St Andrews Joint Degree Programme Families                                                                                Spring 2016
St Andrews William & Mary Joint Degree Programme Family Newsletter
Dear St Andrews Joint Degree Programme Families,
The Joint Degree Programme between William & Mary and the University of St Andrews is a unique and wonderful academic opportunity and we are thrilled that your student is a part of it. The goal of this newsletter is to keep you updated about the programs and events within and surrounding the Programme. We hope you find it enjoyable and informative!

Additionally, we would appreciate feedback on what you would like to hear about in these newsletters. Please email us at with any questions or suggestions!

S. Mark Sikes, Ph.D. '15
Director of Parent & Family Programs
College of William & Mary

William & Mary News
William & Mary Dining Program

In January, William & Mary was recognized by for having one of the top dining halls in the country. 

William & Mary Charter Day
February brings the annual celebration of the granting of William & Mary's Royal Charter by King William III and Queen Mary II in 1693. 

Career Center: WaMStA Services
In addition to the wide variety of career services available to all students, Cohen Career Center provides Joint Degree Programme students with specialized career advising to help them make the most of their unique cross-cultural education. 
Ringing of the Bell
The historic First Baptist Church in Williamsburg, Virginia was secretly founded in 1776 by slaves. Its bell has been silent for generations...until now. 

St Andrews News
Student Blogs
From modules to honours, the St Andrews education model is unique from that of its American counterparts. WaMStA student Arielle Galson explains all in her latest blog post.
Fashion Shows
Some of the most important and exhilarating events around St Andrews are fashion shows. The DONT WALK Charity Fashion Show, the Label Fashion Show, and the St Andrews Charity Fashion Show are three of these, the latter of which has additional information provided at the link below.

The Quad Refurbishment
Sallies Quad, is one of the oldest remaining parts of the University of St Andrews, and its recent refurbishment has preserved this beautiful and historically important space, ensuring that it will remain a focal point of University life for many years to come.
The Buddy Scheme
The Buddy Scheme is designed to ease Sub-honours students’ transition into life in Scotland by pairing a first or second year student in the programme with an Honours student who has already experienced the transition between the two institutions. 
RAG Week
This year, RAG (Raising & Giving) Week hosted approximately 50 events in support of the University of St Andrews Charities Campaign’s three nominated charities: Nightline, Maggie’s Cancer, and UNICEF.
Support the Joint Degree Programme
Read a letter from fellow parents Trisha and Michael Nelson P’16, P’19, and learn why they chose to support our students!   “The Joint Degree Programme Fund provides for our students in a wide variety of areas…Regardless of where your student studies in a given year, this fund is available to meet his or her needs!”
Your gift will support: 
  • Summer Research Funds
  • Career Exploration Opportunities
  • Need and merit-based travel awards
  • Emergency financial aid
  • And many additional opportunities for students
 Support our students with a gift to the William & Mary/St Andrews Joint Degree Programme Fund today!
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