St. Bride's Church
621 N. Sparrow Road; Chesapeake, VA 23325  
  (757) 420 - 7033
December 22, 2021


Christmas Eve
Friday, December 24
   Joint Mass with St. Peter's at St. Bride’s
4:30 PM
with Music and Incense

Christmas Eve
Friday, December 24
Joint Mass with St. Peter's at St. Peter's
 Vigil Mass
10:30 PM 

Christmas Day
Saturday, December 25 
Joint Mass with St. Peter's at St. Bride's
10:30 AM
Mass with Carols

1st Christmas
Sunday, December 26
Regularly scheduled services at each church

St. John
Monday, December 27
(Will not be celebrated this year)

Holy Innocents
Tuesday, December 28
Transfer to Wednesday, December 29
9 AM
St. Bride's

The Feast of the Holy Name
(Vigil Mass)
Friday, December 31 
Joint Service with St. Peter's at St. Peter's
11 PM

Thank you from the Norfolk Catholic Worker

Thank you all for the kind donation to the Norfolk Catholic Worker, and special thanks to everyone who has made sandwiches for our soupline for so long. During the pandemic the city has been putting people up in hotels so we are sharing food not only with people who are still outside and who come to our morning breakfast, but with some of the people in the hotels as well. On our soupline we see people living outside, in their car, in abandoned buildings, on a friend's couch, even in self-storage units, as well as residents from Young Terrace, the public housing a block from our serving. A good number work but don't have the income to pay for both housing and food. Thank you so much for helping to feed Jesus in the guise of our hungry sisters and brothers.
Steve Baggarly and Kim Williams
Geralyn office hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9am - 1pm.

Mary Lovell's office hours: Wednesday 9-1
Please call Mary Lovell at 757-237-2503, if you need anything.

Fr. Jesse's regularly scheduled days off are Tuesday and Saturday.
Appointments available.
In case of emergency call Fr. Jesse at 1-386-566-1967