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August 4, 2021

Mass this week:
11:00 am Sunday, High Mass
Fr. Jim Hunter, Celebrant

9:00 am Wednesday, Morning Prayer

Fr. Jim Hunter will be with us on August 8 and 15 while
Fr. Jesse and Sophia vacation in Maine.
Please welcome him back to St. Bride's.

St. Mary The Virgin
August 16
7 PM
High Mass
Fr. Jesse Lassiter, Celebrant

Priest’s Letter

St. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians has been featured regularly in our readings on Sunday but the letter has not been given more than a passing nod in my sermons. This is due to the nature of our lectionary. This season of Ordinary Time in year B focuses mostly on the Gospel of Mark, with the Gospel of John thrown in every now and then. The Old Testament readings are selected based on themes that the Gospel reading showcases. This gives the Gospel readings an added emphasis from the Old Testament readings. The Epistle readings however are not chosen for their theme but to give us a relatively continuous reading of the New Testament. 
In our Weekly Wednesday Bible Study, which will resume after vacation, we have been giving Ephesians its much-deserved time in the spotlight alongside the other readings for the week. St. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians was written to the church in Ephesus, a multicultural port city in modern day Turkey, probably while Paul was imprisoned in Rome in A.D. 62. Acts 28 details Paul’s detainment in Rome and Ephesians 3:1 tells us that Paul is in prison. 
Paul did not write this letter to the Ephesians because of any certain issue, unlike his letter to the Romans and his letters to the Corinthians which were written because of their bad behavior. Paul simply wanted to impart some theology to the Ephesians. Paul explains in Chapters 1-3 that Christ has reconciled all creation to God and that includes all people. Before Christ came, the people of God, the Hebrews, were distinct from other people. But since Christ came, ALL people can now be a new people of God, Christians. The rest of the letter explains what this new reality means to the Ephesians. Because of this new identity they must now lead a new life that exhibits the unity and love of God, regardless of their social stature. 
Paul spent at least three years in Ephesus and ministered to this loving community while writing letters to the Corinthians. Ephesus continued to be a thriving city and was heralded as the second most important city in the Christian Byzantine Empire until it was partially destroyed by an earthquake in 614. The harbor dried up and most citizens left the area. However, the legendary house of the Virgin Mary still stands to this day!

May God grant you safety, peace, and relaxation as you continue to enjoy your summer,

Fr. Jesse+
Bible Study 7 PM Wednesdays at St. Peter's in the Library.
The Rosary Group and the Choir
are taking their annual summer break from
July 22 until August 26.
Both the Rosary and Choir practice will resume on Thursdays in September.
If you need Rosary sheets or a Rosary to take home with you, please let Mary Lovell, Steve or Florence know and we will assist you.

Nancy White can be reached via her normal phone number and email. Please contact the office for her physical address in Florida where she is living with Mike and Susie.
Delta Variant Guidelines

Unfortunately the Coronavirus is upon us again, this time in the form of the Delta variant. Cases are on the upswing and percent positivity is rising again. Bishop Haynes convened the Health Advisory Panel on Monday, August 2 to seek their counsel. 

At this time the Diocese is not imposing any diocesan wide mandates.

Each congregation, in conjunction with clergy and vestry, should decide their own protocols.
Ours follow.

as of June 2021

At this time you may choose to mask or un-mask
  1. Please mask if you are un-vaccinated
  2. Please mask if you are un-able to be vaccinated
  3. If for any reason you are uncomfortable un-masked, please mask.

Remember that a person's reason for masking or un-masking IS NOT OUR BUSINESS. We ask that you refrain from discussion of vaccination or masking in keeping with our long standing policy of avoiding political discussions at St. Bride's.

The Offering will be gathered from the congregation, and offered at the Offertory Hymn
Please stand during the Offertory Hymn.

The Lector will undertake the server's duties in altar preparation. Communion will continue to be in "one kind."

Full altar party, Gospel procession and other returns to our normal worship are anticipated for September.

Please sit where you like but do be aware of people's need for space. Social distance as possible.

While it is helpful if you bring bulletins or trash out to the bins, missals, prayer books and hymnals may remain in the pews.


As we have a number of people for whom close contact is still not a good idea, we will continue to pass the Peace with a solemn bow.

The Passing of the Peace should be managed reverently and with no talking other than the authorized responses in the missal. If someone offers to physically Pass the Peace it is fine to fold your hands and bow instead of shaking hands.
Please do what is safe for your situation.

We know that some people are not yet able to participate in church in person.
The absent members of the congregation will be remembered in prayer.

You've heard of
"Christmas in July"
but it looks like our garden
is celebrating
"Easter in August!"
Thanks to your donations of Easter flowers, we get years of blooms.
Have you lost an olive green fleece jacket?
It has been found and is waiting for you in the office.
Yearly, we request members consider their wishes for their own funerals.
The Vestry has taken forms to fill out, and we have a number of forms on file.
we do not have a form for you, please consider giving us one.
This is a wonderful gift to give your family. It means that they are not trying to decide among themselves which are your favorite hymns, what reading you want, and your decisions help guide their ability to make choices at a difficult time.
You are always welcome to review and revise your plans.
Please make sure you have a plan on file in the church office.

Happy August Birthdays!
August 3 - Daniel Greenfield
August 6 - Zachary Gower
August 17th - Brendan Tsou
August 28th - Janet Hogwood, Nancy White
Happy August Anniversaries!
August 10th - Walter and Mariette Leonard
August 24th - Janet and Ray Hogwood
Geralyn will be in the office Monday, Wednesday and Friday
from 9am -1pm.

Mary Lovell's office hours: Wednesday 9-11.
Please call Mary Lovell at 757-237-2503, if you need anything! 

Fr. Jesse is on vacation.