St. Bride's Church
621 N. Sparrow Road; Chesapeake, VA 23325  
  (757) 420 - 7033
January 5, 2022

The Health Advisory Panel for The Diocese of Southern Virginia has suspended all public worship in the Diocese.
They provided the ability to request an exemption for individual parishes. St. Bride's has requested and received an exemption so we WILL BE OPEN!
In order to remain open we must
  1. Require masks to be worn
  2. Ensure physical distance is kept
  3. Assure that contact tracing is provided
Please be responsible so that we can remain open for worship.
Fr. Jesse Lassiter, Celebrant

Masses this week:
The Feast of The Epiphany
Thursday, January 6
High Mass
7 PM
St. Bride's 

11:00 am Sunday, High Mass
Canon James Harlan, Celebrant

9:00 am Wednesday, Low Mass
Fr. Jesse Lassiter, Celebrant

Canon James Harlan
Canon James Harlan who will be with us on Sunday while Fr. Jesse is at St. Peter's annual meeting is the Canon for Evangelism for The Diocese of Southern Virginia. A 1994 graduate of Seabury-Western Theological Seminary, his responsibilities are evangelism, growth, vitality, justice initiatives, communication strategies, messaging and digital ministries.
Canon James was raised in Colorado and served churches there prior to becoming a Navy Chaplain. He most recently was Rector of Bethesda-by-the-sea in Florida.

Epiphany is a traditional season for House Blessings.
If you have moved, or if you would like your house blessed by Fr. Jesse, please
contact the office so that he can find a mutually agreeable time.
If you would like a person to be baptised at St. Bride's, please contact the
church office so that we may schedule the Baptism.
The Easter Vigil is an excellent time for both adults and children to be baptised.
The Season of Epiphany is also a good choice as is the Easter Season.
We must speak to the parents of children and infants before scheduling baptism.
Happy January Birthdays

January 11 - Susan Chapman
January 13 - Bob Byles
January 16 - Reagan Moore
January 25 - Emily Williams

Geralyn office hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9am - 1pm.

Mary Lovell's office hours: Wednesday 9-1
Please call Mary Lovell at 757-237-2503, if you need anything.

Fr. Jesse's regularly scheduled days off are Monday and Saturday.
Appointments available.
In case of emergency call Fr. Jesse at 1-386-566-1967