Message from your Pastor
Revised Protocols for Public Mass Celebrations

As we progress in dealing with this virus, the scientific community has learned more about the nuances of the corona virus. In the early days, great attention was placed on surface contact, while recent reports focus on the air borne nature of the virus resulting in more emphasis on mask wearing and physical distancing. Due to this deepened understanding of the virus and experience we have had with liturgical celebrations, the archdiocese is issuing revised protocols for public Mass celebrations.

·         The priest will now wear a face mask except when speaking
·         The distribution of the Eucharist will now move from the end of Mass to its usual position in the Mass.
·         A new dismissal protocol will be used to ensure people safely exit the building at the end of Mass.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to make adjustments to celebrate the liturgy in a worthy manner that provides as much safety as possible. During this time a general dispensation from the requirement to attend Mass remains in effect for the faithful.  Those who are in a vulnerable category or live with those who are, are encourage to stay home.

Sacrament of Reconciliation

In August, we will resume a Reconciliation schedule. Reconciliation will be by reservation only. This will allow a shorter wait for those wanting to celebrate the sacrament.  When making a reservation you do not need to use your real name if you want to protect your anonymity.  I hope to see some creative names like “Sorrowful Penitent” or “Seeking Forgiveness”.   The purpose of the reservation is to spread out the time people are arriving and to shorten the time one needs to wait.

Reconciliation will be celebrated in the Holy Family Chapel that offers more space and greater ventilation than the Reconciliation Chapel. Universal Face Coverings are mandatory.

All doors will be left open so one does not need to touch door handles.  Music will be playing in the south narthex to protect confidentiality.

There is a screen set up in the Holy Family Chapel. One stands at the screen to celebrate the sacrament. There is no face-to-face confession at this time.

It is best if one is prepared to celebrate the sacrament, having done an examination of conscience and knowing what one needs to confess.  Time is limited to ten minutes. Extended conversation or spiritual direction is not possible at this time. Check out the parish web page for more information on preparing for Reconciliation

One must do a self-screening before coming to church. Anyone with any symptom of the virus must stay home. There are special protocols for offering confession and anointing for those with the corona virus. Call the parish office to arrange for that.

You can make a reservation for Confession on the parish web page or by calling the parish office.

-Fr. Bill
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Prayer Initiative

We invite parishioners to sign up for a 30 minute prayer period so that prayer is constantly being offered throughout the day for our parish, for those suffering because of this pandemic and for those on the front lines of caring for sick and engaged in essential businesses for the common good. Pray as you like. It could be a rosary, liturgy of the hours, silent meditation, scripture reading or just talking to God.  
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Amos: God’s Messenger of Justice
There are just a few spaces left at the Thursday 10 am Bible Study beginning August 6th.

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Cleaners after Mass
We need 5 volunteers after each Mass to help sanitize the church.

With 5 or more people this should take no more than 20 minutes.

Please contact Katie Goodson at or 253.839.2320 x 205 if you would like to volunteer.
Parishioner Isaiah Morales is spending another year with NET Ministries (National Evangelization Teams). Click the link to see his message to the parish.
Democracy in Action

Click on the link below to send Governor Inslee a message to extend the eviction moratorium through March 31, 2020!  
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Like you and your families, the church still has fiscal responsibilities, and your Sunday Contributions make up 90% of our parish income. If your household income has been affected by circumstances due to the corona virus we ask you to please offer up prayers for our church as your Sunday Giving.

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