September 12, 2021

24th Sunday of Ordinary Time
Cycle B
Year of St Joseph

Saint Charles Borromeo

I know you have been enjoying father Sibi from Sisters, Oregon. What a joyful man who lives life in freedom. A great example for us all. I had the idea that we could switch parishes for a little bit and it would be a win-win on both ends. I think it is working :-). So, I am presently serving at his parish of Saint Edwards and Sisters, Oregon and I will return on September 14. I am blessed because I am with a lot of family and that has been very nurturing for me. I do believe the Lord is proud of me for taking care of myself a little bit. Please, please take care of you! Especially your soul! Remember, it all flows from the soul!

A couple of things from my most recent homily that I want to remind you of. Are you the landlord or the tenant of your existence? And, you are not the owner, you are the owned. Everything you think, say and do; everything that you have, is for God’s purpose and glory. What else is there but God’s glory?

I have talked to a lot of people who are in the military, including my own family members, and I hear your pain and frustration and I want you to know that I’m praying for you. Let’s pray Romans 8:28 together – “God works all things for good for those who love him and are called according to his purpose.“

Oh wow, Holy Spirit spotting! I am writing this bulletin article at Sisters Coffee where my wonderful niece Maris works. A woman was walking by and she peered in at me with smiling words, “It is Thursday morning and I know that I am blessed by the best! “ I just love how good God is and how he is everywhere through the power of the Holy Spirit!

September is suicide awareness month. Saint Charles is launching a new mental health ministry called "I to We’ and it can be found on the ministry page. In addition, the September 19 homily time will be about the challenges it presents in our world. The topic will be very frank and of a mature matter so I encourage children to attend the Children’s Liturgy during this time.

For the Greater Glory of God, 
+Fr. John
Gospel Reflection

In a society that proclaims openness and group mentality Peter’s actions of ‘pulling Jesus aside’ to correct him about suffering and dying showed a darker intent.  He was undermining the group and certainly challenging Jesus’ authority.  Not that Peter was an evil guy, but he wasn’t thinking correctly as we will see in today’s Gospel.  

Knowing that the disciples are comparing him to the great prophets of old Jesus sets the record straight.  After Peter boldly proclaims him the Messiah Jesus launches into a teaching about what his messiahship is to look like.  It will be one of suffering and pain ending with his death on a cross.   Peter speaks up and makes a grave mistake (does he ever make any other kind?).  When he proclaimed Jesus as his Messiah he did so with a vision in mind of what he wanted Jesus to be (perhaps a great king and mighty ruler who could overthrow the hated Romans),but it was not the Messiah Jesus actually came to be.  The suffering and pain Jesus discusses does not fit into HIS idea of who Jesus should be. So, he does something one would not do in an open society.  He pulls Jesus aside.  This in itself is an incredibly shameful action.  He is trying to control the situation and steer Jesus towards his idea of Messiahship.  Bottom line - Peter is trying to control Jesus and is driving a wedge between him and the other disciples by doing so in secret.

What a great mistake this turned out to be!  Jesus quickly gains control of the situation by rebuking Peter.  The words he uses literally excommunicates Peter from the group.  He had to.  Peter was way off course and bringing shame upon himself. He wasn't submitting to the Lord's will. He instead tried to make Jesus to be what he wanted him to be.  Jesus addresses the entire community in rebuking Peter and literally turns away from him.  It would have been a very intense scene.   

The key here is Jesus cannot be tamed, corrected, or coerced.  His plan may sound crazy, or difficult, or too far from what we think it should be.  This is exactly when we need to say ‘get behind me Satan’ and turn to the Master allowing him to be our Messiah.  Not the one we want him to be, but the one he came to be.

Reflection by Bob Schrimpf
Announcing for the entire Parish!
Father's Back Yard Concert
Special Christian guest artist Kevin Toqe from the Bay Area will be performing a concert in the intimate setting of Fr John's backyard. Tickets are limited and children (18 and under) are free! All proceeds will go to assist our youth ministries. Tickets are $20.00. Sign up today!
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Pancake Breakfast and Membership Drive
September 12th
Our knights will hold it's monthly pancake breakfast to benefit the academy on September 12 after both the 8:00am and 10:00am Masses. Please stop by the hall - last month Bill Moore reported it was one the most successful breakfasts in a long time. He promises to work 4 times as fast for this upcoming one!
From Deacon Lane
Do you have a son or a daughter who is interested in serving at the altar? To qualify, they only need to have received first communion and have a willingness to serve.
If so, terrific, please contact Deacon Lane to get them scheduled for one of our upcoming training events
75th Year Update
The 75th Anniversary Committee has announced that the events scheduled for October, November and December of 2021 have been postponed until 2022 due to the recent uptick in the Covid pandemic. The good news is that everything is in place for next year and it should be smooth sailing on the restart. Thank you to all of the committee members for all of the hard work preparing this celebration, but the good news is that we will be back on for next year. Blessed by the Best-Your Committee!
Men's Retreat "No Average Joe"

Father John invites all the men of our Parish to join the team at Whispering Winds Camp in Julian for a weekend that will be like non other. The theme of "No Average Joe" will allow us to take a closer look at St Joseph's life (who was no average Joe to be sure!). Space is limited - 20 spots left. Please sign up today! Scholarships are available.
Church Ministries

Do you have a heart for children? Do you love the Church and desire others to know about this amazing jewel? Than this is for you! Our parish children will soon begin their faith formation journey and they need teachers! All ages are welcome to serve. We are happy to train you and assist you if you have never done this before. Teaching skills are a plus, but a willing heart is a must!

Sign up to help or email us with any questions. UR Loved!

Attention Young Adults
Our first meeting of the year and BIG Kick Off will be September 16th at 5:30pm in the Borromeo Room. We will have food and child care available. All are welcomed (ages 18-39). Lots of great stuff being planned for the year. Come find out how to get involved.
Middle School: Our first Jr Gathering Night of the year is Tuesday, September 28. It is open to all 7th and 8th grade students. Parents, please register your child online HERE or email Nicky HERE for more information.

High School: Our first Gathering Night of the year is Monday, September 20 in the Parish Hall. It is open to all 9-12 grade students. Friends are welcomed. please register your child online HERE or email Nicky HERE for more information.

Confirmation: Registration closes September 17. Confirmation is a 2 year process. The diocese has been firm on this procedure and all parishes in the diocese are asked to implement it. It is the same for public and private school teens. You may register HERE.
Parent & Student orientation Sunday, September 19 at 11:15 in the Parish Hall at St Charles.

Remember to follow us on Instagram @thegatheringym for all the latest news!
Daily Mass Intentions for this week
Sept 12 8:00 am People of the Parish
10:00 am † Bill Dolan

Sept 14 Charlotte Nielsen
Sept 15 Souls in Purgatory
Sept 16 † Maggie Welch
Sept 17 † Imelda Tobias
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Timothy Lane (Chair), Deacon Lane Litke, Kimberly Tiernan,
Rebecca Murphy, Frank Veccione,

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September 10 - 9/11 Prayer and Remembrance
September 15 - Mass Grade 6
September 17 - 8th Grade Pin Mass
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