Message from your Parish Staff
In the summer of 1969, like most everyone else in my high school, I eagerly awaited the release of the Beatles Abbey Road album. I loved virtually every one of its 17 songs. I had it on vinyl and I still have it on CD. It’s in the glove box of my car at the moment. I still pop it in and sing along from time to time.
Some of the songs are quirky and very 60’s. But others have stood the test of time. One of those songs is George Harrison’s, Here Comes the Sun. In fact, it has seen a resurgence in the past year. Apparently, it appears on many “pandemic playlists.” I have read that in some hospitals Here Comes the Sun is played on the intercom and the staff claps and cheers when a patient recovers from Covid-19 and is released to go home.

Little darling, it’s been a long cold lonely winter
Little darling, its feels like years since it’s been here
Here comes the sun (doo doo doo)
Here comes the sun, and I say
It’s all right

Harrison* looked forward to a resurrection from the dead of winter and the return of spring. Indeed. Don’t we all. But Catholics also look forward to resurrection life at this time of year too. This April we get to celebrate that with gusto. The RCIA Elect, Suk Hui and Ryan, will be raised up into new life in Christ. And for the many we have lost during this long cold lonely winter, we have hope. Easter is the season that celebrates the root of our hope – that life triumphs over death, that goodness triumphs over evil. For Jesus, the one to whom we pledge our faith, reminds us: I am the resurrection and the life; whoever believes in me, even if he dies, will live.

Dr. John Simpson, Adult Faith and Family Ministry

*Known as the “quiet Beatle,” Harrison was raised Catholic and religious elements can be found in much of his music. 

Message from your P.A.A.
With Washington state moving into Phase 3, we are getting questions regarding increasing our capacity at Mass. In Phase 2 we were limited to 25% capacity, but now we can go to 50% capacity, however, 6 ft. of social distance must be maintained between households, in all directions. With the social distancing requirement, we cannot increase our capacity to 50%. We are working to try to fit more parishioners, but it requires very careful placement of families and individuals to maintain the 6ft. of distancing between each household. One change that may enable us to accommodate more people is that groups of 15 that are not from the same household can sit together. If you will be attending Mass with friends that you would be comfortable sitting with, please let our ushers know when you check in. Thank you!
-Tracey Rockwell
Mass Times:

Sunday - 10:30 AM (Live Streamed)
5:00 PM

Monday - 9:00 AM
Lent - February 17th thru April 1st
Fridays in Lent we encourage everyone to participate in Stations of the Cross. Due to COVID restrictions and our limited staff we will only be holding one "in person" Stations of the Cross.

Join us on Fridays at 7:00pm

March 26th

We are setting up an outdoor Stations of the Cross in the courtyard in front of the Church. It will be available on Friday's from 8:30am to 4:00pm. Please remember to social distance.
Blessed Palms on Palm Sunday
Blessed Palms will be handed out this year on Palm Sunday. You will receive one if you attend Mass in person, you must be registered to attend Mass in person. You may also pick up a blessed palm by coming to the church between Noon and 1pm on Sunday, March 28th, palms will be passed to you through your vehicle window from a staff member.
Our parish is going to be starting the JustFaith Program, “Faith and Racial Healing: Embracing Truth, Justice, and Restoration.” The program is open to all members of our parish. The program will start with a daylong retreat on April 17. Then we will meet every Tuesday for 2½ hours starting on April 20 and continuing for 8 weeks. . If there is a lot of interest we will offer a second time.

This eight-week program guides participants in telling the truth about the history of racism in the United States, that we might work toward true reconciliation with God and restoration with one another. You will need to purchase these three books and a donation of $20 to help offset the cost of the programs. The three books are
  • Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome: American’s Legacy of Enduring Injury & Healing by Dr. Joy Degruy
  • The Color of Compromise: The Truth about the American Church’s Complicity in Racism by Jemar Tisby
  • 40 Days of Prayer by Cheri Mills

If you have any questions or would like to join the program please contact Katie or 253-839-2320.
Holy Week and Easter
Mass Times
you must be registered to attend in person

Holy Thursday - 7:30 pm live streamed
Good Friday - 7:30 pm live streamed
Easter Vigil - 8:30 pm live streamed
Easter Sunday - 8:30 am live streamed
Easter Sunday - 11:00 am

Due to large numbers wishing to attend Holy Week liturgies you may attend either Holy Thursday OR Good Friday, you may not attend both.

Please arrive 20 to 30 minutes before Mass begins. If you are not here when Mass begins you may lose your seat.
Week of March 28th
Triduum: A Spiritual Pilgrimage
Formed Now! Holy Saturday
Jesus' dissent into Hell
Holy Week
By Dr. Brant Pitre
Volunteers Needed!
Help us enrich our liturgy and keep one another safe by volunteering as:
  • Host
  • Usher
  • Church Cleaner
  • Lector
  • Eucharistic Minister
  • Sacristan
  • Live Stream Camera Tech
We need help at Holy Days, Funerals, Weddings and other services.
Email Stephanie Nguyen at to get involved!
Great news, our Prepares program has begun. Prepares is a nurturing response of the Catholic community in Washington state, open to all, to provide meaningful, local and sustainable support to mothers, fathers, and families as they nurture their children through pregnancy and early childhood. Volunteers at the PREPARES program offer support and activities for families from pregnancy to their child’s fifth birthday. We are looking for volunteers to help and donate items for our Prepares Boutique. If you would like to volunteer please let Katie know. Below is a list of items we need. You can drop them off at the Church before or after Mass or the Parish Office Monday - Thursday from 10am-3:30pm.

Items needed for our Prepares Boutique
(Thank you for your new and gently used donation)
Blankets (receiving)
Clothing newborn to 5 years
Footie Pajamas
Maternity Clothes
Burp Cloths
Hooded Towels
Car Seats (New Only)
Diaper Bags
Gift Cards/cash donation

If it is for a child newborn to 5 years old we will take it.
Prayers of the Faithful
For those who are sick:

Ralph Osman

For those who have died:

Food for Seniors in Need

The St. Vincent de Paul Conference is offering non-perishable food, through a grant from the Society of St. Vincent de Paul Seattle-King Council, to households with a family member that is 55+. If you are in need of food, and meet the age criteria, please call the SVdP Helpline at 206-767-6449 and ask for food assistance from the Senior Food program. If you live in the Federal Way community your request will be assigned to the St. Vincent de Paul Conference. A member of the conference will contact you to schedule a delivery of the food.
The COVID vaccine is available for all people 65+ and some other groups. Katie can help you find and make your appointment for the vaccine if you meet the following criteria.

  1. If you are a parishioner who can currently receive the vaccine.
  2. You do not have access to the internet.
  3. You are unable to find the information even if you have the internet.

If you meet the criteria call the parish office at 253-839-2320 and Katie or a member of our community will help you.
Our parish school is now enrolling new students for
2021-22! Call the office to schedule a tour.
Register on our website,, admissions.
Prayerfully Give
Poor nutrition can lead to devastating long-term consequences for individuals, communities and entire countries. That’s why communities must work together to ensure that all children have access to better food and nutrition. New planting and cooking techniques are helping many communities in Madagascar improve the health and wellbeing of their children. How does your community work together for the good of others? Visit to learn more
Sunday Giving:
Like you and your families, the church still has fiscal responsibilities, and your Sunday Contributions make up 90% of our parish income. If your household income has been affected by circumstances due to the corona virus we ask you to please offer up prayers for our church as your Sunday Giving.

Ways to give:
  • Online - signup to give onetime, weekly or monthly, click the link on the below to sign up.
  • Mail - you can mail your contribution to 30525 8th Ave S, Federal Way, WA 98003.