Week of August 8, 2022

9393 Church Road
Grosse Ile, MI 48138
Office Hours: 9am-noon T, W, R
Office: 734-675-0005

Quilters -
Monday, August 8 @ 9:30 am
Fellowship Hall

Bible Study -
Monday, August 8 @ noon
Fellowship Hall

Ladies' Monthly Lunch -
Wednesday, August 10 @ noon
Ramsey's, W. Jefferson in Trenton

Men's Monthly Lunch -
Thursday, August 11 @ noon
Sully's, Macomb St. on G.I.

Church Council Meeting -
Sunday, August 21

Staff Meeting -
Monday, August 22 @ 10:30 am
Conference Room

Island Market -
Friday, August 26, 4-7 PM
St. Thomas
St. Thomas
Lutheran Church
Pr. Alysa Offman

Thursday, August 11
@ 7 pm
(casual, no music)

Sunday, August 14
@ 10 am
(blend of traditional and contemporary)
Committee Focus -

Christian Education
A prime focus of St. Thomas moving forward is building the Christian Education program. Wendy Brozek serves as Council liaison to Christian Education and is also actively involved in planning for the future and the significant growth expected in our youth groups. Tim Perry has filled the role of Education Coordinator. Wendy Brozek, Bob Dickason, Anna Gartner, Kathie Kline and Marge Noyce are our school-year teachers and Marcia Aller and Judith Danziger are leading summer sessions. Both Wendy and Tim have been looking at curriculums for Sunday School and have had discussions with teachers, parents, Council and clergy on direction and focus. All are agreed upon using a program that emphasizes Bible familiarity, awareness of God's love and grace, and building church community. The curriculum chosen for this year, developed by Cokesbury, can be tailored to children of all ages and will be implemented when the regular school year begins in the fall. It includes lessons, crafts, music and video.
A BLAST from the PAST
The aerial photos below were recently sent by the architects - Yops and Wilkie of Wyandotte - of additions to St. Thomas Lutheran Church made in 1999. This was well before the playground was added. Note the changes in landscaping and the style of cars in the lot.
Regardless of the passage of time, the building remains
timeless and beautiful.
Happy Birthday!
Celebrating this week . . .
Jim Schiesel, August 9
Al Skrocki, August 11
Ethel Yops, August 14
Celebrating this week:

Pam and Jim Schiesel, August 11
Art Wahl - President
Sandi Loso - Vice President
Kent Kujula - Treasurer
Nancy Graver - Secretary
Justine Brozek
Wendy Brozek
Salvo Finazzo
Anna Gartner
Erika Kwan
David Patterson
Paula Riley
TBA- Youth Representative
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to a council member.
In Our Thoughts and Prayers
Ryan Brozek
Laura Chamlee
Bob Dickason
Carney Dittmer Karn -
Fred's wife
Carol Figi
Amy Hammond
Lynn Henderson
Tamara Howes
Denise Keeler
Marjorie Lockhart
Summertime is always the best of what might be. Charles Bowden