St. Bride's Church
621 N. Sparrow Road; Chesapeake, VA 23325  
  (757) 420 - 7033
June 2, 2021

St. Bride's is open for in-person worship.
The Vestry has voted that the congregation must be masked and distanced.


We know that some people are not yet able to participate in person.

Current Mass times are
9:00 am Wednesday, Low Mass
11:00 am Sunday, High Mass

There will be NO livestream June 6 and 13. Fr. Jesse and Sophia are on vacation June 5 - 13 which includes 2 Sundays. Fr. Jim Hunter will celebrate
the Mass at 11 am both Sundays.
NO Wednesday Mass on June 9 - Morning Prayer will be read at 9am.

The absent members of the congregation will be remembered in prayer.

Save the Date
Thursday, June 3
Corpus Christi
Mass 7PM
Live streamed and in person
Rite I
Rather than change to Rite 2 on the Sunday following Corpus Christi,
Fr. Jesse has announced
that we will continue to use Rite I throughout the year.
As is our custom we will continue to use a variety of service music in our worship of God.
While the Bishop's office has announced a loosening of Covid protocols,
they have left the implementation of those protocols up to each Parish.

St. Bride's Vestry has voted to review possible changes at our monthly Vestry meeting.

Prayer books and Hymnals are back in the pews and may remain there.

Hymn singing is encouraged
Masks will be worn inside the building

Social distancing is in effect inside the buildings and as possible on the grounds

Please be respectful of others' need for personal space

It is helpful if you take your bulletins home
deposit them in the bin on the kitchen counter yourself

The Diocese has approved choir practices.
We are looking for some strong voices to join the choir.
If you have friends and family who are singers, please let Ralph know.
We will be happy to give them a call.
St. Bride's is ready to participate in the Sandwich Ministry once again.
While we have been unable to participate personally, the ministry has been continuing.
our members have contributed funding to assist in housing those in need of quarantine as well as to assist in purchasing items for the feeding ministry.

Beginning FRIDAY, JUNE 18 we will once again provide sandwiches.
Current procedures mean that our sandwiches must be in Norfolk on Friday Morning, so that they may be used when packing lunch bags to be delivered to those at "The Wall".
Currently, we will not be physically handing lunches out.
If you are planning on participating, please have your sandwiches at St. Bride's no later than
9AM on Friday morning as Bob will need to get them to Norfolk by 10.
Geralyn arrives at 9 am so she can let you in on Friday mornings.

The Catholic Work requests non-white bread
as well as sandwiches made with Meat and Cheese with mustard, tuna, egg salad, chicken salad or PB and J.
Sandwiches should be placed in a zipper sandwich bag and those baggies should be in the bread sleeve for ease of transport.
Use labels or markers to indicate the number and type of sandwiches.
Thank you.

Do you ever feel as if you don't know what's going on at church?
According to our statistics about 48-51% of people we send the Sanctus Bell and the Lectionary to open them each week.
Yearly, we request members consider their wishes for their own funerals.
The Vestry has taken forms to fill out, and we have a number of forms on file.
we do not have a form for you, please consider giving us one.
This is a wonderful gift to give your family
It means that they are not trying to decide among themselves which are your favorite hymns, what reading you want, and your decisions help guide their ability to make choices at a difficult time.
You are always welcome to review and revise your plans.
Please make sure you have a plan on file in the church office.

St. Bride's is looking for some additional Ushers.
Current responsibilities will be assisting attendees during the filming of Mass, and ensuring that the participants are socially distant. Ushers will also be responsible for pushing the button on an I-phone (provided) to begin recording the Mass, and stopping the recording following the Mass.
Please see or call Mary Lovell if you are interested.
Happy June Birthdays!

June 2 - Matthew Greenfield
June 6 - Walter Leonard
June 10 - Darlene Corson
Cameron Consolvo
June 12 - Ray Hogwood
June 14 - Stony Jackson
June 19 - Dorothy Wilson
June 23 - Andy Byles
June 28 - Lynne Jonas
Happy June Anniversaries!
June 9 - Fr. Jesse and Sophia Lassiter
June 27 - Tad and Mercy Zepnikowski
June 30 - Jim and Susan Chapman

Geralyn will be in the office Monday, Wednesday and Friday
from 9am -1pm.

Mary Lovell's office hours: Wednesday 9-11.
Please call Mary Lovell at 757-237-2503, if you need anything! 

Fr. Jesse's regularly scheduled days off are Tuesday and Saturday.
Appointments available for Office Hours.
In case of emergency, call Fr. Jesse at 1-386-566-1967