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A New Calendar Year

As we begin a new calendar year, it is good to both look back and look ahead.  Looking back on the year, we should acknowledge both the struggles as well as the blessings we have experienced. Looking ahead, we focus on our hopes and renewed efforts so achieve them.

It has been a challenging year to say the least.  For me, in addition to dealing with the pandemic and keeping our parish safe as we strove to meet the pastoral needs of our parishioners, I had to deal with the prognosis and treatment of my cancer.  In a follow up visit in a couple of weeks, I will find out how the treatment did. I am expecting good results.   The blessings I experienced was in the outpouring of prayer from parishioners. This kept me strong and the side effects of the radiation minimal.  

Making our way through the pandemic, a blessing I experienced was the dedication of many parish volunteers and our staff who gave generously of their time, talent and treasure to help meet the needs of our faith community.  Another blessing was realizing the “longing in the heart” of so many for the Eucharist and for community as we had to fast from the weekly, in person participation in the Eucharistic Assembly.   

A new challenge facing me is aging parents. My dad is 90 and my mother is in her late 80’s.  They have lived on their own until now, but with new health concerns they now need extra help.  This week they are moving to Florida to live with my older sister. In addition, my two youngest sisters who live the area will also be moving out of the state.  The challenge is not having family close by. However, the blessing is seeing how my parents instilled in my siblings a spirit of service and a desire to care for others.  My parents are pretty amazing. They knew when it was time to downsize and sell the family home. They knew when it was time to give up driving. Now they know it is time to accept the help and care of their children.  It is not easy. My mom has always been the one to care for ill relatives, but now she knows it is time to be on the receiving end. My siblings are finding it a joy to do so.  

Looking ahead to 2021, what are the hopes you have?   In what ways can you emerge from 2020 stronger in faith, stronger in love?  Let’s build upon the blessing that have come to is in the struggles we have faced - even if that blessing was the realization of our own weaknesses.   Realizing our need for help can open us more to the One who desires to help, the Savor who has been sent for us.
-Fr. Bill
The calendars are here!
The parish calendars are available for pick-up at Masses. If you cannot attend Mass, please call the parish office and schedule a time to pick up a calendar, or have one mailed to you.
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God's Doorkeeper: St. Andre of
Formed Now! How to Pray
Prepare the Way of the King
By Dr. Scott Hahn
Prayers of the Faithful
For those who have died:

For those who are sick:
Alfonso Barrera
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Grief Ministry Support Groups
If you are saddened by the recent loss of a loved one, you might want to join our nine week Grief Group beginning in January. A Grief Group can help you through the natural process of grieving. We will use ”The New Day Journal” written by Maureen O’Brien O.P. This journal is based on the premise that writing and sharing your thoughts, feelings and experiences will be a helpful way to get beyond the pain caused by the death of someone you love.   This group will help you move on with your life, always remembering your loved one and using those memories to build your own future.
The group will be facilitated by Robin La Moria, former Family Minister at St. Vincent de Paul Parish.

This first group will be gather on Zoom due to the current restrictions in place by the Pandemic.

Please call Katie Goodson at the parish 253-839-2330 x205 or if you are interested in participating. Date and time will be determined by participant’s preferences.
Strength Finders

Strength Finders is back! We are going to start our 4 week session on Monday, January 11. We will meet on zoom from 7pm to 8:30pm. This is a great opportunity for anyone in relationships with other people. As you learn your strengths you will better understand how you relate to the people around you. You can sign up by emailing or calling Katie Goodson. or 253-839-2320.
Its Vincentians time again.

We will meet on January 12 to play our annual New Year’s Bingo game. We will play on zoom. You can register on line, or by calling the office. If you need help with zoom let Katie know, she is happy to help you get on. Once you register Katie will email you bingo cards to print out.
Last week's newsletter had the January 2020 Calendar instead of 2021. Please click the button below for the 2021 January Calendar
The Washington State Catholic Conference, Catholic Charities and Catholic Health Care Support COVID-19 Vaccinations
The Washington State Catholic Conference (WSCC) affirms that the recently announced COVID-19 vaccines are morally permissible. The US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) confirms the moral permissibility of the vaccines in this memorandum dated November 20, 2020 from the USCCB Committee on Doctrine. Together with the Catholic Health Care organizations and Catholic Charities of Washington state, we recommend the faithful get the COVID-19 vaccine to protect themselves, loved ones, and the community. 
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Sunday Giving:
Like you and your families, the church still has fiscal responsibilities, and your Sunday Contributions make up 90% of our parish income. If your household income has been affected by circumstances due to the corona virus we ask you to please offer up prayers for our church as your Sunday Giving.

Ways to give:
  • Online - signup to give onetime, weekly or monthly, click the link on the below to sign up.
  • Mail - you can mail your contribution to 30525 8th Ave S, Federal Way, WA 98003.