used to describe the central part of the church where the people (crew) are.
The ship theme is carried out in the architecture of St. Thomas as the sanctuary has a "bow" and a "stern". The cross, representing Christ, is the mast as he is the captain. The two wings (Fellowship Hall and educational/office) are making it a Trimaran
(could recall the Trinity).
Danish Lutheran churches often portray the ship theme by hanging a boat in the sanctuary. The display of five ships, made by master model ship builder and St. Thomas member, Harvey Nissley, carry the theme of the church as a ship for the congregation.
It is most appropriate as an island community with many boaters, lying along one of the great shipping channels of the world, that we highlight this maritime theme.
The five ships displayed here each have local historical significance either as
renowned Great Lakes vessels, the David Dows and James F. Joy (crafted in memory of
Joel Nissley) or the Wyandotte, Wyandotte Chemicals, and Michigan (dedicated to the memory of Patrick Marsh). - copied from explanatory sheet at the back of the sanctuary
Happy Birthday!
Celebrating this week . . .
Abby Ewbank, October 3
Janet Papp, October 3
Art Wahl, October 3
If you want to send a personal note or a card, contact (office@stthomasgi.com)
Please contact (office@stthomasgi.com) with any omissions or corrections.
Art Wahl - President
Sandi Loso - Vice President
Kent Kujula - Treasurer
Nancy Graver - Secretary
Justine Brozek
Wendy Brozek
Salvo Finazzo
Anna Gartner
Erika Kwan
David Patterson
Paula Riley
TBA- Youth Representative
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to a council member.
In Our Thoughts and Prayers
Ryan Brozek
Karla Calahan
Linda Landis' cousin
Laura Chamlee
Bob Dickason
Carol Figi
Lynn Henderson
Tamara Howes
Carney Dittmer Karn
(Fred's wife)
Denise Keeler
Marjorie Lockhart
Roy Rodriguez
Lincoln Landis' maternal grandfather
Doborah Schaller
Emily Schaller